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  1. Note to Wayne the Marine. Your suggestion concerning the Calgon Fabric Softener is a good one and I think Willa has been using that, or a similar substance, for some time in our tank for some time now. Here is another suggestion. Occasionally we will buy a couple of those large bags of crushed ice and dump it in the toilet while we are on the road and moving. The action of the coach going down the road will agitate the ice in the tank and actually clean the sides of the tank with a scrubbing action as we travel. I think Willa also uses dishwashing detergent to keep it ''sweet smelling''. New subject.......Now we are even on the 10 cents........ do you realize that this is an ''admonition'' on your part that you, as the party of the first part, concerning the ten cents indebtedness to the party of the second part, me, in accordance with your usage of MY IDEA concerning the removal of ''insect intestines'' from the frontal area of your vehicle, is an admission of debt concerning said subject a fore mentioned in previous communication. The effort on your part to relieve your indebtedness by the assertion that you have a suggestion concerning the Calgon Fabric Softener concerning the holding tank in your vehicle should absolve you from said indebtedness to me is not with standing concerning your indebtedness to me. (Send this to your son and he can explain all the big words) None the less I have the following consideration. I, Seajay the sailor man, do forgive and forget any indebtedness to myself from Wayne ''the Marine'' concerning the usage of MY IDEA in the removal of ''insect intestines'' from his vehicle. It is understood that Wayne ''the Marine'' still owes and shall owe myself ten cents for usage of any and all other great ideas that have been posted in my name. Ideas like ''SOAP IN A SOCK'' and other ideas previously posted and any further good idea so posted by myself. I do this out of the graciousness of my heart and with the full knowledge that you are a MARINE and Marines have a tenancy of admitting guilt and not realizing same. One more thing. Willa and I will be heading for Vegas sometime in late August or early September. We can come down thru Texas and I would consider it a great honor and privilege to meet you and your wife at a camp ground somewhere down there if it would be convient for you guys. The plans are still kinda lose right now but we will definitely coming that way this fall. If you are interested just e mail me at seajaycecil@yahoo.com and we will work out the particulars as necessary...... Be safe on the road my Marine friend. Seajay the sailor man...... p.s. Please thank your son for his service to my country. God bless him and keep him safe.
  2. Last year we were at mile marker 108 in Utah and our left rear duel made a loud BOOM noise. I said ''Shux'' and found a wide flat spot off the road to stop. At marker 108 in Utah you are between Nothing and Nothing and there is no phone service for Alltel. I said ''Shux'' again. I'll tell you the short version. After some frustration with the towing service that I contacted on another motorist's phone, and after a 14-hour wait, I felt I needed to contact someone again. In desperation I dialed 9/11 on my phone and the county sheriff picked up the phone and asked how they could help me. Understand this: My phone was showing 'NO SERVICE and the 9/11 call worked. You may need to remember this if you are in a situation where your cell is registering NO SERVICE and you need help. This information is free (usually I charge 10 cents for information, but I am in a very good mood today.) God bless our great nation. Seajay the sailor man Note: If I have posted this before just overlook an old man with a bad memory.
