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  1. Note to Joe the army guy........ LOL..... You wont believe it but in our travels we take note of companys with funny names and slogans under their name. example....... In Niagara falls there is a funeral home named AMIGONE. honest there is .... In Nova Scotia there is a cemetery named Ha Ha cemetery.... (last laugh i guess) We seen a sign that said Joes Vaccume repairs.... ''THIS PLACE REALLY SUCKS''.... We saw a child care center that was named ''Diapers and Snot'' WE CLEAN BOTH ENDS.... We saw several beauty parlors named ''CLIP JOINT'' and "CURL UP AND DYE'' On the Alcan highway there is a place called ''SKINNIE ***** HALF WAY INN''............. Out in Wyoming we seen a ranch named ''TIRED *** RANCH'' and there was a burrow sitting on the ground in front of the sign .. I got the pix somewhere We have seen more than one '' ROAD KILL CAFE''... we didnt stop .... We have seen many signs for a gas station and a cafe together ..... ''EAT HERE AND GET GAS''....... Note ...... did you go to ''are you a veteran'' and register............... GET IT DONE SOLDIER ... Seajay the sailor man.....
  2. We have a little less than one month and counting to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America. If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same ... you get the idea. THE PROGRAM: On Friday, September 11th, 2009, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this eighth anniversary of one of our country's worst tragedies. We do this to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms. In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds. Action Plan: So, here's what we need you to do: (1) Forward this email to everyone you know (at least 11 people). Please don't be the one to break this chain. Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those sentiments guide you. (2) Fly an American flag of any size on 9/11. Honestly, Americans should fly the flag year-round, but if you on't, then at least make it a priority on this day. Thank you for your participation. God Bless You and God Bless America! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND BRING THEM HOME SAFE. GOD BLESS OUR VETS FOR THEIR SERVICE TO THIS NATION.
  3. Yoooooooooooooh. .... David Since you are a ''newbie'' it is necessary that an old salt like me explain a couple of things to you so you get started right ONE. Welcome to the forums. Wayne the Marine and myself, Seajay the sailor man have appointed ourselves as official ''greeters'' to all ''newbies'' that are vets and have served this wonderful nation with their time and their bodies. We dont care if you have notches on your m16 or if you were typing letters in DC.......... We dont care which ''branch of service'' you served in. (of course the Navy is actually the best branch but that is just an opinion I have) You served so you are one of us vets....... WELCOME BROTHER, IT'S GOOD TO HAVE YOU ON BOARD..... Two. throughout the forums you will notice helpful hints, good ideas and other stuff posted by myself concerning camping, cooking, showers, coach repairs, warnings, darn good ideas and helpful stuff you just cant live without. You will also notice that most of these ideas are posted by Seajay the sailor man and a very few are posted by Wayne the Marine. Some of the ideas posted by Wayne the Marine are actually borrowed from myself, changed slightly and claimed by Wayne the Marine. This is ok by me since everyone knows that the Marine Corps is a small part o the Navy and that Marines are really nice guys that simply could not get into the U.S. NAVY so they settled for the Marine Corps which is a small part of the U.S. NAVY. Three. On some of my ''good ideas'' posted throughout the forums you will notice that there is an ''assessment'' of ten cents that is required for the usage of said ''good idea''... This is to be paid to Seajay the sailor man upon request the next time I see you. You are also advised not to give the ten cents to Wayne the Marine as he is not my agent or partner in this venture. He is simply my friend but not my banker. Four.... POST SOMETHING.... It dont matter what it is. just POST SOMETHING. An adventure, a trip, a thought, an idea, JUST POST SOMETHING TO HELP WAYNE THE MARINE AND MYSELF TO KEEP THIS FORUM INTERESTING. Five.... Go to General Discussion and register as a vet. I posted ''are you a veteran'' and I would love to have all the vets register there so they may be recognized for their service to this nation. Six... You can use words like ''shux'', ''heck'', ''oh darn'', and ''drad'' and ''oh fudge'' on here but thats about it concerning military language. We got ladies and civilians here and we have to keep it ''nice nice'' or we get our hand slapped. Thats about it as far as I can see so ..... WELCOME ABOARD MY VETERAN FRIEND.... ENJOY THE FORUMS AND POST SOMETHING... Seajay the sailor man.... p.s. If you happen to be in Vegas and you see Wayne the Marine feeding dollar bills into a change machine and getting four quarters in change out of the machine..... DO NOT DISTURB HIM........ He thinks he is playing a slot machine and that he is winning..... (I just had to do that Wayne........)
