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  1. I don't filter on fill (city) as some may remove the very chlorine which keeps the water fresher. I drain and refill at least once a month, since it is our backup water. I sanitize each Feb, and drain and refill after each trip. Since our systems are vented, the treated water does not last as long as one might think. Since we have a hot tub, we are familiar with monitoring chlorine levels, and have dichlor for treating.
  2. I added a Ford stick on keypad to my pass door. Allows us to not carry keys, or to get in while tinkering in the driveway. Spare keys are in a lock box inside, in case we lose the other keys.
  3. I use an a frame. Hooks to aftermarket bumper on jeep, and can drive jeep with tow bar still attached (secured upwards). I do use a ready brake for brakes and break away. I find it very easy...
  4. Privacy outside of your home is a fallacy. There are enough cameras (public and private) and plate readers (public and private), being in public means just that.
  5. Thus my prior statement about only releasing what I approve. Many vehicles already provide a way to extrapolate speed data. Speed alone does not always trump stupid (not that I am advocating speeding). I go back to an accident I was in. I was going 10 over the limit and t boned someone pulling out of a private road. At least at that time, the private entrance was always last priority, so they were 100% at fault, since my speed did not alter their ability to give way. We have a local three way stop, with a fourth "stop" being an exit from a school parking lot. While all treat all 4 stops equal, the law is the school actually has last priority, and should wait for all at the other three stops to pass through. In summary, record all, but only volunteer what your attorney allows.
  6. I use one. Found it on sale on Amazon, along with a hanger for the "mirror". IIRC, the total was under $60. Does not count memory card, which I already had. The field of view is good for a low end camera as is the quality. If I get another, it will record both front and back. I suggest hard wire setup so it cannot be fogotten. I would not volunteer footage, until I had it reviewed for my interests first. Note, I have had surveillance at and in my home for years, so I am a huge believer that good fences (good video, and where allowed, audio) makes life less worrisome.
  7. Any solid axle front is susceptible. Regular maintenance is key. Search jeep forums for points to keep an eye on. I am specifically referring to driving the wrangler as they seem to tow fine.
  8. First timer package arrived today. But, could be trumped by results of confirmatory typing as I am a likely match for someone dealing with leukemia. Given my age and background, the odds of the patient having a better match are not all that gpod.
  9. Contact their security department for the fastest answer... most will allow dry parking for a few days.
  10. By weight! Michelin has a weight chart. Add 10% to account for side to side variance. (Axle weight / 2 plus 10%, plus 10% to the chart pressure.) Or, get a real 4 corner weight, and use the beaver side of the axle plus 10%. The lower the front is, safely, the better it will ride and track. Personally, mine is 55/65, including 10% safety factor. For the expert, look for Roger Marble, aka tireman9.
  11. The environmental cost of batteries and burning coal to charge them is significant. Plus, we have no idea what really happens in the countries which accept waste products. I saw at least one study showed our old expedition was less damaging over its life than a prius. The tipping points were the useful life of the dino vehicle and the damage to mine the battery chemicals and to dispose of them.
  12. Funny about the cup. DW likes the tilt towards the back of the stove. Helps keep the mess limited to the stove when food jumps out of the pan. Mates up well with where I like the a.c. condensation to drip
  13. It means there is no tool in the world which can prove we are level when she says we are not, and I am veteran enough not to waste time arguin'.
  14. Most sites are not level (drainage). A c will tend to be nose down, so even on a level-ish site, you may need an inch or so of blocking under the front. I use a leveling app to tell me how much to adjust each corner. I use the stabil-lite system to cut down the wiggles. I factor our preferences (most will want one corner or end slightly low, for drainage, doors to not swing open) and to account for a small change of opening a slide as well as the stabilizers, into the level app results. For an overnight, I do not use blocks at all, and park in the site as best I can. No matter what physics say, my wife is more accurate and must be obeyed... which I factor in as well.
  15. Mr. Walker, Better late than never (joining and posting). While likely not a representative group of FMCA members, those that post here appear to be a vocal and knowledgeable group. I do not find your first post - or that it "is" your first post - to be appalling at all. I am happy to know you at least know the forum is here. Hopefully you will take advantage and continue to participate. The recent vote may have proven, at present, this space is a vocal minority (meaning not the majority), as my impression is the majority here were not for including towables. I could care less what the magazine title is, what font is used, etc. I have not delved into the numbers, but I assume the magazine is at worst revenue neutral, and probably revenue positive, and helps offset expenses. Those that read the forum probably see little new at all in the magazine, and maybe, like me, do not even open it (have already read the online version), and instead, leave it somewhere hoping someone may enjoy it. I would like to see an opt out option (for the magazine), since I am fine with digital, but lower "numbers" would probably lower the ad rate... since the mailed copies is usually a large factor in ad rate... Like at least some here, I have volunteered to lead an affinity group, and other similar organizations. I know there are few who will, and appreciate your willingness and efforts. I know that unless you find personal satisfaction in your efforts, you will not last long, as there will be what the kids call "haters", who will loudly voice their opinion, but rarely, if ever, step up to govern.
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