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  1. In Washington State yellow lights are 4 seconds long by state law. Also, if you enter an intersection while the light is yellow you control the intersection till your rig clears the intersection except when traffic is stopped. You are not allowed to enter an intersection on a yellow or green light if traffic will not allow you to clear the intersection. Also, they look to see if you made a complete stop before crossing the "stop line" painted on the road. If you roll through the stop line you will get a ticket. Stop light cameras will only flag cars that roll through the intersection on a red light but their video cameras record all activity at that intersection. Police can order the video if needed. How do I know this you ask? I just completed a safe driving course because I was doing 42mph in a 35mph zone near a school. The police officer denied that rear end crashes are increasing because of red light cameras. I didn't argue with him even though I now stop short on yellow lights after I got a ticket from a red light camera. JD
  2. I too used Polyglow on my 1973 boat about 5 years ago. The sides of the boat still looks good but the top needs to be done again. Instructions said that I should put on one new coat every year. I didn't follow their instructions. I was getting ready to do my RV and I posted about using Polyglow and someone told me about a thread that discussed Red Max Pro #3. It is very much like Polyglow except it costs a lot less. I coated my RV roof and the front of my RV with RMP #3 about two months ago. So far it is looking great. Both Polyglow and RMP #3 takes about 4 or 5 coats to look good. After that, one coat each year should keep your rig looking great. Many RV'ers are using RMP #3 to remove oxidation and make their RV's show room fresh. The front of my RV looks better today with RMP #3 than it did when I purchased it new, and bugs are much easier to remove. Below is a link to people who have used RMP #3 on another RV web site with lots of before and after pictures. http://www.rv.net/fo...ng/1/page/1.cfm You can purchase RMP #3 at Lowes for about $17.00 per gallon. Home Depot has a similar product made by the same company but it is named Zep Wet Gloss Finish, and costs slightly more. Good luck. JD
  3. I used a manual antenna for about 2 years. If I was lucky I could find a satellite in about 10 minutes but most of the time it would take me 20 to 40 minutes to find a satellite. I used a satellite finder and it helps but it finds not only the satellite your are looking for and also many other satellites that are up there, so you don't know if your are on the right satellite. I have DirecTV so first, before aiming the antenna, I would put in the local zip code and my satellite receiver would give me the azimuth and elevation of the satellite. Next I would tune the receiver so that the TV displayed an audio and visual representation of the satellite signal strength. My wife would watch the signal, or if I could set up the antenna near a window, I would listen to the signal. This way when my satellite finder gave me a signal I could tell if it was the correct signal because the receiver would be also showing the signal. Now I use a Winegard Carryout. It takes 2 or 3 minutes to find a signal. The Carryout has two LNB's and my DirecTV DVR needs two LNB's to watch and record TV shows. Hope this helps. Safe travels. JD
  4. For my 2005 Sightseer I bought a TV switchbox from Camping World. I had them install it. Recently, the TV quit working in our Sightseer so I removed the TV and I installed a new LCD/LED TV. While the old TV was removed I rewired the TV switchbox. On our Sightseer there were two coaxial TV cables feeding in from the outside. One cable is marked “Cable” and the other is marked “Satellite”. Here is a picture of my cable inputs. Notice I have added an additional input between the cable and satellite feeds. http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd417/JamesDAllen/2011-10-18133017.jpg I’m not sure of your setup so I will explain how I did mine. I use a DirecTV DVR. To watch TV and to record other TV shows I need two feeds from my satellite antenna. I was using the “Cable in” and “Satellite in” feeds connecting both to my DVR box. That worked OK but if I wanted to use the cable feed at a RV Park I had to remove one lead from my DVR Box and feed it to my switch box bypassing my DVR box. Here is a picture of my switch box. http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd417/JamesDAllen/2011-10-18133115.jpg With the TV removed I routed a new cable. I can now have three coaxial TV cables feeding into my RV. Two are inputs from my satellite antenna to my DVR box. The other is to hook up to cable TV at RV parks. Inputs into my switch box are the DVR output, the cable input from the RV Park and the digital input from the RV crank up “over-the-air” antenna. Outputs go to my three TV’s. I can push the buttons on the switchbox to change any TV input, selecting satellite, or cable, or RV antenna. I hope this helps. JD
  5. Mine is FEP4323. I got my FCC license in the 70's. My dad started using CB's in his business in the 50's. He had both 6 volt and 12 volt radios for his trucks. The CB's were about 6" X 6" X 12" and were powered by tubes. When he passed in 2004 I ended up with his car. It has a CB installed. I don't remember his FCC license number. He was the first person on the air in our town. Eventually there was too much CB traffic to use CB's in a business. Now, with cell phones, you can once again ues a CB radio. In 2008 DW and I traveled from Seattle to LA in our MH. I had the CB on channel 19 all the way and I didn't hear a single call. I thought the CB was not working till I heard my first call in Arizona.
  6. I have not heard about DirecTV pay as you go plan. It is possible they have added a new plan. In 2008 I signed up for a DirecTV residential plan and an RV plan. I was told that I could have one of the accounts active and the other inactive so I would only pay for the service I was using. The RV plan allowed me to pick up local channels from either New York, or LA while on the road. New York and LA are beamed across the entire US while your local residential channels are spot beamed to your local area. If you happen to live in LA or New York you don't need an RV account as you can pick up your local channels anywhere you travel in the US. A residential DirecTV account works fine as long as you are within your spot beam. Travel outside your spot beam and you lose local programming. A RV account will allow you to pick up local LA channels across the US. DirecTV no longer beams both New York and LA channel on their RV accounts. Now DirecTV only beams LA channels. You can pay more for the New York local channels. What DirecTV didn't tell me is that I could only inactivate an account for six months. And an added insult, DirecTV reactivated my RV account after four months and started billing my credit card. When I discovered the charges I called and DirecTV and inactivated my RV account and DirecTV refunded the charges. Four months later DirecTV once again activated the RV account and started billing my credit card. That was when I cancelled my RV account with DirecTV. I told them why I cancelled but they kept calling me asking if I would renew my RV account. They didn't appear to understand why I cancelled my account. I still have a residential DirecTV account. I sent DirecTV an e-mail recently asking what it would take to activate my RV account as we are planning a trip. To get an RV account you have to send in documentation that proves to them that you will not be using the RV account at your residence. I was told that if I gave them my old RV account number they could reactivate it. I looked through my old e-mails and found my account number. I may activate my old RV account and cancel it when we return home. I will need to find out if there is a time limit for cancelling an account. You can change your zip code on your DirecTV account but that does nothing to change your local programming package. To get local channels outside your spot beam you must get an RV account. If DirecTV has updated their requirements I'd love to hear about it. JD
  7. JD Allen US Army; US Army Reserve 21 Years (Army 3 years 2 days, Army Reserve 18 years) Sergeant First Class (SFC E7) MOS 67U4X (Helicopter Door Gunner, Crew Chief, Flight Engineer) 11B4X (Drill Sergeant) Fort Lewis, WA (Basic Training), Fort Eustis, VA (AIT), Vung Tau, Vietnam, Klamath Falls, OR, Everett, WA A big thanks to all that serve. Yellowboat
  8. After changing my CRT TV to a LED TV I found that my TV would vibrate forward and start rattling. I built a resting place for the TV but that wasn’t enough to keep the TV from tilting forward as we travel. I added a sound bar above the TV so I was able to make a wooden clip with a notch that I fit behind the sound bar and in front of the TV. The clip keeps the TV in place and keeps it from making noise as we travel. Here are pictures prior to making the wooden clip. I just uploaded pictures of the wooden clip. They can now be seen in the link above.
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