  4. To Wayne the Marine.. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...... It is enough to bring tears to an old salts eyes to listen to the music and see the pictures of our great nation. Willa and I sat and watched and tried to pick someplace on the film that we had not seen. There were a few but most of the places pictured we have been to and seen more than once and I have seen some of them many times if I include the travel my first wife Linda and I have done. I have been over to Europe and north to the Scandinavian countries and as far south as South America and all to Mexico and all over the Caribbean sea and I have yet to see anything in this world as pretty as our good old United States of America. Canada comes close but we have more variety here in the states I think. This is a wonderful, beautiful, proud nation and each and every one of us should kneel down and kiss the ground and thank God that he let us have the privileged of being born here and enjoying the most prosperous nation in the world. People also should remember that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.... It is earned and paid for by our youngest and finest and that is the way it has been since the founding of this nation and the first battles for our freedom on Bunker Hill and Concord green. Everyone should go to the Tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington and then go count the tomb stones in the massive grave yard. We should all go there and stand in silence and in tribute to these brave fallen men that GAVE ALL for this country. These men and women watered the tree of freedom with their blood and a heck of a lot of them did it for wages that would not equal working at McDonalds........ (I'm getting kinda long here folks) I have been bless with the opportunity to see our great nation from corner to corner and border to border and I have seen it many times and I still love the adventure. I have seen it two times from the seat of a Goldwing Motorcycle from North Carolina to Washington state and again to California. On a bike you can see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, get it in your boots and feel it run down your neck... People ask us ''Why go back there. You have already seen that twice''.. They just dont understand that it is the JOURNEY NOT THE DESTINATION..........GO SEE AMERICA FOLKS. ITS A HECK OF A TRIP.... GOD BLESS OUR GREAT NATION GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES AND BRING THEM HOME SAFE GOD BLESS OUR VETS FOR ASSURING OUR FREEDOM. Seajay the sailor man
  5. Note to Skyking8 .... Ok guy, get your self over to the general discussion and register as a vet. See if you can find some more vets to go over and register so we can form our own ''gang'' ........... As to your remark about Sailors and that group we haul around to watch our chow lines and gang planks, I say you are jealous because all us ''Anchor Cankers'' are just so gosh darn handsome in our uniforms and the ''Army'' is dressed like most of the hippie kids. (all in fun brother) Good to have you aboard and I will forgive you of your remark, maybe) ( I will explain to Wayne that you are trying to ''slam'' us blue water guys ) GOOD TO HAVE YOU ABOARD...... GOD BLESS OUR VETS........ When I get enough registered I hope to recognize all the vets and thank them for their service to this country..... Seajay the sailor man .......
  6. Best of luck on your knee surgery Wayne. Tonight I will talk to the BIG BOSS and ask that he may guide the hand of the doctor and keep you safe. NOW ABOUT THE WEIGHT LOSS THINGIE. How can I put this delicate enough that they will print it on a forum. (scratching head and thinking) First of all....... If you have a Marine, he is usually full of ......... (oops I cant write that).......... (thinking again)......... To help a Marine lose weight simply unscrew his head and take a long spoon and ''dip out'' ...... (naah ,,,, cant use this either) In consideration of others on this forum and their ''delicate nature'' I shall simply encourage Wayne the Marine to stick with his breakfast routine and lose the weight according to the diet that Earline has regimented for him. It is my hope and prayer that he comes thru this in flying colors and in true Marine fashion and that he will be made whole and healthy again. (of course he will still be ugly but two out of three aint bad) BE SAFE MY MARINE FRIEND......... Seajay the sailor man ....
