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  1. I'm not poking holes, but the rotary engine the RX8 used is less than 6 years old.
  2. Most of the time 5w-20 weight oil is used to pass emissions mandated by the EPA, where a 10w-30 weight oil would provide better lubrication but would make the vehicle fail the emissions mandates. Don't believe me? Look up the USDM Mazda rx8 powered by the rotary engine that, from the factory, used 5w-20 and needs rebuilt every 30,000 miles due to failed bearings and seals. I run 10w-30 in everything during summer and 5w-20 in the winter to provide better cold start protection and less oil pressure surge.
  3. Member Since 03 May 2012 You've been a member for years?
  4. You're going to want to flush the radiator and change the thermostat, if it is running hot that is. You could have yourself an exhaust leak which is only present once the engine gets up to operating temp. You could also have an oil leak that is dripping on the exhaust.
  5. Not saying it's impossible. But that I have never seen such a thing.
  6. I'm not sure how the internet nor a phone would help keep you from disappearing. I can see how a small shotgun or handgun could though.
  7. We have a Garmin Nuvi 465T, have had it all summer. So far it's treated us quite well, hasn't led us down any tight roads and with the 'find diesel fuel stations' option it makes finding a place to fill up pretty simple. The display is quite bright and easy to read text, notifications come up bright and the touch screen is pretty responsive. It seems the screen is where most GPS manufacturers skimp, they are either dull and washed out, or non-responsive to normal touch. You just about have to put your finger through the thing to make it do something. Not with the nuvi 465, which was a blessing, I always felt like I was going to poke right through our old tomtom.
  8. Warped rotors aren't actually warped. It's pad material smearing on the rotor surface. An easy fix is higher temp tolerant brake pads such as ceramic, or non-organic brake pads.
  9. We've used this magellan 7" gps for a while. It's got an abundance of features and the screan is huge and easy to read. The navigation by voice feature is quite handy and easy to hear over road noise. RV9145LM is the model number, haven't had any issues with it since we bought it.
  10. The main killer of automatic transmissions is heat. If you can keep them cool they will last and last. Eventually the wear parts do go, but heat is the main early killer of them.
  11. Pull the carburetor off the engine. It should be 2 screws or bolts and some linkage. Take pictures if you don't have the freshest memory. Pull the bowl off of the bottom in a well ventilated area, fuel is going to come out. Spray brake clean or carb/choke cleaner in all the 'jets' you can see them by looking closely. Reassemble and start.
  12. It's a fallacy. Nitrogen doesn't do anything that compressed air won't.
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