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  1. I just talked with my CCC office and they are not limiting DPs by age so it must just be your CCC. May want to talk to the CCC Manger instead of a Tech. Best wishes - Richard
  2. Check out TSDlogistics.com They offer a discount Diesel card at no up front charge or monthly minimum. I set up a savings account that I use only for direct withdrawal payments and transfer money in as needed. Right now LOVES gives a 16 cent per gallon discount across the nation. TA is still station by station. There are others to. The card issued is through EFS - same as the truckers use. No limit plus there is a provision for cash advance of up to $200.00 a day which I have never used. Hope this helps - Richard
  3. I have my card through TSD Logistics and it is working great for me. I researched the TCS card mentioned on the FMCA site and it addresses trucking companies only. With my TSD/EFS card I averaged 47 cents a gallon discount on my last trip from Springfield, IL to Pigeon Forge, TN and back using LOVES. They charge me 10% of my savings and take it directly from the account I provided. TCS doesn't give any specifics about their charges. They indicate that if you use their contracted providers there is no charge but their average discount is 30 cents which I have received up to 76 cents a gallon discount. For me I'll stick with TSD - they provide instant feedback via phone or email and now post their discounts on their website for members to see plus the EFS app shows me the discounted price immediately. Best wishes ya'll - Richard
  4. I took advantage of the TSD discount card. I use a separate savings account for all electronic WDs and by using online banking I can check to insure every WD is correct. TSD sends you an email daily prior to making the electronic WD showing your card use the precious day by location, gallons purchased, discount price, total charged, total to be deducted from account which is 10% less than the total per gallon savings. When I'm traveling I keep a minimum amount in my account and add to it as needed. I keep a log book of my trips so I record fuel gal and cost by place and time and then I compare my daily purchases to the TSD email. IF, and I say IF there is a discrepancy I will call TSD immediately but I don't anticipate any problems. Every morning TSD sends out the fuel discount prices for Loves, Pilot/Flying J and TA. I usually have my trip planned out with the 3 providers locations identified. I post their discount price to my itinerary, look up each one on Gas Buddy and RvParky to determine fuel prices and select the ones I will stop at on this leg of my trip. In addition, I usually look them up on Google Maps to insure easy in and out. Hope this provides some useful information to each of you. Richard
  5. Recently an iRV2 forum member provided basic info about TSD Logistic's offer to diesel RVers to participate in their fuel discount program they use with their EFS program primarily at Loves, TA and Pilot/Flying J with Loves offering the best discounts. Here is the iRV2 forum post that answers just about every question we have had: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f84/fuel-discount-program-to-good-to-be-true-450563.html My largest discount todate was 46 cents a gallon but today's discount at local Loves would only be 36 cents. It fluctuates every day. Wanted to share what I believe is a great deal for RVers allowing us to fly through the truck lanes without going inside, payring, pumping, going back to get our receipt. Saves time and money. Best wishes - Richard
  6. I purchased a new 2011 Windsport 31d in July '10 and immediately encountered low voltage problems with my hydraulic leveling system. Thor told me to fast idle my engine to increase voltage which sometimes took more than 5 minutes. On May 9, 2013, my hydraulic pump started pulsating. I called Thor Tech Support and they told me to check the bus breaker on the firewall - there was none. By this time the pump had burned up. Latter that day I called Lippert who walked me through. We located the pump in the house battery compartment and it was wired directly to the house batteries with no breaker in line. Lippert said it was wired contrary to their instructions. Thor claims they have wired thousands this way and no one has ever complained they had a problem. I paid to have a new pump, pressure sensor, and breaker installed and a power line run from the breaker to the chassis battery. I now have no low power problems and the system is working exactly as Lippert said it should. Another MH owner asked "What difference does it make as long as the house batteries are fully charged?" to which my response is: the house batteries are never charged adequately to power the continuous drain of the hydraulic pump motor unless you are connected to shore power or running the generator. I've tried everything over the last three years. Thor Tech Support always indicated, but never said, that the hydraulic system was connected to the chassis battery and the alternator until this incident. I'm looking for Windsport owners who have experienced or are currently experiencing the same problems to share their experience. In addition, I'm looking for owners who will inspect their rigs hydraulic wiring to insure that 1) it has a 100 amp bus breaker in line and 2) it is wired to the chassis battery instead of the house batteries. I can assure you it gets expensive making these repairs and Thor refuses to step up to the plate.
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