  7. Wayne........ You are a mess. You remind me of ME on a bad day. There is no way you thought this thing up by yourself. First of all. Marines dont know how to multiply. They have to write the number down many times and add it up.. Second. Marines dont know how to add more than the numbers of fingers and toes that they can count on. I know one Marine that cant count above nineteen because he lost his ''PINKIE'' finger. ....lol... If a Marine wants to count to one hundred he has to get four buddies and himself in a line and everyone has to be barefooted.... Stay safe my Marine friend............ GOD BLESS OUR VETS.... GOD BLESS OUR SERVICE PERSONNEL AND BRING THEM HOME SAFE. ps. I have checked with my accounting firm (Cheetum, Dodge, and Run) and they have determined that Wayne the Marine legally owes Seajay the sailor man the sum total of Eighty cents (eight dimes) for his (Wayne's) usage of good suggestions and handy ''stuff'' that everyone needs to know concerning camping and other stuff like that, concerning Seajay the sailor man (me) has posted on FMCA forums. I am informed that all ''offsets'' concerning Wayne the Marines comments and suggestions that have been made have been deducted and the amount of debt concerning Wayne the Marine to Seajay the sailor man is true and correct and should be forthcoming from Wayne the Marine at the first meeting with Seajay the sailor man. Seajay the sailor man
  8. We travel with two dogs. Gus the wonder dog and ''Phineas Foghorn Farnsworth from Filidelphia'' Gus is the oldest and our first dog. He is fluent in four languages, a graduate of Harvard Law school and has his doctorate in nuclear propulsion. He loves a good Cuban cigar and a shot of brandy while he reads the Wall street journal. He is about eleven years old and he is my ''best friend''. He has the rare talent in that he can actually crack open a sunflower seed, eat the goodie and spit out the hull. He can do the same with raw peanuts. ''Phineas'' (Finnie) is a whole different story. He was a gift to me from Willa on my birthday a couple of years ago. He is so full of ''puppy'' that he cant stand himself half the time. Everything is ''play''. He loves to ''have a running fit'' and burn up the floor from the front to the back of the coach. We had hardwood floors installed throughout the coach and this gives him some ''stopping'' problems but the bed and the motor doghouse serve as bumpers for him to bounce off of. He and Gus are best friends and Finnie will institute play and a running game and Gus will stand and watch him make circles. Finnie loves to chase a ball or a pull toy. Gus mentioned that he seen no point in chasing a ball because it was a dumb game. We love our dogs and we always, always clean up after them. We have a special holder for rolled up ''poop bags'' attached to their leash handles. We love our dogs and we would protect them with our life if necessary. On their I.D. tags I have my cell phone number listed as well as my e mail address and the word ''REWARD FOR RETURN'' on there also. We had them special made with this info.We have a sign on our window in the coach ''IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, SAVE OUR DOGS''.....'' ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD''. Both these dogs are trained gorilla killers and we have never had a ''gorilla attack problem'' since we have been camping with them. I will post pictures of them later .... Seajay the sailor man
  9. We have an 04 Ford Ranger and I had a real problem with the base plate on the front of the truck. It was poorly designed and I almost lost the truck. I went back and welded cantilever braces from the side of the base plate to the frame of the truck and solved the problem. The dummies that designed the base plate for a Ford Ranger truck know nothing about ''stress points'' on the frame of the truck. Most base plates have tabs with holes in them for the chains or the ''curlie cables'' to attach to. I go a different route with my truck. The truck has ''hitch points'' that stick thru the front grill on the truck. They are well attached to the truck and are suppose to be used to pull the truck out of the mud when necessary. This is where I hitch the curlie cables on the truck. In this manner I can lose the base plate completely and the cables will still be attached to a different place on the truck. It would be really messy if I lost the base plate but I would still have the truck attached to the coach. This advise will cost you ten cent if you use it and if it dont work for you ... I NEVER NEW YOU .... Seajay the sailor man.