  3. We use Allstate RV roadside help. I have been with them for some years now. I had this before we got into motor homing. I have the ''Premium"" service. It costs a little more but you get a lot more. One. This service has UNLIMITED mileage concerning towing your rig. According to them, they will tow your rig to the nearest ''authorized dealer'' for service to your particular vehicle. This means if you have a Ford chassis they will tow your rig to a Ford dealer regardless of mileage. This can be very comforting if you are stuck between ''Pitchfork'' and ''Doorslam" in Montana or somewhere along the Alcan between Nothing and Nothing. Two. This service also covers the ''prep'' for towing you coach. Some tow services charge you fifty bucks to drop your drive shaft. Three. There seems to be no limit to the ''calls'' they will respond to. Last year I was blessed with three flats while coming home from the west coast. One on the pick up and two on the coach. Yes Wayne, I bought 6 new tires and resolved the problem. I would suggest to anyone that they investigate any roadside service closely and ask about LIMITATIONS OF SERVICE before signing up. All of them will tell you WHAT THEY DO AND HOW WELL THEY DO IT but few will tell you their limitations of service. I understand that some services have a limitation on how far they will tow your rig before you start paying the tab. There are a few things I would not leave home without. My two friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, a short stack of Mr. Franklin's. Willa and the two dogs and my Allstate Road Service Card. This helpful information is free Seajay the sailor man
  4. Wayne, I congratulate you. You finally caught me in an error. I actually wrote Downy and I actually meant to say BOUNCE. I guess this is an indication that I am getting old. Anyhow, again I congratulate you on being able to read and understand my previous message. I love the ''complete description'' and detailed information concerning ''use procedures'' for said product and the appropriate applications of same for the purpose of accomplishing the task at hand. It is still understood that you owe me ten cents for the idea. Your rebuttal will be previous experience concerning a ''bug gut'' removal procedure and prior knowledge of same but we all know that this could be a fabricated statement from you so that you might avoid said payment (ten cents) to me for the a fore mentioned piece of useless information that you cant live without. None the less, if said payment (ten cents) is not forthcoming at the appropriate time, my lawyer firm (Catchum, Chetam and Run) shall contact your law firm (Hut, Too, and Three) and the appropriate law suit shall be filed accordingly. Be safe on the road my Marine friend and thanks again for your service to my country....... Seajay the sailor man.
  5. Here is another piece of information that you will wonder how you got along without all these years. It is easily understood that the velocity of your coach traveling at 65 m.p.h. with a gross weight of some 10 tons has an impact ratio and impact power proportional to the inverse of the kinetic energy (measured in Kelvins) that is inversely proportional to the speed of the vehicle, squared and then multiplied by pie are square (wrong, pie are round, cornbread are square). With this in mind I shall proceed (someone can explain this to Wayne later). As the above statement is true it is understood that when ''said vehicle'' traveling at ''said speed'' encounters a large grass hopper, butter fly, lady bug, stink bug or any other insect that happens to cross the path of said vehicle traveling at said speed there is going to be a large SPLAT on the front of said vehicle as said vehicle is not affected by the weight and/or size of said insect because of the kinetic energy developed by said vehicle as described above. Multiply this by jillions of insects over a period of five hundred miles and you will understand why the front of your coach looks like an impact zone for bugs. This brings us to the heart of the problem. Removal of Said bugs intestines (guts) from front of Said vehicle. Go to the store and buy yourself a box of those Downy Fabric Softener sheets. They look like thin cloth and they are not as big as a handkerchief. Take two or three of them and fold them together. Wet them slightly and rub the bug splatters and they will come off your coach and windshield with almost no effort. I have been using these on my Pace for nine years and they don't affect the paint or the tape on the coach and they remove bug guts like magic. Here again is another useless idea from Seajay the sailor man. It is understood that if you use this valuable information You, as a user, shall owe me (Seajay the sailor man) ten cents and this will be payable the next time you see me. If, on the other hand this idea removes part of your twenty thousand dollar paint job................. I NEVER KNEW YOU............ Seajay the sailor man
