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  1. To All in this community, THANKS. I did a dry run and identified the inverter supplied outlets. Problem Solved. I will now use the Inverter to supply power when I'm on the road or boon-docking. I do hope my question followed by all the great answers, provides some help to others that have to motorhome with medical devices. You were all great - many thanks. Fair winds and following seas to you all . . . speaking of seafaring, I was a Mustang in the Navy by virtue of going from Seaman Recruit to Master Chief Petty Officer and after receiving a commission (different from Warrant) I managed to go from Ensign to Commander. Had a career that was almost as much fun as RVing. OH, and I don't kneel for the national anthem ! P.S. Wayne77590, so sorry for your loss from Harvey, my wife Pat and I will continue to keep you and the whole community in our prayers. Semper Fi
  2. Thanks Ross! That's very Interesting, I didn't know that. I will look into the possibility of getting one as a viable possibility. I can't believe how much I've learned for so many wonderful folks. Talk about what a great community to be part of
  3. Thanks Herman. I am in the process of circuit testing each of my 115vac outlets. Once identified I will mark them for future use. "Fair winds and following seas" back at ya from a Mustang.
  4. I think I'm getting a bit confused. The ResMed CPAP machine does have a standard 115v ac plug on one end of the power cord. The other end has a small round male fitting that looks like a computer power input cord. Since the back plate/label indicates 24 vdc, 3.75 amps, I presumed that the ResMed machine must convert the 115v ac into the label annotated 24 vdc. Now that I have been told that the inverter, when turned on and properly set up, supplies 115vac to selected circuits. I will use a circuit tester to check the coach for which outlets are so powered, and use one of them for the occasional CPAP boondocking needs. Many heart felt thanks to all who responded Cordially, James
  5. Blake, In answer to your questions: I have the 2000 w Xantrex inverter that came with my coach, 4 - 12 v house batteries and seem to be in good shape, they are about three years old. The CPAP back plate shows 3.75 amp, which is I assume is what it draws when in use. Brett, The only real concern is being able to use the CPAP overnight when sleeping. I believe the only other electrical needs would be lighting. The refer is both AC and Propane, so without an AC input it automatically switches to propane.
  6. Ok, great. On the issue of draining the batteries with this load and the current carrying capacity of the installed wiring, any comments?
  7. Thanks Blake. Yes I do have a Xantrax inverter installed in the coach. Are you saying I will have 115 vac available from the Xantrax at my outlets even when I am not plugged in to an external power source?
  8. Help, CPAP when Boondocking I have to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help with my obstructive sleep apnea. It increases air pressure in my throat so that my airway doesn't collapse when I breathe in while sleeping. We are full-timers in our 2005 Holiday Rambler Scepter, Roadmaster chassis, 400 HP ISL Cummins diesel with a ONAN 8 kw Generator. While on the road, we do not always have 115v ac unless in a FHU site or if I chose to run my Onan generator. I need 115 vac to run the CPAP machine, because it plugs into my 115vac outlet. The back plate of the machine is marked 24 vdc, and 3.75 amp so it must have an inverter in it. Can anyone tell me 1. if it is safe to plug in an after market Power Drive, 750 Watt DC to AC Power inverter to my coach 12 vdc accessory system so I don't have to run the generator all night? 2. If I plug in the inverter and use it to run the CPAP, is the wire from the battery bank to the accessory fitting sufficient to handle the CPAP current load all night (abt 8 hrs.)? 3. Assuming my coach batteries are fully charged and operating properly, will the CPAP machine draw too much current and drain them dead with overnight use? 4. Is the CPAP machine too small a load for the generator if I choose to use it for power and that is all I am running while asleep? If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to safely accomplish this medical need while on the road, I would be very grateful for your input. Cordially, James
  9. Rich, Yes, I finally found the correct part number at a Cummins Dealer. The Fleet Guard OEM and Nelson part numbers for the filters is 87610B. The Cummins part number is 84101B. The Monaco Service Rep confirmed that the correct hydraulic fluid for my 2005 Holiday Rambler with a Roadmaster chassis is Dexron III. To all on this forum I send my grateful thanks for the support and information Jim
  10. Once again, thanks to all for your inputs. I am taking the advice to change the filters and hydraulic fluid and then test to see if that helps. If that doesn't correct the problem, the next step will be to take it in to an authorized Roadmaster chassis shop.
  11. DickandLois -Thanks for the quick reply. I have downloaded the Scepter pdf and called the 800 number. That got me to Allied Recreation Group who gave me the Monaco Service Department number in Oregon. I'm in Florida now and will have to wait for Pacific time zone to call them. I've also opened the engine compartment from the rear and I can not see anything that might be a power steering reservoir, problem is I am not sure what one looks like. The .pdf mentions the power steering box but only in the context of that its construction allows 50 degree turns in both directions. I'll give it a few hours to call Oregon and see what they say. Again thanks for the advice! Jim
  12. I am a full timer driving/living in a 2005 Holiday Rambler Scepter. It has a Cummins ISL 400 Diesel engine with an Allison 3000 MH 6 Speed World transmission with electronic shifter. Today while doing a slow, hard right turn in a Walmart parking lot, the steering wheel "jolted" back left then allowed me to complete the right hand turn. I continued to drive another 25 miles without incident to the campground. While backing into my space, the steering became very hard. If I was moving (either forward or reverse) the wheels would respond almost normally. When stopped, I could not get the wheels to to shift from left to right or vice versa. I want to check to ensure the steering fluid is full before trying to take it in for service, but I don't know how to check it. Is there a dip stick for it, or a reservoir with a level indicator? I never get underway without checking fluid levels of the engine, transmission and generator, or the air pressure in the tires, but I guess I should have been checking this component too. My question is what might have caused this symptom and what should I do to troubleshoot it? Thanks for your help and suggestions!
  13. I drive a 2005 Holiday Rambler Scepter and on the few occasions when I have to drive at night, it feels like at 55 mph I am overdriving the headlights. I have seen and am impressed by the ads for the Sylvania Silver Star Ultra replacement lamps. If you can believe their ads they content that they will provide up to 50% greater brightness, increase visibility down the road by up to 40%, and improve peripheral visibility by up to 50%. Problem is I do not know which replacement lamp to buy. How do I determine the correct selection? Additionally, do I need to run power through a separate relay to keep things from overheating or burning the supply wire up from a current draw that is too much? Thanks for any advice/help.
  14. I use, and am very satisfied with, Gel Gloss, but I have fiberglass siding. It goes on easy, wipes off easy and seems to last 6+ months.
  15. I was surprised to read a blog with the exact problem I am having, except my Suburban SW12DE Diret Vent gas water heater with Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) is still not heating water after I trouble shot all the same possibilities that Dan attempted. The only difference in our hook-up today and that of our last hook-up, is that we went from a 50 Amp to a 30 Amp hook-up. We are in a 2005 Holiday Rambler Scepter. The water heater runs on either 120v, 12v, or propane. I have electrical and gas aplenty. Don't know what else to do.
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