  10. I pulled a Geo Tracker about 85 thousand miles without a problem. Mine was the five speed manual shift with four wheel drive. It was the perfect toad because it is light, you don't need brakes on it, and it would go about anywhere you could get the wheels on the ground. Sand, gravel, mud, up hill or downhill did not bother this little monster. The convertible top was nice also and it had power steering and breaks and a.c. of course. It would haul four people if they werent ''large folks'' and it rode better than any ''skate board'' you could find. The only reason I am not using it now is that I wanted to start hauling a ''port-a-boat'' and the Tracker just didnt work well for that so I got a Ford Ranger five speed with four wheel drive and a ''cap'' and a rack on it for the boat. It is handy for hauling all my ''stuff'' in the back also but it will only haul two people and it is heavier than the ''Tracker''. I once read that the Geo Tracker was one of the most popular 'toads'......... Anyhow, consider the Geo Tracker for its qualities as a ''toad'' ..... Seajay the sailor man..... this advise is free. (normally I charge a dime for advise)
  11. Kinda like Wayne, I use an ''alternate'' cleaning system since my coach does not have a built in vacuum system. My system is called the ''ALL SEVENTY CROSS WIND SYSTEM'' and if you use it, you gotta pay me ten cents. Here is how it works. First. You open all the windows in your coach. Second. You open all the roof vents in your coach. Three. You turn on your fan in the stove vent. Four. You turn on the fan in the bathroom. Five. You go out to Kansas where the is always a forty mile per hour cross wind and you kick you coach up to seventy miles per hour. This causes an inverse proportional vortex inside you coach that will take small dogs out the window if you arent careful to tie them down. If you use my idea you will owe me ten cents and you gotta pay me the next time you see me. If you lose your cat...... I DONT KNOW YOU...... Seajay the sailor man
  12. Sir......... For my dimes worth of advise I would go with the ''older coach''. As you stated that it was a 98 model with thirty thousand miles on it, it is just slightly broken in at that mileage. My Pace has 98 thousand miles on a ''gasser'' and it still runs good. As to the appliances I would not worry about them. It's the usage, not necessarily the age and at thirty thousand miles, I have probably spilled more water than has been heated by the water heater. One thing that should be checked closely is the roof. Get a qualified person to check out the roof covering and the caulk around everything. The roof gets direct sunlight and that is a ''roof killer''. LOOK FOR EVIDENCE OF LEAKS inside the coach. My coach has a rubber roof and I am getting concerned about it. The only other consideration is that this unit probably does not have slide outs. They are really nice but you can live without them easily. As per ''wolf's'' advise. Crawl all over the unit. From top to bottom and get a creeper and go underneath the unit and do a hard look around. Do not be afraid to ask really stupid questions ..... They are much better than ''stupid errors''. My guess is that this is your first coach. If it is you will have a ''learning curve'' about driving and upkeep on the coach. In closing I will also go along with Wolf on this. A new coach is a dream come true. It has all the bells and whistles and all the little goodies and ''thingies'' that make you go ''OOOOOH , AAHHHHHH'' and stuff like that but you gotta remember the ''crack in the pavement'' at the entrance of the R.V. dealer lot. When you buy a ''new one'' and you drive it across that ''crack'',,,,,,,, you just lost about twenty percent of your investment ....... POOF ...... If this helps you owe me ten cents and you can pay me the next time you see me ...... If it don't help, I never knew you....... lol..... Seajay the sailor man