  6. It is common knowledge that we, as RVers would be lost without duct tape. (no Wayne, not duck tape) I am referring to the silver back, cloth reinforced, ''stickie'' side, two-inch-wide roll of tape we all have at least one of stuck in one of the compartments of our motor coaches. The ''stuff'' we repair ''other stuff'' with in an emergency. I am here to let you know that there is a much better product on the market and it has ''duct tape'' beat 40 ways from Christmas. The ''stuff'' I am referring to is AIR CONDITIONING TAPE. This wonderful product has many attributes (good things) over the old fashion ''duct tape''. Here is but a few of the ''good things'' about this tape. ONE. It will stick to almost anything and it does not turn lose in heat or cold or strong wind. TWO. It is by far and away stronger than ''duct tape''. THREE. It is thinner than duct tape so you get more on a roll. FOUR. You can put it on glass like a busted window and it is there to stay. It absolutely will not melt off in the sun or be blown off by the wind. In fact, once you put it on you better have it where you want it because it is near impossible to remove. FIVE. It ''stay stuck''. Willas son taped plastic to the back window of his Chavette and drove it for two years without replacing the tape. Personally, I have replaced my ''duct tape'' with this AIR CONDITIONING TAPE and I have never looked back. If this tape has a disadvantage it is that this tape does not stretch very well. Duct tape has that ''moldability'' we love but it will come lose easily. You can find this tape in hardware stores. It is silver, very thin, two inches wide and the roll is smaller but the ''roll'' probably contains more footage than the old ''duct tape." Give it a try and if you like it, you will owe me ten cents for the good idea. You can pay me the next time you see me. If you dont like it, I dont know you......... lol..... Seajay the sailor man
  7. In 1944, I was four years old. My father was in the South Pacific aboard the USS Gunston Hall, LSD6. Dad participated in five invasions as a driver/mechanic/gunner on a Higgins boat hauling in Marines and supplies. I look at the pictures of these brave men invading Europe and it gives me great pride to know that these men and thousands of others were willing to place their lives on the line so that we might enjoy the freedom we enjoy every day. I salute these brave men and thank them with all my heart for their sacrifice. Thank you Wayne for the pictures and I thank all vets for their service to my country. Without our vets and our service personnel putting it on the line everyday for our safety could not and would not be assured. God bless our veterans and may God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe. Seajay the sailor man
  8. To Ojequack Since I am not sure of your name I shall refer to you as Ojequack. First. It should be understood that WE AS NAVY MEN do hold in high regard all our brothers that serve in the Marine Corps. It is further understood that the Marine Corps is a small part of the NAVY. I always think of the Marine Corps kinda like I think about the anchors on the ship I served on. ''The MARINE CORPS and our anchors were a necessary burden that we hauled around on our NAVY SHIP. Each is only good for one thing and Mostly useless for anything complicated but when my NAVY NEEDS THEM, they can be deployed with great effect.'' ... (our turn Wayne)... Two. As stated earlier in this and other forums, THE NAVY and the Marine Corps have been ''poking fun'' at each other since the inception of the Marine Corps as a small part of THE NAVY. This is the way it has been and the way it shall be so long as our mighty ships of THE NAVY sail on or under the sea. As to your sons service to this nation I say this....''GOD BLESS HIM AND ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL SERVING IN THE DEFENCE OF THIS NATION.'' Any person serving, or that has served, this nation in any branch of the military has my greatest respect and my heart felt thanks for their time and service to our great nation. Without these men and women we would not enjoy the great liberties and freedoms we have because ''FREEDOM IS NOT FREE''....''IT MUST BE BOUGHT WITH THE BLOOD OF OUR YOUNGEST AND FINEST'' It must be won and defended by fresh faced kids that are not old enough to buy a beer but are old enough to ''GIVE ALL'' in the defense or this great nation. Any time I see a service person in uniform I give them my best NAVY SALUTE and my heart felt thanks for their service to this great nation. THREE... Since you are ''newbies'' I would like to tell you this. You are going on the greatest journey of a lifetime. You have become r.v. people. You will go to places and see sights and meet people that will impact your life in ways you can not imagine. I have been R.V.ing since 95. I am on my third coach and I have been in every state in the union except Hawaii. I have explored most of Canada and been to Alaska from N.C. three times. I have logged over one hundred thousand miles on the road and I still love the ''windshield time''. I have met people all over this great nation and all over Canada and they are mostly friendly and very outgoing. There is something about camping that brings people close together. A certain bond between people like no other that brings us, with a common interest, together. Go and enjoy. One other thing...... Tell your son that Seajay the sailor man says thanks for his service to my country. May God bless him and keep him safe................... Watch for us on the road and dont be afraid to come over and say ''HOWDY''........ Seajay the sailor man
  9. Yoooooooooooh Randy. I just now noticed your posting on this forum and I would like to say WELCOME ABOARD MY FRIEND. Its good to have another MARINE on here to poke fun at. I have been harassing (picking on) Wayne for some time now and he may need a little help defending (fight back) himself from the slings and arrows of the NAVY. He (Wayne) seems to be an all right fellow but he confuses (gets mixed up) easily so I have to use small words and short phrases or he looses his attention (stay awake) span and starts drooling. Seriously, Wayne is a fine fellow and I really respect (like) him even though he is a Marine. Just think, you two guys could get together and find one more Marine and you guys would as ''SNART'' as one sailor.... lol....... (IM TEASING WAYNE)......... Anyhow, WELCOME ABOARD MY FRIEND...... Be safe on the road....... Wind to your back and smooth seas ahead.......... Seajay the sailor man.. ps .... are you doing any carving? I am working on the finial for the cane we are making Tex. Ill send you some pix .......
