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  1. Problem resolved! It was the circuit breaker on the inverter, one push of a button and all is well. Thank you to all who responded. This is why I joined FMCA best money I ever spent. Happy Trails, John
  2. Rich, I have a Magnum Energy Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Charger MS Series, It's either a MS 2012, MS2812 or MS624 so my manual says. I found a couple of white plastic push buttons on the side of it and according to my owners manual low and behold it says they're circuit breakers. I didn't see them before they're right next to the wall of the bay. I have not pushed them the manual makes no reference to them other than picture view. I don't know wether to push them with shore power hooked up or what?? I don't want to make matters worse. It's dark now and I'll tackle it again in the AM. Do you have any thoughts as to what sequence of events I need to perform before I push one or all of them I think theres three of them? John
  3. Rich, How do you do a system rest on the inverter? Didn't find 2 circuit breakers around the inverter i'll look again. John
  4. 2008 Bounder 38F Diesel Pusher. Accidentally overloaded a GFCI run with a space heater and griddle. Power quit, went to the GFCI outlet and the light was not on, pushed the test button anyway and it clicked but would not reset and no light. Pulled out the GFCI checked wires with meter and no power. Checked all breakers and fuses I could find all look good. I also put a meter to breakers and all seems OK. The other GFCI run is working. Any ideas? John
  5. I have the Ready Brake System as well, and highly recommend it. Simple and affordable! I'm towing a Saturn ION.
  6. Hi Robert, I had a 99 Southwind too! When leveling the coach (when I first got it) I actually cracked the passenger side windshield. Why? The forward leveling jacks are in front of the front axle and when most of the weight is on one side it really flexes the chassis. In 2000 they moved to them to the rear of the axle. By the way, prior to this, water leaked inside from the top when driving in the rain. Got a new windshield and had the other side reseated with all new rubber. I was very careful to not over do it when leveling. I'd move to another spot if it was not level to begin with. Never had another problem. I am pretty sure this could be the root cause of the problem. Happy Trails John
  7. WM, I think you might be over thinking this. When the brake is applied, the pressure / force to the receiver is greatly reduced. I went to Night Shift Auto in Iola, KS to purchase and install my system. I'm sure I asked the same questions that concern you. I had a tour of their small but efficient shop with one of their engineers and left feeling good about my purchase. I'm sure if you contact them they will answer all your questions. I would make sure that the 4 inch drop receiver is a high quality one with a high rating. http://www.readybrake.com , NSA RV Products, Inc., Home of the ReadyBrake RV Towing Surge Brake System, (800) 933-3372, 129 North Kentucky - Iola, Kansas 66749, (620) 365-7714. JohnF
  8. WM, I've been using my Ready Brake system for three years now with absolutely no problems. It's a simple design, easy to hook up and worry free. It is also the least expensive brake around. I tow a Saturn Ion with a Falcon II Tow bar. My only advice is to make sure your tow bar, ready brake and receiver are on a level plane with the coach on a level surface. You would be alright within +/- 1 inch, IMHO. Happy Trails, JohnF
  9. Look at http://www.camphatteras.com. It's right on the beach. If you like seafood don't miss Jimmy's Buffet in Kitty Hawk, 10 different kinds of crab and everything else, http://www.jimmysobxbuffet.com. It's a short drive from Camp Hatteras Happy Trails JohnF
  10. Ken, Is adjusting the ride height a simple task that I could do myself? Or, should I let the Pros do it? I'm in the Conroe, TX area, anyplace close to me that can perform this task? My reason for asking is; I noticed irregular wear on the inside front driver side tire. I'm going to get the alignment checked and thought I should get the ride height checked too. If the ride height is off could it affect tire wear? I'm very good at keeping up on tire pressure so don't think that was ever a contributor. Thanks for any feedback, John 2008 Fleetwood Bounder Diesel 38F
  11. I bought a 7pin to 4pin round, coiled harness from Camping World in Las Vegas in May of 2010. They do make them!
  12. Had a 99 Southwind V10, transmission was acting up, not shifting correctly. Turns out it was the speed sensor, I was told it was on the rear axle/differential by the mechanic but I didn't actually see it. Hope this helps. John
  13. Joe, Great question! I have AAA RV Plus too. Never had to use it yet, I'm interested in the responses to your question as well, especially about tire repair/replacement since I don't carry a spare. I assume they would just tow to the nearest tire facility that could perform the task. John
  14. I've been using the Guardian Rock Guard on my 2007 Saturn Ion since I bought the car new and have had no problems. Sounds hokey to me, never heard of anyone having problems like you described. JohnF
  15. Thank you both. Great site, it has answered all my questions. JohnF
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