  13. Ok, Billy. Here is ten cents worth of ''worthless information'' ... First of all, I am not sure exactly what a TPO roof is. My coach, a 2000 Pace Arrow, has a rubber roof on it. As you see, the roof is approaching 10 years old and that is supposed to be the life expediency of the roof. I found a product advertised in FMC magazine. I left a link on here asking if anyone had ever used it and apparently no one has or they won't say so. Anyhow, here is the link so you can read about it and see if it will solve your problem. http://www.flatroofsolutions.com/RV%20Info.php If it works, you owe me ten cents and you can pay me the next time you see me and remember this ... IF IT DONT WORK FOR YOU ... I DONT KNOW YOU ... LOL ... I have not tried it yet but I will order it and put it on before going to Florida this year. If you try it and it works LET ME KNOW. Seajay the sailor man
  14. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAH, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAH, Whaddddd he say? Do wat he said mean I owe him a dime or do he owe me a dime? Can sombody splain this please? Hay Wayne......... You got any idea what NavyDad said? I will give you half the dime (a nickle) if you will send this to your son, the lawyer, and he can let us know if I got money coming, or not or maybe he is talkin to someone else...... Seajay the sailor man
  15. I would like for every veteran that belongs to FMCA to register here. It make no difference which service you served in or when you served. It makes no difference to me if you were a combat veteran or a clerk in Washington typing letters. IF YOU SERVED THIS COUNTRY DO THE FOLLOWING: One: List your name. Two: List the branch of service you were in. Three: List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service. Four: List your rank while in service.. Five: List your job while in service (I think it was your MOS) Six: List where you served. (NAM, DESERT STORM, ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, WW2, KOREA) I am doing this because I am a second generation NAVY vet and proud of my service to this country. I am so proud of our service people today. It gives me great pride to see them in uniform. I hope this is OK with the ''powers that be'' on this forum because I feel we need to honor our vets for their service to this great nation. God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe. God bless our great nation. Seajay the sailor man
  16. One final thought........ For me, IT IS BETTER TO SEE ''ALL OF SOMETHING'' THAN A LITTLE OF A LOT OF THINGS''. This is the prophecy Willa and I have lived by in our travels. To us its like a good meal. Go slow, ENJOY, stop and look, SMELL THE ROSES, do absolutely nothing occasionally, NEVER EVER HURRY, watch the sun set, LISTEN TO THE EARTH BREATHE, and if you cant get to IT on this trip, IT will be there for your next trip. Seajay the sailor man....
  17. Willa and I do it the easy way. We put everything we can on ''automatic draft''. The rest of the bills I simply have my sister-in-law pay for us. We leave her the check book with ''power of attorney'' for our bills and a loaded shotgun for security on our house. She lives right next door and would just love to see a burglar up at our house. We also leave her the key to the safety deposit box and if Willa and I should ''get smacked'' she has instructions to distribute funds as per instructions in the ''box''. Willa can check our credit card balances and our bank balance on the road and we use the ''plastic money'' where we can. Seajay the sailor man
  18. Wayne, I went to DC two years ago and visited all the memorials to our brave service people there. We visited the WW2 memorial and the Korean war memorial . We went to the ''WALL'' and touched the names of the brave men and women that gave all for this country when so many decided to ''go north'' in protest. I stood there with tears in my eyes as as I touched the names. We went to Arlington for the ''CHANGING OF THE GUARD''. I watched a World War Two vet lay a wreath and held back tears of pride again. God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe...... God bless our great nation ..... Your Friend Seajay........
