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  1. Chuck, My Discovery is set up where if the coach batteries get below a set voltage (I think is it 10vdc) it turns the Freedom combi (charger/inverter etc) off which shuts down pretty much the whole system as the t-stat for heat and air runs on 12vdc as does the controls for the reefer etc.. I had this happen to me and cleaned all cables and terminals at the batteries and got the charge back up on the coach batteries and the system reset itself and all was good to go.
  2. Sounds to me like the latch and the bracket it locks into are not compatible with each other. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery and noticed that even after shutting the compartment doors and locking them for travel, when I reached our destination sometimes one side of a door was not latched. I checked and found 6 broken latches and several loose brackets. I replaced the latches which was pretty easy and then put spring nuts (or speed nuts) on the back side of the screws holding the brackets on. This tightened everything up and I don't have any more trouble. Hope you find a solution for yours. Tom
  3. I had trouble with mice/rodents eating wiring and vacuum lines in our first motor home, a Pace Arrow. We live in the country and so we got a couple of outdoor cats (got them taken care of shots etc) and no more trouble. We have had our Discovery for 5 years and the cats are doing a great job keeping the varmits away. Only draw back is one of the cats likes to get on top of the generator once in awhile, twice he hit the start button on the gen and turned it on. We were close by both times so it did not run long. The first time I did a search trying to find out what would start a gen and we found a few other people with cats that did the same thing, the second time he was caught in the act. Still a good cat and a real good mouser.
  4. I had similar issues with my large slide. I even had it adjusted at a service center which seems to help some. But I still had the issue with the first returning of the large slide until it leveled and it came right in. I found this on our Discovery forum. Here is a closeup of the pins where they broke loose from the PCB. You can definatly see the 2 left pins are barely making contact and the others the soilder is cracked. Both boards had the same issue. This would cause high amps on your motor if you have an electric slide, especially on that initial lift. The fix was easy as just cleaning the old soilder off and re soildering the connectings where the modular jack plugged into the board. Might be worth a check.
  5. I would check with another Authorized Cat service center. I have heard about needing to update the programming on a Cat engine to clear up a similar white smoke problem. This was on the Discovery motor home site under Cat engines forum.
  6. I have the 1200LRIM that was in one of the recalls. I had the first recall "black box" fail the day before a big trip. Was fortunate enough to have a dealer in town with a couple in stock. They installed it and we left town. Good thing we had ice chests in the basement storage because during install of the second black box, the new tech knocked some insulation into the burner chamber. We smelled it burning and shut the frig down until we got back from vacation. Of course they fixed it for us when we got back and it works like brand new now. You gotta love RVing (which I do). The recall link is a good place to check things out for your particular unit. Norcold is owned by Thetford so www.thetford.com is also a good source.
  7. I second the tape measure. Great Vehicle.com list some similar RVs as yours, one of the listings says his overall height is 118". That would be getting pretty close. Good luck.
  8. Since I have the floor up in the Discovery to change out a actuation pressure sensor, I think I will inspect and clean the CAC and radiator and check on the slobber tube. These forums have a way of keeping me busy with projects. Sounds like I may be over time on my "regulator" also. Does anyone have a drawing showing the location of the regulator ? Experience with changing it out ? Thanks, Tom
  9. tajfish

    Class A Tires

    I have them on my Suburban, 2nd set and I ran them on my Pickup. Am very pleased with them. I had them on my old class A it was a '92 Pace Arrow I believe. They were 16" and we had a good ride with them. I am looking now for tires on my Discovery which takes 255/80r/22.5. It has Michelin on it now and I am pleased with them but not with the replacement price ??
  10. Greetings, I have enjoyed camping in many shapes over the years starting as a young lad born in '50 with parents that liked to go camping. I have been RVing in a motor home for the last 20 years. My first real Motor Home was a borrowed Dodge powered gas class A. I then bought a class A Fleetwood Pace Arrow 26 footer. We enjoyed that for many years. It got about 8 mpg with a 454 cu in gas engine and was just right for the time. We liked Fleetwood and their response to our questions and parts support so well that when we bought our existing RV we looked for another Fleetwood product. We have been in our 2003 Fleetwood Discovery now for a little over 4 years. It is a diesel and gets about 8 mpg. We like the feel of the diesel pusher much better traveling the mountains and the flats. When kept properly serviced the DP (diesel Pusher) is a pleasure to drive and just has that feeling of not having to work hard at all to move the weight of a 38' Motor Coach and all the "stuff" we deem necessary to be comfortable on our trips now. The diesel does seem to be more expensive to properly maintain but it may be because of the way it is accomplished, ie we only change the oil every 11000 miles but it takes 26 quarts of oil when we do. I do most of the repairs and maint. myself. I belong to the Discovery forums and there is always someone that had the same issue and can walk you through the steps. My advise would be if your going on long trips and are in this for the long haul (time wise) I would go diesel. Short trips to the lake etc maybe gas would be cheaper to get into. Main thing is to remember two things; Spend some time learning about your rig and how to maintain it and, regard it as a hobby so you enjoy maintaining it. Get out there and enjoy the country and its beauty..take time now. There is a great diversity in the landscapes of our USA. RVing is a great way to enjoy them. God bless and safe roads to you....
  11. Greetings to my fellow Veterans. US Navy Actually served two years Avionics (Aviation Electronics) Boot in San Diego, School in Millington, Ship USS Lexington, Boston 1st Naval District Headquarters Hospital in Chelsea Mass '68 - '70 Lifetime member DAV 60% Disability Long line of family Service to our great Country. Brother and I served in Navy as did my son, Uncles on my side and wife's also Navy. Dad served Army Aircorp B24 pilot, his step brother served Canadian AF B24 pilot, Father in law in Navy. God bless our Country and my fellow Vets
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