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  1. Look at the New Garmin780 RV excellent for rving or in auto mode.
  2. mikecollie


    I have the Rand McNally and it works good but i just purchased a Garmin RV780 and i love all the new features.I would suggest taking a look at that one. Yes it cost a little more but does a much better job.
  3. No mine do not look like that.Mine are factory I am sure and I do not have any sway problems.I recently had it serviced and it drove great.My mechanic checked every thing in the front and said it looked good.The only problem I was having was the noise when I let the air out to lower the coach and now that is gone.
  4. I am not sure what you mean by 4 inboard or 8 outboard? My unit has 8 airbags and shocks ,I hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the reply,yes that sounds correct for what I did.There were eight bushings that went from front to back plus two more from side to side.I have not noticed any excess sway but i will check that again when I get a chance to road test.
  6. Wolfe10 thank you for your concern.I sprayed the bolts that go through the bushings that hold the suspension to the coach.I sprayed between the metal and the bushing with a silicone spray that said it would not harm rubber or plastic.I hope I am describing this correctly so you will know what and where I am talking about.The bushings looked good the best I could tell but just dry.
  7. Update,I was able to determine the noise was coming from the front suspension where the eight bolts that connect the suspension to the coach body.After lubricating the bolts several times everything is now smooth and quiet.Thanks to everyone for comments and suggestions I really appreciate the help.This was one of the main reasons I joined FMCA.
  8. Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia Florida is a nice park and they have Pickle Ball and lots of other amenities.Check them out.
  9. My coach has the 3 point jacks and I cut off engine and turn to acc to let the air out and yes all the air will leak out eventually.It has not always made this noise.If I do not use the acc and leave the switch on my buzzer will go off once the air gets below 90 psi.
  10. I went and checked the ride height linkage and it looks okay. I lowered the coach 10 pounds at a time and it started to creek and make a light popping noise at about 45 pounds so I stopped and the coach looked like it was as low as it needed to go.I have in the past let all the air out to 0,maybe I should not do that?Any thoughts?
  11. Sounds like metal on metal ,sharp loud sound.I will have to find a shop next week. Thanks for your reply.I will update when or if I find the problem.
  12. Thanks Herman. I will try to check that latter today or as soon as I can, It was warm yesterday but pretty cold today.
  13. My system is manual and you have to hold the air release button to lower coach.It will reduce air pressure to about 30 psi in the tank before it is all the way down.The loud pop sounds like something metal on metal.The sound is in the front.I have laid on the pavement beside the tires and listen and it sounds like it is coming from the middle area.
  14. 2000 Monaco Diplomat Roadmaster chassis..I thought i did add this info but must have not done it right.
  15. When i let the air out of my coach to lower it about half way down i get a loud pop and then again just before it reaches the bottom another pop. I have looked and listened but can not seem to find out what it is.Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.Everything seems to be working fine .
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