  19. Yooh Frank....... Been there ,,,,,, Done that. You went across Wolf Creek Pass and ended up in Pegosa Springs. Yep, We went across that and I became a Christian four times. I told the Lord that if he would let me live thru this that I would be a ''good boy'' for the rest of my life. I love the part when you leave Silverton and wind your way up the pass. The ''no guard rail'' on the side of the road is a real thrill. A couple of places were so high up that if We had went over the side we would have starved to death before we hit the bottom. Sometime, if you want a real thrill, RIDE THE TRAIN ACROSS. We did and they had to stop several times to clear rocks off the track. On one side of the train you can kiss the rocks going by and on the other side you cant even see the ground till you look down several hundred feet. Its a hoot. I believe I have driven across every pass crossing the Rockie Mountains at least once and a lot of them, several times. Want a real thrill.......... TRY LOSING YOUR BRAKES COMING DOWN THE MONARCH PASS. Done that ONCE...... WOW... Black Canyon is another thrill. You ''ride the rim'' and look down at the birds and hawks flying under you. A long time ago I went up to Black Canyon before it became a national park. Shamefully now, we sat on the rim and shot .22's at the birds on the wing flying below us. There is a stretch of mountains out there somewhere called THE SAW TOOTH. I dont think it is in Colorado.. It is not really a ''pass'' its more like a scenic drive along the top ridge of the mountains. It is a single lane road, west to east as I remember, that is one way and just as wide as a car.... DO NOT TAKE YOUR COACH OR A TRAILER UP THERE... I cant remember where it is but heading east it is on the left hand side of the road and it is well marked. You wind your way up one mountain and crawl along a road that is as wide as your car. The road is literally ''on top'' of the mountains and the mountains tops are simply pushed together and turned into a road. The road is at least 1000 feet off the valley floor and almost vertical on both sides looking down. You feel like you are ''flying''. There are a couple of pull offs up there for photos to show folks how brave (stupid) you were to go up there...... While you are out there go to Royal Gorge and fish from the bridge. lol. And be sure to go to Cripple Creek mining camp. You will win a fortune out there. lol ....(yeah sure) If they still have it, go to the IMPERIAL HOTEL and see the mellow drama they put on in the basement. Really good. If you have the time go to Gunniston and go up to Taylor Park. It is a beautiful park in the Rockies with a nice campground beside the lake and one that is ''lake view'' on the other side of the road. Its a paved road all the way up now but the first time I was out there it was dirt and full of rutts and holes. Colorado is a beautiful state with much to offer. It is the first state I visited back in 1961 and it gave me the ''travel bug'' and I still ''have the fever''. There is much to see out there and I have been there many times and we still love it. I am going to stop before this turns into an essay...... Seajay the sailor man......
  20. So you will know. I was commenting on the lovely photo that my friend Wayne posted on his profile. It is a picture of two animals and I had difficulty figuring out which was my friend Wayne and what the other one was. As I am given a choice as to ''WHICH IS WHO'', I choose the one with the horns as my friend Wayne and that other thing in the picture is something else. Problem solved. To Joe. Welcome my veteran brother to this forum. Many thanks for your service to my country in the giving of your time and effort to keeping this country safe and free. I served in the US NAVY for four years and my friend Wayne served in the Marine corps for over twenty. God bless our troops and bring them home safe God bless this great nation and keep it free God bless our vets for their service to this country .. your friend Seajay ........
  21. to my friend Wayne..... I just visited your profile and observed (saw) your new picture and I have these comments (says)...... one.... Which one is you? two.... Are you the one with the horns or the one with the ball cap? three.. I can see from the picture that you are an animal lover and this is good. (everyone needs at least one friend) four... Is this your ''toad''? five... How many ''bails to the mile'' do you get? I could say more but I might offend someone ... YOUR FRIEND SEAJAY ............. God bless our troops and bring them home safe God bless America....... ps. Wouldn't it be nice if other folks could talk to each other like you and I? Maybe just maybe these forums would become more active.
