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  1. We used to be camp hosts at a state park By we I mean my wife, myself, and 3 kids. The kids were boys 6,7,11, and they loved to be part of the host program. The things they learned were among others: kids, if they are friendly can get snacks from traveling grannies, seniors will teach you card games but don't trust them not to cheat. If you have time to talk you can learn a lot about a lot of things from older RVrs.
  2. Why can't you run your generator? I have parked in lots of Wal marts and have run my gen. and have seen lots of others do the same. Is this a new rule by the "Walmart camping police"?
  3. Wait till you see a drill rig moving to a new location.
  4. OK you posted a question we gave some sugestions where did you go .Be polite and answer
  5. I have a reciever hitch and pull a car I got a bike rack and welded it onto the hitch. sorry I dont have pictures but after pulling 5000 miles it works great doesnt interfear with the toad or block the licence when we arent pulling the car. If you don't now you can't you can do anything you want.
  6. Teens have pretty good reflex actions and if you are with them and know what you are doing why not? I have been in the fire service over 29 years and and teach driver training for firefighters. I would rather take my chances on a 16 year old first time motorhome driver than a 61 year old first time motorhome driver. It is easier to teach a beginner good habits than to try to break life-long bad ones. Just my opinion.
  7. If you just posted pictures here I am sure you would get all the info. you need or want.
  8. I have been thinking about going to the Redmond Rally. I have never been to one. But there doesnt seem to be much info about this compaired to some of the others. There was lots of advertiseing for the last one for months in the magazine but almost nothing about this one. Is that an indication of what this rally is compaired to others?
  9. I have towed an original mini but now I tow an MG
  10. I just downloaded this and found it quite good although some of the campgrounds that I looked for are out of position but if you are using this with another program it will be helpfull Bob
  11. I have just recently added this forum I hope it will grow another forum I read has a feature that lists the most recent posts in al catagories it saves searching all the areas to find a new thread Bob
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