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  1. Is it possible to run a jumper from the battery to the nearest furnace? That would eliminate the furnaces as the problem.
  2. I don't know about other members but all of your vehicles are covered under your rv.
  3. I share a 30 x 50 Steelmaster building with my neighbor. We wish we had built 40 x 60 but we get by. Cost about $13,000. We both have 50A. Electric is our only cost.
  4. ON my 2001 and 2007 Dynasty it is in the compartment on drivers side in front of front tire. On mine the fuses are labeled.
  5. We were members but decided it was not worth the price. We were promised 50A, then found they had no 50A in the campground. In others you have to search for sites with 50A. At Clermont you have to get in early to find 50A or take 30A and search for people leaving and wait for their site.
  6. I saw Dish in Alaska but not Direct tv. WE have direct and had problem with mountains and trees. Some in our group had dish and worked better. Sat receivers in Alaska looked like they were pointed at the ground. Did not have much time for tv.
  7. Herman, we tell our credit card company we are traveling and will make large fuel purchases. several years ago in Oregon i restarted 5 times. fuel was over $5.
  8. ivykrewe

    Door Adjustment

    I hope Monaco is doing the free repairs at pre rally. I will have mine adjusted there.
  9. My Good Sam is up for renewal and I am thinking about changing to FMCA. FMCA price is much better but I have seen bad reviews. Have not needed roadside assistance in the ten years with Good Sam. I have to decide soon.
  10. Heather, Call Monaco. I got a cd of my wiring. Give them your coach number and they should have the cd. 877-466-6226.
  11. NAPA had the exact cap for my 07 Dynasty. Just take the old one in.
  12. Herman, if i mention your name at Perry do i get a good parking spot? We have been through 2 travel trailers and 5 motorhomes since 1976. our current coach is 2007 Monaco Dynasty with 104,000 miles. I am trying to wear it out before i wear out. Sorry we missed meeting you in Texarkana. We were supposed to volunteer with the Cousin Cajuns but had to cancel because of oil leak. Came home pouring a gallon a day through engine. I will try to find you in Perry. Gene
  13. I replaced mine with spa tubing from Lowes. It is same as original. Connected with pvc couplings. It's not easy, but with a little patience you can do it.
  14. I use wireless light bar with suction cups on Jeep Wrangler. Works great. Just charge battery in light bar and go.
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