  22. ''Ditto'' to Tom concerning Utah. It has much to offer and if you get within a hundred miles of Moab and you dont stop and look around you will have one flat tire and your commode will stop up permanently, you wont like that. Willa and I stayed in Zion for ten days last fall I think. (the memories all run together now.) Zion has a dry campground with large sights and they are cheap if you have the ''Golden age pass'' The sights there are breathtaking with the Aspen trees ''in color''. Concerning Utah, you can spend a lot of time exploring Utah. Utah is a state with all the skin scraped off and the bones showing thru. If you are adventurous you can ''dry camp'' out in CAnyonlands National Park. The camping area will be on the right hand side of the road as you go in. You can camp on the edge of a cliff that is about a ''Kazillion feet above the river''. You can ''tinkle'' over the edge and it will evaporate before it hits anything. The sunsets are un believable and it so QUIET you can hear GOD walking around in heaven. Word to the wise.. WATCH OUT FOR RATTLERS AND SCORPIONS IN THE EVENING. Thats when they come out to play. Be sure and take firewood with you also. Build a fire and just watch the shooting stars and listen to the coyotes do their ''sing song''............... Grand Canyon is a ''must see'' destination and well worth the trip but when we get in the area of Utah and Moab, we always stop for a look around. We have been to Utah more than six times and we still love it. The area around Grand Canyon and surrounding states is some of the most beautiful country in the USA and you can spend a lot of time just looking, listening, tasting and absorbing the ambiance of that area. Some folks hate it because there are no trees to speak of. I love it because it the earth with no clothes on. Seajay the sailor man
  23. Wayne, there you go,,,,,,, bragging yourself up again. TYPICAL MARINE.... I will admit I look at a lot of profiles on here. I wish everyone that puts up a ''profile'' would also post a picture of themselves (you), or a picture of someone that kinda looks like them, or a picture of a strainer with nice legs and a big chest. POST PICTURES FOLKS... What we need on here is more Sailors to build up the reputation (feel good) of this and other forums. You know, people that can read and write and count to three numbers and stuff like that ...... I am like most of you guys. There are a lot of "QQ" lookers but very few people that will write a comment (talk). From my guess I would say that there are less than one hundred (100) people that actually put a comment (say) down on here and I think Wayne the Marine, Tom and me are the biggest participants (users) of the forums. Like you Wayne, I know of three people that has read my profile. One asked me not to post anything else. One asked me to leave FMCA (i think it was Wayne). And one thought I was his long lost brother that owed him twenty dollars. (two tens Wayne). Anyhow, thats my story and I'm stickin' to it for now. The words in ''parentheses'' (little roundie things) are to simplify (make easy) reading for our Marine members.... GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND BRING THEM HOME SAFE........ GOD BLESS OUR VETS. Seajay the sailor man ......
  24. I will bet a hot six pack that Tom was ARMY. Yep, a Dogface, for sure. He is not loud mouth enough to be a Marine and he cant cuss like a Sailor so he must be Army. I have yet to see him write ''Shux'' or ''Oh Fudge'' so he must be Army.. At any rate, I salute you my veteran friend and I thank you for your service to my country. So many chose to go to Canada during the Nam thing and we are better off without them. If you can read, thank a teacher...... If you are free to write anything you think THANK A VETERAN ...... Seajay the sailor man God bless our troops and bring them home safe
  25. Note to Wayne the Marine. Yep, you are right about the old cell phone thingie. I have heard that any cell phone regardless of service or regardless of NO SERVICE will reach 9/11 if the battery is charged. Here in NC they have a program that you give back your old cell phone and they give it to folks that dont have cell phones to use in emergencies. Thanks for that bit of update Marine. I take back half the bad things I have said about you in the past. I do however reserve the right and privilege to chastise (beat up on) you as necessary in the near or far future. ..... Note to TButler. GOOD GRIEF..... Have I given away a fortune in dimes???????? If this is used by half the people in FMCA that would amount a ''GILLION DOLLARS'' at least. It dont matter. Folks in FMCA are good people,,,,,,,, even Wayne the Marine......... Seajay the sailor man..... (I have lost a fortune)....
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