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  1. You might try http://www. RVbookstore.com an FMCA.com advertiser. You may also reach them via phone at 425-744-0415 or via email: http://salesrv2-at-rvbookstore-dot-com. Another thought might be via your local library. Hope this helps.
  2. You can call them direct at 352-796-0154 to get information.
  3. Try the FMCA Campground Connection. You can search campgrounds by state and city. Plus, see their locations on the map and whether they offer a discount to FMCA members.
  4. Call Atwood at 574-266-4821 or via email at: b.martin@atwoodmobile.com
  5. You may also wish to contact Pacbrake by calling them in Blaine, Washington at 604-882-2382 or by emailing: leigh@pacbrake.com
  6. You might also try their website at: http://www.cumminsonan.com/rv where they list many of their spec sheets. Hope this is helpful to you. You can also find all of their contact information on their website.
  7. I would suggest that you contact the manufacuturer. Their website is: http://www.quadraleveler.com and they have quite a lot of information on their site. You can also contact them as follows: 305 U.S. 131 South P.O. Box 536 White Pigeon, MI 49099 Phone: 269.483.9634 Toll Free: 800.752.9815 Fax: 269.483.9636 Hope this helps.
  8. You can use the RV Marketplace as a search tool on FMCA.com. There is a specific category for RV Storage. You'll see a list of several storage facilities and campgrounds that offer RV storage. Here is a direct link: http://familymotorcoachrvmarketplace.com/r...h_option=phrase Hope this helps.
  9. You may want to contact Aqua-Hot direct at 303-659-8221. Ask for Dean Jackson who is the service manager.
  10. Please use the following link which shows both the car and truck speed limits in each state: http://www.motorists.org/speedlimits/home/...ed-limit-chart/ As you can see, in most states, cars and trucks have the same speed limit. Hope this helps.
  11. Such a wonderful story about your convention experiences. We are glad that you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you in Albuquerque in March, 2010.
  12. I looked in the FMCA Business Directory (June issue) and did not find a campground in that area. I did Google the local Chamber of Commerce in Point Pleasant Beach and here is the address and phone number: 517A Arnold Avenue Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 1-888-PPBFUN2 (772-3862). Perhaps they would be better to answer your questions. Hope this helps.
  13. Peggy, keep us all posted on your trips as well as the tunes you are playing. You rock, girlfriend. Think of all the memories you will have to share with others and all of the interesting and beautiful places waiting to be explored. With your gift of word -- I'm sure we will be seeing a "best seller" on the bookshelves sometime in the future.
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