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  1. We traveled to AK this past summer. It was the trip of a lifetime! We traveled with a caravan company. If you want a stress free great time consider Adventure Caravans. We live in FL as well.
  2. The foaming clears up after about 30 seconds and is OK until it sits like over night. Don't think it is air leak since it clears up. I'll try to sanitize it but I the the Spring Fresh was to take care of that. Thanks for your input
  3. I'll start with a little history. Bought 2016 Tiffin Phaeton 3 months ago. Coach was 11 months old with 7400 miles. We are having an issue with the fresh water foaming initially when we open the faucets. This is NOT normal foaming from the aerator. The foam will almost stand up in your hand and has an odor to it. I have filled and flushed the fresh tank at least 15 times. I have used Spring Fresh in the tank. The condition also exists when we are connected to any fresh water supply which leads me to believe the issue is within the water lines on the coach. I have also run water, both hot and cold thru faucets separately for as long as 15 minutes. The condition still persists. I was thinking that possibly the winterize fluid was left in and it left a residue behind that is causing the issue. I am worried about having any contact with this liquid. Can anyone offer any possible solutions?
  4. Anyone traveled the Sturgeon Bay peninsula that can make recommendations for campgrounds and sightseeing plus food?
  5. We'll be traveling from FL to the Madison rally. The map acquired through FMCA has us traveling I39 and mentions tolls. Can anyone fill us in on what the tolls will be? We don't want to be caught w/o enough $, and if very high, can you suggest an alt. route?
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