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  1. We are going to get a softener for our Travel Supreme and wonder what would be the best kind (make and model). I am leaning toward either a Travelsoft RV 1200, Flow-pur RV 10000 or a completely manual generic model. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Darrell PS: Thanks to Brett, many others on this site, some new items I got in Madison and PJ and Randy in White House, TN our Travel Supreme is working as it should! Thanks again to all.
  2. Brett, It is the breaker in the panel in the rear closet and the AC is a 15000 as is the rear. I'll have to look at the coach tomorrow to see what size breaker and I have no idea about the voltage. It just seems odd that the rear runs with no problems ( same unit, size, etc. Kay and I will arrive in Madison Monday afternoon with our ****-a-poo, Bear. Looking forward to meeting you and thanks again, Darrell
  3. We purchased a 2005 Travel Supreme Envoy DS-04 this spring and have ironed out most of the "kinks" with help from Brett and others. One problem I can't figure out is why the Onan 8000 diesel generator blows the breaker of the front AC if we use it going down the road. The rear AC will run just fine on the road and the front AC will run for hours while parked but kick the breaker off in 20-25 minutes of highway travel. Any ideas and help will be appreciated. This has me "stumped" big time! Thanks in advance and let's all pray for cool weather in Madison next week. Darrell
  4. Should you level your motorhome when storing it or not? Some say the jacks take weight off the springs and tires which would make sense to me. Others say it creates problems. Help!! Thanks, Darrell
  5. Dear Brett and Mike, I have a dash gauge which would set at just past the 170 mark at what I guessed would be around 180-185. On the way home after the coolant change it was running just shy of the mark midway between 170 and 235. I guessed this as around 200. I do have a rear radiator which I try to clean after each use before the coach goes into storage. The service man had me back into the steam bay so he could clean off the back of the coach before I left. Do you think that some of the old coolant got on the radiator ? I drove about 40 miles from the Cat dealer to my storage. I wasn't charged for a new thermostat so I doubt one was installed. I told them to drain and flush the system, check the hoses, replace anything they felt needed replacing, install a new belt and fill with Cat ELC coolant. Based on Mike's engine where my gauge is running now should be about right. I was just concerned with the change and possible problems. Thanks again for the input and hopefully we'll meet in Madison. Darrell
  6. When I drove home after having the local Cat dealer flush the cooling system and install ELC coolant the operating temperature was about 10-15 degrees above where it normally runs. Is this normal with a change from regular auto anti-freeze or could something be wrong? What is the optimum operating temp ? Thanks, Darrell
  7. Brett, Sorry I didn't give you all the facts. It is a rear radiator. As usual thanks for your excellent input. Darrell
  8. Does anyone have any ideas on winterizing the ice maker ? Thanks, Darrell
  9. I can't comment on the product but as a Travel Supreme owner I have been treated extremely well by their service and parts people. They have tried their best to help me and seem very knowledgeable. From comments I have heard I would certainly consider Entegra if they had a model I liked. Darrell
  10. <p>I have to add my experience as a camp host for Alaska State Parks. My biggest problem by far was "dog-related." I don't really blame the dogs but really the idiot owners who wouldn't follow rules and keep dogs leashed! Our cockapoo is never off-leash in a camping area. When people ask if he will bite, I just say " He might ." Anybody who thinks their dog wouldn't ever bite could be wrong. Almost any breed will bite, given the right stimulus. And, unfortunately, the " restricted dogs" can kill. I have issues with people who would cheat and certify their dogs as service animals. Do you lie about everything to get your way? I also agree with the previous post about owners not cleaning up after their dogs. Dogs are wonderfull companions but need and deserve proper care and an owner who respects the rights of others. Darrell</p>
  11. The suggestion to put new belts on our diesel pusher and keep the old belts for spares makes a lot of sense to me. Does anyone have any idea what the belts would cost and what the labor might run at a Cat dealer ? Old age and back & shoulder problems have really slowed this " farm boy " down. I will be taking my Travel Supreme to the Cat dealer here for a radiator flush and coolant change to ELC this week and am thinking of getting new belts as I have no spares. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Darrell
  12. Biggest help my wife has found is don't overload machine! These units will wash twice as much as they will dry. We wash 2 sheets and pillowcases but only dry 1 of each at a time. It is a little labor intensive but it sure beats going to a laundermat! Darrell
  13. I'm not up on links but you can sign in to e-bay and type 130495243135 into the search box. The vendor is NUSOLIS and they have bra kits for cars and several motorhomes. It sounds good and I will probably try it. Darrell
  14. I am looking for a good, inexpensive way to protect my front paint. E-bay has a vendor with a clear film kit for my motorhome for $65 including shipping. Sounds good as I'm not a fan of leather (lots of problems) but wonder if anyone has any experience with this type of film. Thanks, Darrell
  15. Thanks guys. I think I'll get the Cat dealer to change to ELC after draining and flushing the system. It seems to me that it will be money well spent. Thanks again to all. Darrell
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