  10. WELCOME ABOARD SAILOR..... good to see another Anchor Clanker on FMCA. Seajay the sailor man ...............
  11. Hay Doc Mike...... If you go to Maine you gotta go to ''BAAH' HABBAH''. As you get close to the Acadia national park watch for a little '''joint'' on the rite side of the road. Its painted white with tables outside with things that look like ''trash cans'' with fire under them. This is where they cook your ''BUG and it is a good ''LABSTAH'' place. You can eat inside or outside and you ''pick your own bug'' and they cook it for you. I cant remember the name but you will see it. It is very informal and the ''bugs'' are really fresh and very good. It actually looks like an old filling station that has been converted into a place to eat ''LABSTAH''....... Willa and I ate there several times and I had a ''BUG'' that filled the pan they normally serve two ''LABSTAH'S'' in ..... Enjoy.... Seajay the sailor man
  12. Sir. With great respect I would like to make the following suggestion concerning forums. I see several people on here that have served this great country with their time and their effort in our military branches. I see soldiers, sailors, marines (part of the Navy) and air force personnel and many men and ladies that have devoted some of their lives to the defense of this great country we so enjoy. Personally, I think it would be nice if we had a forum for service personnel. This forum would not be exclusive to service personnel but it would be a good place to ''SWAP SEA STORIES'' and to talk about ''back then and what we did and what we have seen, places we have been''..... Let everyone in and let everyone make comments but give the Service Personnel a little club if you will so we could have a warm place to gather and not disturb anyone else with our communication. I submit this with greatest respect to your decision...... Seajay the sailor man ......
  13. to RMMPE. newbie........... LISTEN UP SAILOR Looks like we are finally getting some real QUALITY PERSONNEL here on FMCA. WELCOME ABOARD SAILOR...... Yes I have steamed thru some class five up in the North Atlantic between Iceland and England. The small one were running over forty feet and the big ones were a lot taller. It was so rough for three days we stayed ''buttoned up'' and we ate chow on the deck because we could not set up tables in the mess hall .... They even took up all the salt and pepper shakers because they would '' jump out of the holders'' and splatter on the deck.... I stood on the flag bridge and watched the ''Norton'' (north hampton clc1) roll past 35 degrees and wondered if it would come back. The waves would break over the bow and cover the windows four decks up........ Norton was almost seven hundred feet long and it felt like a tea cup........... I see you are Sub Service. What was your duty? I was in communications and Doc was a ''shanker mechanic''..... Stay in touch ..... Wind to your back and smooth seas ahead ....... God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe.... Seajay the sailor man...... (maybe we should form a SAILORS CLUB or something)( We could use the Marines to guard the door )
  14. Big sorry about your broken motor home. As I stated before, GPS UNITS ARE RIGHT ABOUT 98% OF THE TIME..... The other five percent of the time you gotta depend on the old GUT FEELING. If it just dont look right.. S T O P AND GET MORE INFORMATION. One of my greatest difficulties is turning down a dead end street that is not listed as a DEAD END STREET.... As I recall, I have done this twice and had to unhook the toad and back out because I could not turn around Once up in Mass or somewhere up there I turned down a unmarked street that had a 12 foot clearance bridge about three blocks down and not visible when I turned in. I saw it and stopped in the road and the people behind me started blowing and shouting. I got out to unhook the toad and a cop showed up and asked ''What the hale I was doing?'' I told him I was going to unhook and back the toad out and then back the coach out using the left lane. He seemed very exasperated that I was on a ''LOW BRIDGE'' road that wasnt marked in any way. He told me he could give me a ticket for blocking traffic and I said to do what he thought best. He said that everyone knew that there was a ''low bridge'' on this road and they didnt use tall vehicles on it I told him that I was from North Carolina and these was my first time wearing shoes on both feet and this was news to me and it would be simpler to PUT UP A SIGN SAYING ''LOW BRIDGE'' ...... DO NOT ENTER WITH R.V.'S. I finally got backed out and re hooked and got the HECK OUT OF their stinkin little town ...... Anyhow. sorry about your broken motor home ..... STUFF HAPPENS .... Mark it up as experience and call your insurance company and keep on camping .......... Seajay the sailor man
