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  1. I'm looking forward to my retirement so I can put some of your advice to practice. These trips while working can sometimes leave much to be desired. Mike
  2. If you are looking for color you will not be disappointed. If you like fall camping you will not be disappointed. Nights will be chilly but like TButler said, the days can be great. There are long stretches with not a lot around so make sure you have plenty of fuel. Michigan from mid-lower peninsula up is a beautiful area and this will be a good time of year to visit.
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    I just bought an Amp-L Start but haven't installed it yet so I can't officially vouch for it but I understand it to be a good investment for those of us who keep their coach in storage for long periods. But I think you are going to need access to plug the coach in while in storage because it keeps the chassis battery charged by "stealing" power from the house batteries. If you are not plugged in, over time the house batteries will drain. Mike
  4. Thank you for sharing your story. Right now your circumstance has me feeling a lot better about what I thought was bad dealer service (OK, it really is bad service) on my new Tiffin Allegro. I am really fed up with them but I know I have Tiffin behind me and my issue will be solved with a lot less aggravation than you are dealing with. Good luck, and hopefully you will find a way to "hit the road" in a coach you will be happy with. Mike
  5. Thanks, Wayne. With my coach being brand new I better not need to worry about transferring it for a while, but it is a good thought...you just never know. I am going to order it today. I'll tell my wife it is her Mother's Day present. Mike
  6. I am about to order the same unit, but still wonder if I should have one hardwired. Do you ever wish you didn't have to deal with the portable unit? Thanks, Mike
  7. ScoutsPal

    Our new coach

    Our 2013 Tiffin Allegro 36LA
  8. Tom, I keep detailed travel records much as you describe. I find they come in handy when my wife suffers the kind of memory lapses she accuses me of having. It also helps planning future trips because I can look back and see just how long it took me to get to certain stops along the way. Mike
  9. We are currently in Elkhart, IN on our annual fall weekend trip with Sandy's cousin and her husband. The trip down on Friday was a beautiful fall travel day with puffy white clouds scattered around bright blue skies. But the weather forecast called for conditions that reinforce October's standing as a risky time for outdoor activities--rain, on and off followed by more rain and the chance of thunderstorms. Oh well, our last outing of the season was planned two months ago and we didn't plan for outdoor activities anyway. And the weathermen did increase their forecast average (if they keep such a statistic). Scout was boarded for the weekend to improve the experience for him and us. He will get to play with lots of other dogs and we are able to come and go without leaving him alone in the coach for extended periods. And, I don't have to be out walking in the rain multiple times a day which is most probably his favorite activity and one of my least favorite. The reason for choosing Elkhart as our destination was to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame. Since museums, halls of fame, battlefields, etc. are not Sandy's ideas of a great time I have had to repeatedly try to convince her over the past two months that she was going to enjoy this one. I think she got more out of it than she expected (whew!) which means I may get to pick next year's fall destination. I am not going to go into detail on the Hall of Fame but I will say if you are in the area you really should make it a point to visit. I found it interesting to trace the progression of amenities in RVs since the first versions hit America's roads almost 100 years ago. On the way home today we are going to stop at Bontrager's Surplus in White Pigeon, Michigan to try to find a few items for minor repairs that are no longer made. If they don't have what we are looking for I guess we will have to start swapping original for replacement parts. This was our third season with our coach and it was our most ambitious with out of state trips to Nashville and Myrtle Beach and several weekend excursions, one of which included attending our first rally with an FMCA chapter in September. Once home we will empty the coach and get it winterized and start planning for next season's expeditions. Over the next six months or so I am going to be wishing we lived in a more temperate climate with the ability to be on the go throughout the year. But we are in the upper midwest and I still have a few years to work so it requires parking the rig for a large part of the year. But at least we get out earlier and stay out longer than our boating friends back home.
