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  1. Talked with Mike at Cummins about Warranty and we've agreed to use the same approach we did with the dropped valve. Pay for the repair and appeal to Cummins for the best possible reimbursement. Worked well for the engine, we hope for the best with the EGR.
  2. EGR is the latest! So, December 7 I left the Coach in Storage with Premier RV in Junction City. Asked Gary to complete the usual service, oil changes in both engines, service the aqua hot etc. A wheel seal leak on passenger side drive axle, he replaced it. All work was completed in February including two new front tires installed by Les Schwab across the street. February 8th I get a call from Gary. The exhaust is steaming like crazy so we shut it down. Now won't restart. I am not faulting Gary or his staff! We had the Coach hauled back to Coburg, NW Cummins. The EGR failed and of course pumped antifreeze into the engine. I have since spoken with Mike at Coach Care. They have removed the injectors, released the pressure inside the engine and have provided a quote for repair. $8357.49. Includes the $1,000 for hauling the Coach to the repair facility. He claims no damage to the engine, just need a new EGR. Wow! He says thank goodness it failed while at idle in the shop. Imagine if this had happened while rolling down the highway, damage could have been substantial. I do not understand the failure of the engine a year ago and then this happens. Is it possible Cummins sends "seconds" to be installed in Coaches? These things don't fail in trucks with millions of miles on them. This Coach was built in 09. It now has 59,803 miles on it. It should just be broken in and warmed up??
  3. The security is most likely a function of the banking institutions. Going on public wifi or your own mifi should be totally fine? Have not heard of anyone having security issues paying bills.
  4. Would love to hear more on this topic. We travel about 3 months of the year through the U.S. and have had varying degrees of frustration with cell phone plans. Roam Mobility is crap. Most of the time hotspot on my phone is crap. We are a Roger's customer and the voice/text plans are great but the data plans are not so good. Then of course there is the hit and miss world of the park wifi. Was considering the Verizon jetpak but the plans get complicated and expire. Now the Karma (Sprint) sounds pretty good. That is until they slow the up and down speeds. I am pretty aware of the coverage maps of all the major providers. Just would love to hear from the the folks using the systems, you know best.
  5. Only go to CW for stuff in the store, no service ever.
  6. I tried the second number, still no joy. Gave up and called Ken, Les Schwab in Junction City and ordered the tires directly. Saving $50 on a tire and then dealing with them should the need arise is a waste of time. Now I have bought the tires from a dealer and a manufacturer that I know I can get to answer the phone! The price on two 365/70R-22.5/22 XZA's is $2012. installed. I am happy.
  7. I should also give credit where credit is due, Cummins Coach Care in Coburg Oregon, an excellent service center. I had them do some other minor repairs while the Coach was in their shop. They know Coaches. I wish I could remember the Mechanic's name that did the overhaul....he is very good. Had the Coach in the shop from start to finish. Did a great job. I waited a year to make sure there were no issues with the overhaul to say this!
  8. It's been a year and about 12,000 miles since the dropped valve and overhaul. The overhaul cost $22,800 and I paid for it in January 2015. In April I received a cheque from Cummins for just under $11,000. To be clear the unit was out of warranty as it was nearly six years old, but only half way to the 100,000 mile policy. The overhauled engine had a one year warranty, not sure on the mile limit. The overhauled engine is a huge improvement over the old one. Uses no oil or antifreeze. Never throws a fault on the Silverleaf VMS even on the long hills in the western half of the continent. I am in love with the isx650 once more. This engine will last until I'm done!
  9. Curious if anyone has had trouble getting through to Michelin? I tried for two days last week and left a message this morning and no joy! The phone number I'm calling is on the FMCA website: (888) 532-6435.
  10. Why do you guys need a ladder at all? Before I leave home I take care of all up high and forget the ladder. When you fuel, clean the windshield with the long handled squegee. I have a two stepper that I can stand on the top while washing. This can be stored in storage bays. I dislike the look of a unit rolling down the road with all that extra stuff attached. Doesn't look good?
  11. In chatting with Andy at Cummins he claims an engine drops a valve and nothing to do with the operator. They just drop from time to time. Also likely an entire overhaul necessary. Cost could exceed $20k. Whoop whoop.
  12. Hi folks, Traveling north bound on I-5 about an hour south of Eugene OR on Nov 21 2014. Engine began to run very rough and no power. Took an immediate exit ramp and called Cummins, they said to limp in or haul. I chose the second option. 2009 Country Coach Magna with 49,164 miles. Nov 25, Andy at Cummins Coach Care called to say we have a dropped valve. I haven't yet had any conversation with Cummins to determine whether there may be a warranty. I do not have extended warranty. Bought the Coach from Premier RV in Junction City March of 2013 with about 20,000 miles on it. Perhaps someone out there could provide advice as to who to talk to and how to proceed?
  13. I don't know for sure but if the airbag pressure was "adjustable" don't you think it would always be set incorrectly? I am pretty sure the load dictates the pressure? From there the shocks take the blame for being too firm or allowing too much "floating." I am the same in our CC magna....some roads are just awful but others are very good. Smarttire made a living on incorrect tire pressure, I doubt they could duplicate the feat with airbag pressure.
  14. Wait for rainy day to travel? haha, just kidding in some parts that is a long wait. Elbow grease and most "bug remover" products work reasonably well but I agree dryer sheets work best. Travel across the Midwest and Canadian prairies in summer and you will figure it out.
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