  15. Ok guys. Here goes. below is a list of some of the places we have stayed while exploring Florida. You will notice that the majority of these campgrounds are COUNTY CAMPGROUNDS. These are really hard to find as they are not advertised in your normal camping books. Its like they want to keep them a secret and only let people from Florida use them. Most of these campgrounds are water and electric only but to my knowledge they all have dump stations and potable water stations. The camp sights are generally big and pretty private. We look for the county camp grounds because they are cheap also. ..... http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/05_Ft_Desoto.htm http://www.abfla.com/parks/SebastianInlet/...ninlet.html#his Campgrounds we have stayed in. . Hillsborough county parks Lithia springs park county park Close to Tampa. Lithia springs park, 3932 Lithia springs road, Lithia ,fla. 831-744-5572 10.00 a night, nice showers , water and ele. Will have to use the dump station. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E.G. Simmons park. county park Phone 813-6717655 Ruskin fl. Hway 41. 10.00 a night , nice showers , water and ele. Will have to use the dump station. On Tampa bay. Half of the campsights are on the canal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edward Medard county park 10.00 a night phone 813-7573802 turkey creed rd. off of hway 60 . We did not stay here .They were full. We road around the campground. A lot of woods. There were some big campers ,but most of the site looked small. There is a lake there. Campground is not on the lake. They have water and ele. Did not go in showers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Polk county campgrounds Saddle creek park county park 377 morgan combee rd. Lakeland fl. Phone 863-4132399 15.00 a night This the one were we could put the canoe in from our camp site. We stayed there 14 days. The campground is small. They do not have a boat rimp. There is one on the road coming in to campground. You could put you boat in from campground. Water, ele. . Will have to use the dump station. 5.00 to use dump station. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lake posalie park and campground Tiger rd [off state road 60] Lake wales fl. Phone 863-6794245 15.00 a night We stayed here, nice campground nice showers,Water, ele. . Will have to use the dump station. 5.00 to use dump station. Campground is on a big lake. They have a boat rimp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lake rasalse park 2925 rasalie lake rd.,lake wales county park Have not stayed there. Do not know any thing about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lake Arbuckle county park Lake Arbuckle rd.,frost proof fl. Phone 863-6352811 Have not stayed there. Do not know any thing about it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- These we have not been to. Do not know any thing about them. Some one told me about them. Moss park 407-2546840 4 miles SE of SR15[narcossee rd.] moss park rd. 32832 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indian river county Blue cypress lake park look for sign on left after you cross florida turnpike on hway 60 Free dry camp I also suggest Anastasia state park south of St Augustine and an easy drive back to some ''tourist stuff'' in St Augustine. This campground is close to the ocean ... Manatee Hammock is another nice county park. It is further south on the coast road. In both these camp grounds you have a lot of trees but they are really beautiful. I think the Indian river runs right past this park. You can fish in the river and catch gobs of catfish.... You will notice that most of these camp grounds are on or near water. This is because Willa and I are fisherpersons and we will go fishing at the drop of a sinker. We carry a boat on top of the pick up........ Florida is ''littered'' with nice campground from the mom and pop place to the luxurious places that wont take anything but ' ''A'' class less than five years old. There is a web sight I believe that lists all the state parks in Florida. you can go there and check availability right on line and you can make reservations right on line. I would suggest you try that because I checked with Sebastien inlet campground and they had sight available in October. Hope this helps and if it does you will owe me ten cents the next time you see me ........jGood advise is not cheap but ''dumb looks'' are free ....................... lol .................. Seajay the sailor man
