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  1. We have a 42 ft model with stacking W/D. Yes, they are small and have low water usage too. Can't imagine getting enough water pressure to run a stick-house model W/D ... Still, just two of us and I do all our laundry in my RV with the exception of king size blankets and pillows. No problem in over three years!
  2. We have a 2012 Journey 42E and had our kitchen/living room slide fail this past year. It was fixed under warranty (Extended). Our RV repair place said there had been failures reported with only the slides that go out "level" (our bed slide is also a level slide, but has not yet failed). Our super-slide (27') tips as it goes out. It is fine. The fix replaced all the original parts with heavier looking tracts at the top. Sorry, I can't speak to the brand names. We were told failures didn't always occur, but if they did, it was the slide that travels in a level fashion. Ours failed when we pulled the slides in right in front of our repair place, about 2 years into our ownership. We live in our Journey and volunteer in Oregon/Arizona State Parks, and only move every 2 months in general, so our use of the slides (in and out) might be somewhat less or more than vacationers. Don't know if this helps. Getting those new coach bugs fixed was on-going those first 2 years. We haven't had a failure of any kind now for a whole 3 months! Still, life is an adventure and this is ours. Wishing you the best.
  3. Hi! We live full-time in a 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E. We bought it new off a lot in Portland Oregon in July of 2012. We've only chatted over the phone with one other owner, from somewhere on the east coast. Would love to hear from you, and share experiences. My husband and I have been volunteering in Oregon State Parks full time, though we are heading to volunteer in an Arizona State Park for 4 months this winter, our first big road trip since purchasing our 42E. We are currently at Fort Stevens State Park, near Astoria Oregon. What has your experience been so far? What year is yours? Pros/cons? Merilou Kronschnabel
  4. Thanks DickandLois! Exactly the input I was looking for.
  5. Any chance your shade says "MCD" at the bottom left? I have MCD shades, and there are adjustments at each end of the roller. If you don't have MCD, perhaps yours will have something similar? Can you hand roll it up by turning the cylinder? Sorry I can't be more help! These "small things" are frustrating in the learning mode!
  6. Our Winnebago Journey 42E has great storage space. I love my pull out pantry. Only issue with it is the amount of canned goods I can store in it, weight-wise. There are 2 levels of pantry, each with 3 shelves, wide enough to put two #1 cans of food, high enough to pile 2 of those cans. I cook, and I carry a well-stocked pantry. Liquids (oil, vinegar, etc.) add up in weight. When I am fully stocked (before being away from lower priced groceries for a time), my pantries struggle to carry the weight. I wonder if there are heavier rack slides we could be using? Any suggestions?
  7. Cummins DP 400, Allison 6 speed, 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E. About 7 mph is all we hope for. We're towing a 2012 Cadillac SRX. We didn't buy this beast for fuel economy! We didn't do any better when we had a 1999 Dodge RAM 2500 pulling a 28' Cardinal. We don't whine about fuel economy. I like to say, "If you can't afford the fuel, you should've have spent that kind of money on the vehicle!".
  8. I am a woman, and I love to drive our Winnebago Journey 42E! I've always enjoyed driving - love learning new things. Also, my DH being 6 years older, and being full time away from our "old lives" and our old friends/family most of the time, it just makes sense. If something happened to my hubby, I would want to be able to get us to where we need to be. We operate under the "everybody needs to know everything" mode. Also, two brains are always better than one. We take turns driving, or whomever is best rested drives. Even during the test drive, for whatever reason, I was the one who managed the tight corner without jumping the curb. I got comfortable driving our "Moby" first, and continue to feel less stress than DH when driving. I was the one who drove our whale off the lot on moving day - scared to death! However, I lived, and have been so happy for the experience ever since. We are so pleased with how our 42E travels. Very stable. We never quit paying attention, however. We would feel awful if we were ever responsible for someone getting hurt or worse. We consider our responsibility large, and treat it appropriately. Male or female doesn't matter. Skill and safety does. Everybody is "green" when they first begin driving. With experience we gain experience!
  9. We are fulltime in a 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E. We don't often hear of others with the same. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have. We had quite the learning curve, having moved up from a 28' fifth wheel in order to go full-time. We had our tow package installed - and didn't have to worry about it. Wouldn't have trusted our own skills on such an important matter - towing our 2012 Cadillac SRX. We don't have blue ox, but purchased road master, including the braking system. Very happy with it, but it's all we know. Hope to hear from you as you get familiar with your 42E.
  10. I don't claim to know much about plumbing, but my husband and I are struggling with water pressure inside our 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E. We've tried the camping world pressure reducer (45#), and then purchased an adjustable regulator, which helped, but we're constantly having to readjust it when the pressure drops again. We're curious about this Watts regulator.... Can't learn much on the Home Depot web site, since we don't know which one you'd be recommending? Would you mind explaining about it in a bit more depth? Would sure appreciate the help!
  11. I guess it depends on what you like. We didn't want to mess with trailers (where to store them in our Oregon State Parks, etc.). We chose to tow "4 down" (all four wheels on the ground). Camping world installed our towing equipment on our motorhome (Winnebago Journey 42E). Many recommended we pick a large tow vehicle for extra storage (we're full timers), but we have enough storage in our coach. We found a 2012 Cadillac SRX on a good deal, and used the FMCA towing guides to learn limitations on various different makes/models that are towable while we shopped around. We find our SRX to be no-fuss as far as towing and are pleased. We push a button on the stick, and keep our mph below 65, and we're good. No extra stops to idle the car every couple hours or anything. I know there are lots of other options. We wanted a bit of comfort and luxury. Everybody does it differently. Our coach has tag wheels and we could take a hitch weigh of up to 15K because of the tag axle. Our road master towing system is pretty much invisible on the front of our SRX which is pretty nice on such a nice car. I know everybody has preferences, but the system we ended up with works well for us. Just do your research, and don't just take everybody's opinions as gospel, and you'll be fine!
  12. We had similar issues. Try using a clamp with adjustable rubber feet to grip the lens was the best suggestion we heard. Hope it works for you!
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