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  1. Hello. Don is correct. FMCA.com and FamilyRVingmag.com are two separate websites. So, even if you log in at FMCA.com, if you click on the magazine from there, you will be transferred to the magazine-specific website and will need to log in on that site as well. If you want, when looking for magazine material, you can go straight to that site -- www.familyrvingmag.com -- and log in there. Pamela Kay Director of Communications, Publishing
  2. The contract AT&T and FMCA has is their 12mbps down plan. That obviously depends on service availability where you are. No data cap refers to the unlimited data, which is only network managed in congested areas after 75 GB. It does not apply to download speed. We will send notice to current users once the plan is active. That should happen soon.
  3. You will not be billed $59.99 until your next billing cycle. We honored the $49.99 pricing during the 30 day notice period. Sorry for the delay in response.
  4. Wanted to share some facts about the new AT&T plan: - Unlimited data...network managed in congested areas at 75GB. No throttling. - Download speed is 12mbps guaranteed. Some experience higher speeds. FMCA has never promoted the plan as uncapped download speeds. - The Moxee is the only device we could have included in the plan at an affordable price. Luckily it is bring your own device, so if the Moxee does not fit your needs, the member has other options. - In the very near future, FMCA will be offering the same plan as listed above, but with a 25mbps download guarantee. Price will be $64.99. Double the download speed for only $5 more per month. More to come as details are finalized. Thank you for your patience with our Tech Connect. When you have three full time employees trying to migrate 6,000 lines, it can be a bit overwhelming.
  5. FMCA has several chapters in Colorado. You can search online here: https://member.fmca.com/Chapters/Find-a-Chapter The Colorado Columbines chapter is in Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins. You can reach out to Richard Haugen, rickh@fullcircletherapy.com or 719-339-9135. Feel free to look at the rally calendar online too.
  6. Here is the link to the archived towing guides: https://www.fmca.com/towing-guides-towing-four-wheels-down/ Pamela Kay Director of Communications, Publishing
  7. Here is our Youtube channel. We have 7,100 subscribers and hundreds of videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/fmcaonline There have been 10 full months since the dues increase. We have only had 2 out of 10 months with positive membership growth. Before that, at the old dues rate we had 33 out of 35 positive months. This is a disturbing trend that needs to be taken seriously.
  8. Bill, When we survey members, we ask what other clubs they belong to. If they indicate GS, we ask why they joined. Top two are campground and Camping World discounts. I don't believe our numbers are down because people are joining GS and signing up for their travel assist program.
  9. Ross is spot on. The magazine department is down to 5 employees, which is our bare minimum for the magazine to be produced as we currently know it. Whether digital or print, those 5 employees will be needed. You would save quite a bit of money on printing and postage going digitally. But my gut is you would lose those savings in lost advertising revenue. A digital magazine would not command the same ad dollars.
  10. Bill, One other thought to add to Dan’s post. Our acquisition has really suffered with the dues increase passed late last year. It was done to fund our FMCAssist premium increase from the provider. Acquisition is down about 30% from last year. So all the things Dan listed that worked last year is not working this year. People simply are not willing to pay 85 dollars to join like they were before. We are trying our hardest to grow FMCA!
  11. Bill- I have engaged you multiple times in this thread and answered all questions(I think). What more would you like me to do? Almost everything you have suggested or recommended we are already doing. Your assumption above that the EB is doing nothing to try and solve the issues we are facing is flat out wrong.
  12. I don't know of a company that does not run promotions. FMCA does not do it very often.
  13. I will have to wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment. Does the CEO of Delta have to own a jet? Be a pilot? Both? I know there are plenty of individuals that run very successful sports franchises that are the most unathletic people imaginable. I could go on and on with examples. We have an Executive Board that own RVs and live the lifestyle. They are the decision makers. As Brett said, I carry out their directives. And owning an RV has not hindered that once in 3.5 years in the position.
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