  16. Here is a ''stop gap'' till we can figure out how to keep the foot pads from falling off. Go to a hardware store and buy some 3/8 inch nylon rope. 25 feet will be more than enough. Crawl under your coach and take the rope and tie it to a cross member of some structure under the coach You need to put as close to the jack as possible and cut the rope to such a length that the jack will go all the way out without breaking the rope. Leave a little slack in the rope. If the jack pad has a hole in it tie the rope thru the hole in the jack pad (foot) if not, boar a hole with your drill. DO THIS WITH THE JACK EXTENDED ALL THE WAY...... Be careful when you tie the rope to superstructure (metal stuff) under your coach. Determine (see) that the jack pad can not get under your wheel of the coach if and when it falls off...... Now when you travel your if foot pads should fall off they will not go flying all to ''heck'' and possibly hitting your toad or smashing into some 80 thousand dollar Mercedes. They will ''jingle'' like ''heck'' (hard for a sailor to say heck) under your coach and you better stop real quick before they beat a hole in your floor but at least you will still have the foot pad. The 3/8 rope will be strong enough to do the job and weak enough that it should break if it should get tangled in something on the road. We wouldnt want to ''rip the guts'' out of that nice new coach with the jacks that fall apart now would we. It would be great if you could find one of those ''bungee'' cords that would be long enough to do the job. The Bungee would be tight at all times with the jack down or the jack in the up position. It might be tough to find one the right length though. Anyhow, I gotta go get some oatmeal for breakfast. (I sometimes eat my oatmeal with Kaluah on it)...... Be safe Marine....... afterthought........ some hardware stores sell ''bungee'' cord off a roll like rope. You will need special clamps to make the loops in the ends and you would need ''S'' hooks to attach it to the foot pad and the frame of your coach but if you could get it, you would be way ahead of the ''rope'' idea......... It would also hold the foot pad up off the pavement when it came lose. Seajay the sailor man.....
  17. Wayne. Here is what I want you to do for me. Take your camera and take some clear pictures of the bottom of the foot pad. This is so I can see how the foot pad is mated to the cylinder rod. Take a picture of the foot pad with the cylinder ''pushed out'' about 6 inches. Look and see how many bolts hold the foot pad to the cylinder and tell me the size of the head of the bolt. Do the foot pads have holes in them for draining water? What is the actual size of the foot pad? and how thick is the metal that the foot pad is made from? I went to the Power Pack web sight and I cant tell ''spit'' about the foot pads from their pictures. Take all these pix and e mail them to seajaycecil@yahoo.com Do you realize (know) that it is six oclock in the morning and I have pondered (though about) this for some time now. Send me some pictures............. Seajay the sailor man.
  18. Ok. Get a bolt of the proper thread size that is at least half an inch longer than the total depth of the hole AMEND THIS SENTENCE TO THE FOLLOWING...... OK, Get a bolt of the proper thread size that is at least half an inch longer that the total depth of the hole INCLUDING THE THICKNESS OF THE FOOT PLATE.......... I re read the letter after I posted it........ seajay the sailor man .....
  19. OK...... Here is a couple of ''but if's'' and ''probably so's'' and ''maybe mights''.... First. If you foot pads are held on by one large bolt thru the center of the footpad and up into the piston you might try this....... If its a large bolt, probably 3/4, you might try to find out how deep the hole in the piston is. Lets pretend that the threaded hole is two inches deep and the thickness of the metal foot plate is one inch. Total three inches Ok. Get a bolt of the proper thread size that is at least half an inch longer than the total depth of the hole. This will let you ''bottom out'' with the bolt to hold the foot pad on and still leave some ''slack'' for the foot to adjust to un-even ground. Another suggestion for this situation is to be sure that the ''hole in the foot plate'' is at least one quarter inch larger than the bolt going thru it. This would also allow ''slack'' for the foot to adjust to the un-even ground. A machine shop can ''chamfer'' (wollaw out) the hole for you to see if it will work. Your problem seems to be that the foot pad is hitting hard ground that does not match the face of the foot pad and it is making your foot pad go crooked and breaking what ever attachment method the dummies at the factory used to attach the foot pads. The only other solution I can think of right now would be to get some super strong canvas and make up some sand bags that would be at least the size of your foot pads. Take strong straps and attach one to each foot pad. Make the sand bags at least four inches thick and dont pack them full. Leave some movement room and they may just may adjust to un even ground and solve your problem. I shall think on this some more and you let me know if you try either of my ''solutions'' to your problem. Remember this ...... If you use any of my suggestions you will owe me ten cents and you have to pay me the next time you see me.......... Be safe my Marine friend .......... Seajay the sailor man.. ps. you know that if any of my suggestions should solve your problem YOU, AS A MARINE, WILL HAVE TO ADMIT HOW ''SNART'' SAILORS ARE..........................lol .............
