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  1. We are in a site with only 30-amp power, here for six weeks. My mistake in not insuring I had a 50-amp site, but that is another story. Fortunately, the weather doesn't require full air conditioning. We also have a monitor that tells us how many amps we are drawing at any given time. I leave my water heater and fridge both on electric; however, when we use the coffee pot, tea kettle, etc., I turn off the water heater and monitor the use. Even can use one of the heat pumps if necessary. As many have stated, it only takes an awareness of how much power you are using at any particular time. Keep in mind that appliances that use electricity to heat draw a lot of amps - toasters, coffee pots, electric heaters, etc. GM
  2. Rockwell RV park right on I-40 on the west side of OKC. There is a Camping World across the interstate from the park. Also Twin Fountains, a new park on the northern edge right off I-44. GM
  3. Agree. One of the main reasons for tints vs awnings is while driving down the road. I may do both - tint all the windows and install awnings over the large living room spaces - we have two slides in the front area and a lot of glass. GM
  4. I am considering installing either window awnings or having the windows tinted to reduce interior heat. Which is the best way to go? GM
  5. I have both. Bought the carry-out before we got our current coach, which has an installed dome. There are a few times when I could not use the dome because of trees, so I used the carry-out. For ease of operation, the installed dome is much easier to use. GM
  6. Little Kopit - good to see you posting here. For the rest of you - Little Kopit is a wealth of information about Eastern Canada and the Maratimes. If any of you have any questions at all about that area in particular and things Canadian in general, she can provide definitive answers and information. GM
  7. Perhaps the Van Horn city officials and merchants should take a look at what happened in Billings, Montana a couple of years back. The city of Billings passed a similar ordinance, spearheaded by the owner of the local KOA. The immediate response among RVers was pretty much universal - we will just drive on by. RVers that overnight in a WM parking lot or truck stop usually spend a great deal of money in those places. But few of us HAVE to stop in a given locale. There is always another place just down the road. Word of "RV unfriendly" places spreads exponentially with the advent of the internet. Just from the posts here, how many RVers are just going to keep on driving? For the record, I have never spent a night anywhere but in an RV park or campground. GM
  8. Forty other states recognize my concealed carry permit from my home state. That means I can drive across state lines with the weapon and legally carry it concealed anywhere not specifically prohibited by state law. In an earlier post, I listed some of those areas. There are various other laws to consider. Without a CCW, some states require that the weapon and ammunition be stored separately; some say it must be locked up, others say it's ok as long as the weapon IS NOT CONCEALED, i.e., visible on the seat/dash next to you, etc., etc. Other considerations are: PEACEABLE JOURNEY law and CASTLE DOCTRINE. The most important consideration is to carefully read the requirements of each state through which you intend to travel. On a post such as this, the responses will run the gamut. Many of them suggest you do something illegal. Best to make our decisions based on knowledge rather than ill throughout opinions and gut reactions. GM
  9. I've located a by-pass knife switch under the bathroom sink on my '06 Discovery. Is there another switch somewhere that should be used in conjunction with this one? The owner's manual is not a lot of help. Thanks. Grey Mountain
  10. 69,000 miles, flat lands, mountains, towing and not towing, average 7.5mpg. 34' Class A with either a Jeep or a Honda CRV toad. GM
  11. COHO is American - take it from Port Angeles to Victoria. BC Ferries is Canadian. Take it from Victoria to Vancouver. Might be a good idea to reserve a space on both ferries. Both have website where this can be done. Costs about $20 reservation fee, and it guarantees space. You can also estimate the ferry costs on these websites. There is a base fee, then so much per foot over a certain length. Probably be around $300 for your coach and toad. In the past, I've found it was not worth it to unhook the toad. You will save a few bucks, but not a lot. Both ferries have restaurants on board. IIRC, once on board the COHO, you will not have access to your coach until docking. Not so on the BC ferries. If you have pets, this may be a factor. Pets are allowed on the outside deck on COHO; not on the BC. We put ours in a crate inside the coach and have never had a problem. Depending on where you will be on Vancouver Island, you have some options. If you will be up-island, you can take the ferry from Nanaimo, about an hour and a half north of Victoria, to Vancouver. Enjoy the Island. GM
  12. Another commonly used brand is Velvec: www.velvac.com Tell them what you have and they can probably fix you up. Grey Mountain
  13. Check your user's manual. I seem to remember there were several options owners could program into the system. (Don't have my vehicle here at the moment, so can't check it) You may be able to program it to allow what you want. GM
  14. As usual with a gun thread, there is a mix of good advice and outright erroneous statements. There are many sources that provide accurate information. I agree with PHE above that the quoted statement is so wrong, completely wrong, incorrect and just plain wrong. GM
  15. Spent three years in Oklahoma's Army National Guard, then twenty seven years active duty USAF. GM
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