  10. We filed a claim with Progressive earlier this summer and they were incredibly responsive. No delays and no hassles.
  11. ...and sometimes it is best not to go to the beach. We recently concluded our longest trip in our coach with our vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. While it was our fifth visit in total, it was our first in the motorhome. And to say I some apprehension about such a lengthy journey would be an understatement. It is our third summer with our coach and only the second time we ventured outside Michigan. Some of my concerns were the 12 hour first day, travelling with a 1-year old, and what if we experience one of those unfortunate incidents you read so much about here in the forums or on blogs. We were on a pretty tight schedule because my son-in-law couldn't get more than a week off. So in an eight day trip we would be spending four days on the road. Not exactly my idea of relaxing. And what if Landon doesn't nap well with all the noises and bouncing around that result from driving on America's highways. I am happy to say we had no mechanical problems, Landon was a great traveler (the bangings just replaced the noise machine his parents play while he is sleeping), and the long days in the saddle weren't all that bad. We were initially disappointed that our stay was going to be short (Monday afternoon through Friday) but as I will explain shortly, even that was not a problem. We were on the road at 5am on Sunday morning. I have always liked getting an early start and being on the road when the sun comes up, especially when the first day is going to be a 12 hour drive. I want to be in camp at a reasonable time so I get a little relaxation in the evening. It was a beautiful start to the day in Michigan and Ohio, but by the time we reached West Virginia we started getting intermittent rain from about Charleston through to our first stop in Wytheville, Virginia. By the time we reached Myrtle Beach (Lakewood Camping Resort) we were engulfed in a weather system that just would not evacuate the Grand Strand area. It rained every single day we were there. Some days more than others, but it rained every day. And sometimes it rained for a long time or very hard. We did get a great "beach" day on Wednesday so after breakfast we all headed out for sun and fun in the ocean. Later, after spending the morning on the beach, my wife and I took the rental car out for a few hours alone. We are always looking for a place on the ocean where we can get lunch and a drink or two and enjoy the ocean breeze. For the third time we found ourselves at Riverside Cafe-Lattitude 22 in Surfside Beach and I have to say it has become a little gross since the first time we found it. Later, as we were making our way through downtown Myrtle Beach we stumbled across the 2nd Ave. Pier Restaurant and open air bar. This has become our new spot for future visits to the Grand Strand. It overlooks the 2nd Ave. pier and to the north the Myrtle Beach skyline and is a perfect spot to sit on the balcony on a beautiful day and bask in the salt air breeze with a cold drink. As we headed back to Lakewood the western sky was looking pretty ominous...and shortly after getting there the rain came again. By Friday the beach opportunities were disappearing as we woke up to a steady, persistent rain that looked like it would be with us for the whole day. By now, because of the ever present rain and clouds, the mood of our party had changed from hopeful to one of gloom. I suggested, "If you want to leave, we can probably find sunshine by Florence!" Besides, we had twenty hours to travel Saturday and Sunday to get home, why not get an early start? After about three proddings they finally agreed and we pulled out of Myrtle Beach at 2:30pm and made our way to Lexington, SC and found our sunshine in Florence as predicted. The sun and warm temps we were with us the rest of the trip. Not only was this our longest trip to date but it was the first with Landon that wasn't just a weekend and there was some real traveling to be done. It was great watching him experience new things like the beach and cruising around the campground on the golf cart. The highlight of each day was his coming into our bed in the morning to greet us with his smile and happy disposition. Each day our activities had to be planned around his meals and naps which meant outings were generally pretty short. And as most of you will know, those are key components to keeping a 1-year old in that happy disposition. His schedule is pretty regimented so we become critically aware of any attempts to cheat it. All in all, the trip was great fun and even though our primary destination was a washout we have already begun brainstorming ideas for next summer's get away. Landon will be two and may start to form some memories of these trips by then. His mother was brought up camping and she retains many fond memories of past vacations we took with her grandparents and she wants the same for her son. We are indeed blessed to be able to share our travels with our family and be a part of creating memories that will be with our grandson for his lifetime.
  12. We got one at Costco. It is a nice chair and even matches...and it fits nicely under the bed.
  13. Henry, May we presume you were talking about chewing on the tires...because being out of liquor is NOT funny!!!
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