  20. Just curious Wayne...... Are your ''foot pads'' on a universal that allows them to adjust to un-even ground? I have seen them that would ''self adjust'' to un-even ground when they are put down. If yours do not have this feature, you are in for some trouble. Regardless how tight you bolt them on, un-even ground will eventually make them fall off. On our old Pace the jacks are ''spring return'' so I dont believe we will have trouble concerning losing them. My greatest problem is small stones accumulating on top of the foot pad. We have a control panel and idiot lights that tell us when they are up or down but I always do a visual check to see that they are really up before moving the coach. This is part of my ''walk around''. My greatest problem concerning jacks is that in soft ground they will push my ''blocks'' into the ground and I cant get them back out easily. Be safe on the road my Marine friend and Thank You for your service to my country..... Seajay the sailor man ......
  21. One last word of warning about over night at Wal-Mart. Staying there can be very expensive. Take into account that a nice campground costs about thirty dollars, more or less. Staying at ''Wallyworld'' is free. Yeah sure. Every time we ''over night'' at Wal-Mart I am lucky to get out for less than one hundred dollars. When we stay at Wal-Mart Willa feels it is her duty to ''GO SHOPPING'' for a little while. Once she came back with a gold and diamond ring for only seven hundred dollars. (WOW SUCH A BARGAIN) It was on sale and she just couldn't resist it. She also bought some groceries and two ''TIKI TORCHES. Another problem is that these places never close. We can pull in at mid night and Willa will go shopping. Just a word to the wise from a person that has been there and done that. This advise is free .... Seajay the sailor man.
  22. Hawkeye, the short answer is YES...... The long answer is more complicated...... here goes... One. Yes you can stay in about any ''rest area'' The great limitation can be ''HOW LONG YOU CAN STAY'' Two. Some states and some ''rest areas'' limit your stay to four or six hours max. This is to prevent folks ''camping'' in the rest areas. Three. I have been motor homing since 95 and I will sometimes overnite in a rest area and I have yet to be asked to leave or not ''take a rest'' in the rest area by anyone. Some states have designated areas especially for motor homes to park. As my memory will tell me, some have dump stations and potable water available also. Four. Here are some common courtesies when you stay in a rest area.... DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE PAVEMENT. NO GRAY WATER, NO TRASH, NOTHING ....... Do not put your awning out. (a semi might remove it for you) Do not extend your rooms or your slide outs.... (see above) Do park in the area designated for RV/SEMI.... Do be ready to sit beside a semi that is running a ''refer unit'' all night. Personally, I try to find a pre-level place so I dont have to use my jacks. Do not ''set out the grill and the cooler'' beside your coach. (see above) I usually sleep with my jeans on so that if I am ever asked to move or leave, all I need to do is leave. This is important and is a good idea where ever you park. If someone knocks on your door and says they are a person of authority (police, sheriff) or any faction of the law enforcement community. ASK THEM TO STEP IN FRONT OF YOUR COACH AND HIT THEM WITH YOUR HEADLIGHTS AND CHECK THEIR I.D. BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR DOOR. If they refuse to do this tell them you have two friends that are still asleep and cant be disturbed. Tell them that Mr. Smith and Mr Wesson are very cranky when roused from slumber. Dial 911 if available.... I do not tell you this to frighten you and I have never had an incident like this to happen to me in my fourteen years of camping but it can happen.... Rest areas are generally patrolled by the local highway patrol and are very safe areas to ''take a rest'' in and they are usually very safe. remember............... Limit your stay.......DO NOT MAKE A MESS......DONT ''CAMP'' IN A REST AREA.... Other good places to ''overnight'' are FLYING 'J' truck stops or about any ''truck stop'' and Wal-Mart stores but it is a good idea to ask the manager if it is ok to overnight in their parking lot. Here again, no awnings, no slide outs, nothing on the ground......... If you use this advise that I have given, you will have to pay me ten cents for said advise. You can pay me the next time you see me. Good advise is expensive ,,,,,,,,,,, dumb looks are free........ lol.... seajay the sailor man
