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  1. Thanks Wolfe10, now I know what I'm looking at.
  2. Top valve on the inside access panel, the back of the tank. I've tried to find what valve this is on the internet, but no luck.
  3. Vibratiion seems to be coming from the top valve. Not sure what valve it is.
  4. I have an Atwood 10 gal water heater that has started making a humming noise whenever I turn on any hot water faucet. I'm hooked up to city water with a regulator in line. The humming noise is not coming from the faucets, but the hot water tank.
  5. 1-Joe Halat 2-Air Force 3-1967-1971 4-Sergeant 5-Aircraft Mechanic (C-123., C-54, C-141) 6-Phang Rang, Vietnam
  6. I have been using the Verizon usb for about 4 years and have no problem. I just got the 4G card and not everywhere can I get 4G. However, it will pick up 3G when 4G isn't available. I also have Verizon cell and have dropped the land line. Just purchased a device called X-link bluetooth cellular gateway. With this device I plug in my house land line phones and have my cell phone within 10 feet of this device and I get all my in coming and out going calls on my house phones. Two regular phones (kitchen & bedroom) and two wireless phones (family room & garage). Now I no longer have to find the cell phone, I just pick up any regular phone.
  7. Yes Seajay, the life we live is great. Your story reminds me of the time we went on our first rally. We were talking to a couple that had just bought a used Class C and on the way to the rally they discovered the shower drain was plugged. They tried everything to unplug it and were thinking of taking it apart. After talking to them a few minutes I asked them if they have dumped the gray tank. Oh, it has another tank?? I never seen a couple get up so fast, pack up their motorhome and moved it to the dump station to dump "the other tank". Seems no one told them they had two tanks to empty. We do met the nicest people on our travels and share the funniest experiences.
  8. Mike, I've never had problems with moisture on my windows either camping or storing. I've attached MaxxAir Roof Vent Covers to both my bathroom vent and kitchen vents. I usually keep both vents open regardless of the weather and haven't seen any moisture what so ever. Not only that, but the MH is always fresh smelling, never stall or shut in smell.
  9. Wow, some real horror stories. We bought our first and only MH two years ago, a Coachman Cross Country. Yes, I expected some major and minor problems, but have been very pleased with it so far. Yes there were some minor problems but nothing major. My thought was to drive the heck out of it the first year to get all the bugs out and hope for the best the rest of the years. Never took the unit back to the dealer (bought it out of state), and have always taken it to Camping World for repairs. I do stop at Gaffney S.C. on my way home from Florida to get the chassis lub and maintanice checks done. CW have fixed all my problems under warrenty, except for one which I still have. Black tank sensor. Sound fimilar?? We're very pleased with out unit and have all the confidence in it to get from point A to point B without any problems. Thank goodness, because the DW would never let me live it down if it didn't. We're not full timers, but live in it for 5 months in Florida and then use it a few weeks during the summer months up North. Like I stated earlier, if you buy new, run it, don't let it sit around under warrenty.
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