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  1. I just used a spreadsheet program (in my case since I'm using an Apple computer, the program is Numbers). It's very basic, covers dates, costs, location and a notes section to comment about campground. I didn't want anything to detailed, but enough information to jog my memory.
  2. I'm currently at the MCD factory and they installed all new shades in my motorhome today. They will install the windshield shade tomorrow as when they brought it out today to install the size they measured, it was off by 1/2 inch, so they are constructing a new one. I watched the installation and it is definitely a do it your self project, but you would need to take your time & be patient. They have all the correct tools (right angled drill/screw bits, extended length drill/screw bits, etc) that make the job much easier. You also need to be very limber to access some of angles needed to remove/install the shade. After watching them twist & turn their bodies, I knew I would be sore for a week. The windshield shade installation is more involved as you need to take in consideration the shape of your dash, the contour of the windshield and alignment with pillar post for effective light blocking. To me it was well worth the expense of having the shades installed by the factory, since they deal with it every day and any issues can be resolved immediately.
  3. I too will be traveling through west Texas this winter and will make it a point to drive past Van Horn, Texas without spending one single dime.
  4. I also have an 05 Newmar Dutch Star and I'm happy with it. I did look at the Entegra Cornerstone while at the Indy FMCA convention as I'm considering upgrading, but didn't have a good impression. The build quality just didn't seem that nice too me, just my impression from examining the unit closely. To be fair, I'm not real impressed with the build quality of any of the new units I examined. I don't get the sense of richness in the wood, as the woods almost look plastic. However the counters do look much better now, compared to years ago. I'm considering going with an all electric unit and do like the newer technology being used in the units. I may wait for the 2014 models and see if anything new develops.
  5. I'm thinking I just stumbled upon two bitter people who were mad at the world. It did make for an interesting conversation, while enjoying my snack and break from walking around.
  6. I've enjoyed monitoring this forum and have not commented before, but felt I would add my 2 cents to the conversation. I personally like a mix of recreational vehicles when I camp or attend an event. When I was full timing, I stayed in a few of the Class A Motor coach only campsites and I personally didn't care for them. I found the crowd to be older, snobbish, & isolated. I now select campgrounds that do not restrict use to Class A only. The campgrounds seem more alive with the various campers. I was at the Indy convention a few weeks ago and was having a snack at one of the picnic tables, when I struck up a conversation with two gentleman who were seated at my table. We discussed the convention and the question came up what type of unit did I have. I told them what I owned and the next statement completely floored me, they asked how it felt to be one of the 1 per centers. I had to ask them again what they said and they repeated the statement. I told them that I was not in the 1% upper income bracket. They stated they were attendees and staying in a trailer & had to park in a certain location, so as to not hinder the motorhomes. I have no idea what the parking rules for non-motorized recreation vehicles were for the convention, but it appeared to influence these two people. I enjoy attending the FMCA national conventions and have met a lot of good people while camping at the event. I plan to attend future national conventions, but have not found a chapter that interests me.
  7. I go overboard when researching my route. I use the Garmin 560LMT, Rand McNally Truckers atlas, and the night before I will do the route through Google Maps (though their routes conflict occasionally with the actual route I'm going to use). I like the Google maps because I can actually view most of the turns with an actual picture. I will also use Google Earth to view certain locations (i.e., campgrounds). Overall I have been very happy with the Garmin unit.
  8. I've been using the Garmin 560LMT model since March 2011 and I'm very happy with it. It has warned me of low clearance issues a couple times and so far hasn't taken me down any roads where I shouldn't be other.
  9. Gee, I guess my DICA jack pads are not acceptable since they are not "solid unpainted wooden", they are only engineered thermoplastic constructed. I think who ever wrote that is using a term from many years ago when most pads were wooden. My pads are superior to any wooden pads I have used in the past and spread my jack footprint over a much larger area.
  10. I interpreted question 4, the way a lot of other people did. I thought he was asking how long are you stopped. After rereading the question, I would probably answer it the same as question #5. About every two hours or so. I'm in no hurry, so stop every couple hours, to stretch, bathroom break, snack or just walk a little.
  11. 1. How many miles do you typically dinghy tow your vehicle yearly? 8,000 miles (2008 Hummer H3 Alpha Edition) 2. What is the total tow mileage you have on your vehicle now? 16,000 miles 3. What is the total tow mileage you expect to put on the vehicle before you upgrade to a new vehicle? 25,000 miles or more if I'm unable to find a suitable replacement. 4. When towing, what is the average amount of time between stops? (be it restroom or fuel)? 20-30 Minutes 5. How often do you stop for a period of 10 min or more? (be it restroom, stretch, eat, fuel)? Stop about every 2 hours 6. What is your preferred cruising speed? 65-70 mph 7. Do you use a rock shield? No 8. Where does the rock shield mount (bumper,towbar,dinghy, or... so what type)? N/A
  12. Watch California if you are traveling through the state. They enforce the over length provision pretty aggressive and the ticket is very costly. Fortunately I haven't experienced it first hand, but have spoken to several people who have been caught. Everyone I have spoken to were pulling a trailer behind their unit, haven't heard from anyone with just the toad attached being ticketed. Perhaps the trailer just stands out more especially if it's a stacker trailer.
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