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  1. I agree on the "So Many variables" also the question USMC asked. I use an infrared thermometer to check tires at each stop to help prevent tire faiures. Has worked for me for several years and 3 Alaska trips. I use Michelin, XZE, L/R G on my 2004 28rb Trek which gross a little under 20K. Tire PSI is 75. Pressure defined by weight on each corner. They are now 6 years old and were under 3 months from MFG date when installed.
  2. Dealer told me a while back that the MIATA , regardless of tranny, is not towable 4 down?????
  3. We have used Good Sam Extended Warranty for years and are happy with it and have used it several times. A couple times we had to argue with them on payment but in the end they came through in most cases. We are definitely way ahead of the game with this investment. 2004 Trek, 8.1 Work Horse
  4. Well, I still favor Good Sam. We have a 2004 Trek by Safari and one year cost is $622.00 for $250.00 deductible. We have the additional coverage for electric step and Auto Park Brake. We can renew this contract until we reach 150,000 miles. We are at 87,000 now so probably good for ever for us. We estimate that we have been getting a 500% annual return on this investment. We have had this coverage since 2002 so we are grand fathered in for some issues.
  5. DO NOT DRIVE WITH AUTO PARK LIGHT ON!!!!! There are several reasons that the light will come on other than when actually in park. A couple things that can happen if driven with light on are, (1) if the pump is continually running it will burn itself up in less than 60 miles at a cost of about $3,200.00. (2) the brake could apply while you are driving down the highway. Do not drive with the light on until it is confirmed why it is on. The auto park brake applies a brake band around a metal drum located behind the transmission. It was found that the normal transmission pall was not strong enough to hold the weight rating of the chassis so the autopark was provided. The real expert on APB is Roger at oldusedbear11@charter.net and he is always willing to help. Bunky Bob
  6. I am a Michelin fan. Purchased our last ones a Superior Tire in Salem OR. These are truck tire folks and really know their stuff. Also honor the FMCA discount. We run the XZE, load range G on our 28' Trek. XZE is a standard commercial tire, better side wall protection, deeper tread, more readily available and a few bucks less than XRV.
  7. I have used Good Sam for years and have had several claims. Most times there was no problem but did have a couple where they didn't cover where I thought they should and had some fisty cuffs on others. However, the bottom line is that every year we are way ahead by having their service. This month they have included wear and tear on their coverage which is a biggie.
  8. In Redmond WA a study was made on the red light issue and they found it was causing more accidents then the old method so they are no longer monitored. Also with my new GPS it beeps when a camera is active in the area for red ligh or speed control. All of our school districts use auto cameras for speed control.
  9. We have done Alaska by Motor Home five times since 1985 and loved every one of them. Last two we put the trip together for 10 rigs, 63 days, included all camping fees, Several Museums, Glacier Cruise, Fairbanks Stern Wheeler, a few dinners etc fo $3,100.00 per rig. Had optional fly in fishing, flight to Purdo Bay, Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing the Copper River, etc, etc. If you would like our itinerary email to beersxx@aol.com. I 2002 we were going to Inuvik. Got to Eagle Plains on July 3 in the sunshine and woke Juky 4th (my birthday) in a snow blizzard. This is a great road when dry but when wet it is slick as ice. We returned to Dawson City.
  10. Also; Assuming your coach is a class A, the master cylinder is just to the right of your feet under the floor. On My Trek it is accessible from the engine cover inside the unit.
  11. A lot of good info in this thread. It will take more than one purge of your brake fluid to get all the water and burnt fluid out of the system so get a quality shop to do the work for you. New fluid needs to be a higher temp and synthetic brand. Your braking goal is to never touch the brakes. That is an impossible task but a good goal. On hills you go down hills in the same gear you would use going up that same hill. If you ever again encounter the same problem, you are using the brakes too much and you need fluid replaced again because it is burnt. As stated above our P30 series brakes are marginal at best so they need to be kept in top condition.
  12. I have had the XZE on our Trek for about three years and 30,000 miles and really like them. The XZE is used by many trucks so they are available anywhere, Being the XRV are RV oriented they are not as readily available.
  13. We have the older model SMI and over 150,000 on it with no problems that a telephone call to them did not solve. Make sure you check your emergency brake away switch before each trip to make sure it is working no matter which system you have. By accident I just found mine was not working. On the SMI system, with the SMI switch on and disconnect the plunger, the toad brakes should apply and the air pump will operate.
  14. I replaced the original 65# TV and 20 Pounds of supporting steel from our 2004 Trek per the attachment. The speakers are at the bottom of the TV so the speaker screen under the TV. The satellite receiver and surround system are under the speaker. The speaker screen is held in with velcro for easy access. Bob Beers F 341770
  15. Turn off your water source (pump or city water) open the hot water tank relief valve and let about pint to drain or what ever will. Close valve turn on water, fire up heating element. Check your HWT MFG WEB site. If contues to leak, replace the valve.
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