  23. Willa and I have stayed on the ''keys'' in the winter months (JAN) and here are some things we have learned. One. The further south you go on the keys the more camp sights cost per night. Two. The further into winter months you go the more camp sights cost. Three. We stayed on Marathon at the Buccaneer camp ground as I remember. Dont bet that name is right but it will be the second campground as you go south on the island. It is on the right hand side of the road. The people are very nice and the sights are pretty big. Four. If you are thinking about getting a spot in a ''state campground'' FORGET IT. You have to wait till someone dies or make your reservations at least one year in advance. You can go on line and check on availability You may get lucky but dont depend on it. Five. The earlier you make reservations the more likely you will get a price range you are looking for. Six. Dont be afraid to SHOP AROUND. Seven. The keys are a wonderful place for fishing. Buy a Florida salt water license and go fishing off the old road beds that were the ''old highway'' down the keys. Florida has turned them into ''fishing piers'' and they are free for the using. You can go out and ''catch your supper'' about every day. Eight. If you stay on Marathon, Key west is about 80 miles away. Go to Key West and plan the trip as a ''day trip'' Go see the ''sights'' down there. It is worth the trip...... Nine. Hurricanes are the least of my worry in October. A good plan is to keep your water tank and gas tank at least 3/4 full at all times and be prepared to the the ''Heck'' out of Dodge if necessary. "STUFF HAPPENS'' Ten... There is a LOT TO SEE AND DO in Florida. I will not attempt to list all the things that can take your time and money. GO AND ENJOY.......... Seajay the sailor man
  24. One other thing and then I will shut up .......... Everyone should remember this. The Marine Corps is PART OF THE NAVY. The little part. The Marine Corps belongs to the Navy and it should be remembered that MY NAVY will not allow any other service to ''pick on our Marines.'' We, as sailors have that exclusive ( only ) right of persecution (beating up on) our Marines. Our Marines are under our protection (caring for) and if someone tries to ''sell them a bridge'' or ''swop them two nickles for a quarter'' or ''confuse them with big words'' we, as sailors shall confront (step up) said offender ( bad person) and prosecute (beat up on) said offender (bad person) until satisfaction (feel good) is attained (got). So shall it be as it has always been between our Marines and us sailors. *note* words in parentheses (little roundie things) are for Marines that may or may not read this posting. Seajay the sailor man ....
  25. Doc Mike...... You are a mess. You remind me of ME. I just love the way you explain things to Wayne. When you use a ''BIG WORD'' you add the definition of it in the sentence. For anyone else reading this that has not served in the Marine Corps (a small detachment of the Navy) or has served in MY NAVY as a regular ''salt water sailor'' you must understand that ever since we ''added'' the MARINES to the NAVY there has been a constant battle between Jar heads and Swob jockeys. All sailors know that the MARINE solution to a situation is to KILL THE ENEMY. If a door wont open, a Marine will blast the hinges off the door and kick it open. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.....''UHRAHHHHHHHAAAAAA'' (this is the mess hall guys) To a Sailor, if a door wont open he will simply turn the knob. The door opens....... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED... ''Whats for lunch?'' This is the way it is and the way it has been and the way it will always be between the Marines (a small part of the Navy) and the Salt Water Sailors of the United States Navy. And one other thing........ I am best friends with Pogie Bait. I consider him ''brother'' and lifelong ''friend'' and I think he feels the same of me. He is a Marine and very proud of it and I was a sailor and very proud of being in the United States Navy. All our teasing and ''back and forth'' comments are all in fun and we are simply carrying on a tradition that was started when our Congress formed the United States Navy back in 1776. This reminds me of those famous words of Captain John Paul Jones... ''WE NEED SOMEONE TO CARRY THESE DUFFEL BAGS'' ''LETS FORM THE MARINE CORPS AND MAKE IT A SMALL PART OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY''.......................LOL.......... ( i just had to do that Wayne) Seajay the sailor man God bless our service personnel and bring them home safe. God bless our veterans for they have insured our freedom that we so enjoy. God bless America, the greatest nation in the world.
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