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  1. Thinking about putting an aggressive tread tires on the back of my motorhome the new Cooper Roadmaster 245/70R 19.5 on the back. Instead of the all position tires . Has anyone put aggressive tread tires on the back of their motorhome. I'm thinking of eventually boondocking on BLM land. I'm wondering how the ride would be with the aggressive traction tires.
  2. a1kaching

    Home base

    What is the best state to have a base? Depending on income, pension, social security, investments and taxes. Thank you
  3. https://www.topgearautosport.com/105535/chevy-c10-pickup-1973-1987-clear-altezza-tail-lights
  4. These are on my 2005 Safari Trek 29RBD. I want to get the same ones if I can. I am hoping that I do not have to change the wiper arms. Have you seen these before ?Thank you
  5. Also there to no connectivity between the light bulb terminals. But the light does work when the 7.5 fuse is not in for the tv/level lock out. Very strange.
  6. I have a light the dash that tells me when my antenna is when I turn on the key. On the back of the led light I have a yellow wire and a black wire both are 12V hot. On the roof I have a ground from the base of the antenna going to a normal closed magnetic contact on the antenna. Also there is a yellow wire coming out of the roof to the normal closed magnetic on the antenna that has is a hot 12V wire. Now if I take the two wire from the closed magnetic on the antenna and touch them the 7.5 fuse will blow and the light stays on. But the light will not work like it should when the antenna is up. Trying to find out the troulbe I found the two hot 12V wires going to the led light. Does anyone know why it would be like that ?
  7. Does anyone know where the Taillight Converter is on a 2005 Safari Trek.
  8. Does anyone know of a repair shop in NJ. My roller on my slide is stuck. Also I have a short in my antenna up wire. When I raise the antenna it will blow the 7.5 fuse for the antenna level fuse. Thinking of having some painting done too. Thank you
  9. https://www.watts.com/products/plumbing-flow-control-solutions/shutoff-valves/ball-valves/lfb6780-m1?Filters=%5B%7BName%3A%22InletConnectionType%22%2CValues%3A%5B%22Female%20Threaded%22%5D%7D%5D It was not cheap. Plumbing supply order it $75.00
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