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  1. cauffield

    New Motorhome

    April we traded our 2009 Gulfstream Tourmaster Constellation 45g for a 2022 Entegra Accolade XL 37M. We are very pleased with the Purchase from LazyDays in Tampa. They were very helpful and we got all the paperwork and finances taken care of in a timely manner. Thank you Lazydays. This Super C motorhome has been a change from a 45 footer to a 40 footer. We do miss our walkin closet and 1/2 bath. Like all new things and changes you learn to deal with what you have and make the best.
  2. cauffield

    toad braking

    We tow a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with our 2009 Gulf Stream Tourmaster Constellation 45g. We had a Blue Ox system installed on the jeep with SMI Air Force 1 air operated braking system. It was actually on a previous motorhome we owned. Have not had a problem of any kind. I had a Avail tow bar that broke , but I called Blue Ox and they had me send photos of the tow bar. Within 10 days FedEx dropped a new Avail tow bar off at the house. I had to package the old one up and send it back to the factory, they provide a RMA and prepaid shipping label. Thank you Blue Ox!
  3. cauffield

    Engine repair

    My Power Tech 13 kw Kubota generator started running a while them shut off. I discovered the unit was leaking coolant. Since I have a 2009 Gulf Stream Tourmaster Constellation 45g RV the generator had to come out the bottom. No slide. I contacted Mid Florida Diesel in Bartow, Florida and ask if they would ebe interested in repairing the genny. They said they could take care of it. Drove it over to the repair facility. They called me in 2 days and said I had more than a coolant leak. They email me a complete description of what we needed to do. The fan clutch was bad, the belt was worn out, and the radiator was beyond repair. The price was included with the information. I called and ask them to proceed with the repair. When finished I was called to come pick it up. They load tested the genny and had a box of the parts they replaced. The bill was around $2000.00 I was very pleased with the office staff and the repair tech explained what had to be done. Thank you, Mid Florida Diesel of Bartow, Florida for a great job!
  4. We have a 2009 Gulfstream Tourmaster Consellation 45g. With a 425 hp Cummings, Allison 3000 transmission, weight app x 52000 lbs towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee @ 4700 lbs. I usually drive 64-67 mph and get on the average 7 mpg. Now you have to factor in we live in Florida. I am more concerned with what the trip costs me per mile than the fuel mileage. Two years ago it cost me $ 1.65 per mile, but fuel prices were much less than they are now. That did not include the yearly service on the Motorhome. There are so many factors to the fuel mileage issues like elevation, temperature, water vapor, ect. Like my son told me, Dad drive it or park it if your going to whine about fuel prices.
  5. I have a 2009 Gulf Stream Tourmaster Constellation 45g which has an Oasis Diesel powered hot water heater with the recirculation module that heats the inside of the coach and there is heater cores in the cargo bays and it circulates hot water . I have no electric heaters to protect tanks and lines from freezing, the hot water takes care of that. I have it serviced every 2 years. I never turn it off. Had a problem one time not running it for 4 months. will not happen again.
  6. I just finished my residential refrigerator up grade. We have a 2009 Gulfstream Constellation.The samsung was too tall to fit my unit. So, I found a Frigidare an 18 My cubic foot upper freezer 2 door. My inverter was never wired to the ref receptacle. I usually run my generator when traveling so I have no problem. I had to remove passenger captain chair, the grab bar by the door and pull the pin on safety device on door. I had to remove the doors, all 4 on Dometic RM 1350 and out the door it went. Removed the doors from new fridge and in it went.. Since the weather has been lousy in Florida we haven't got to cruise yet. It took about 3 eight hour days to complete. I had to paint the trim I placed around and made sure that it was secure and would not move. I have photos but they are on my ipad, If interested I will be glad to email them to you. "medic103b@gmail.com" Lex and Karen Cauffield 2009 Gulfstream Tourmaster Consellation 45g 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo SMI braking system
  7. Livin The Dream. After both of us working for Fifty years we thought this was this is our quest
  8. Manholt, I have been trying to find out about the touch screen that controls all the lighting in the coach. I have not been able to find the main lighting control. My dining room light, when you touch the pad it just blinks and nothing happens. Its a 2009 Tourmaster Consellation 45. Thanks, Lex Cauffield
  9. I have a 2009 Gulf Stream Tourmaster Constellation 45g and have not been able to find the electrical wiring diagram for the touch pad lighting controls. Can anyone help? I have called the factory and they dont really care about providing any information , must be a government secret or something.
  10. Air Force One Have had mine since 2011 never had a problem. Disconnect 1 air hose (done)
  11. Some of our favorites; Grand Lakes RV and Golf Resort Citra, Florida , Sun and Fun Sarasota, Florida , Wildwood KOA Wildwood, Florida Lex
  12. I did have a 2001 Monaco Diplomat that was our second motorhome. It was a very nice coach and had what we wanted. The problem with it was the wandering it did in high winds and semi tractors passing. We decided to look for another motorhome. I found a Gulf Stream Tourmaster 45g which had a tag axle. We really did not want a coach that length, but after driving it, which we have had for 2 years, I will never have another without a tag axle. The ride is superior to a coach without the tag. The other gift is the space you have and the amenities; 432 square feet when slides are out, dishwasher, washer and dryer, bath and 1/2, king size bed and a walkin closet. I also tow a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which makes the length 65 feet. The draw back to the length is you cannot get in a lot of National Parks. Most of the RV parks can acomidate the length and the tool booths charge me for 5 axles. The engine is a Cummings 425 hp which did very well in the Rockies and most every where I have traveled. If you are a faster driver you will need the larger 500 or 600 hp engine. Happy Travels Lex and Karen Cauffield Florida
  13. I use USA out of Miami, Florida. Bought the coach from Buddy Gregg Knoxville, Tn. They offered me a warranty plan for 5 years $100.00 deductible for a reasonable price. Hard decision to make but I figured a coach that was 6 years old would have some problems down the road. Thank goodness we purchased the plan; The washing machine stopped working and I was told it was not repairable. Second we were in a campground in Georgia and the front hydraulic jack got stuck in the down position, internal failure figured previous owner tried to drive off without inspecting to make sure jacks were completely up. They repaired the washer and then the jack, had to get a quote first. I am a believer in extended warranties and insurance policies. If you think I am foolish, do some price checking on the steering wheel, engine problems, hydraulic jack problems, and Oasis hot water heaters and the labor to repair them. Happy Travels
  14. I agree with FIVE, if you can't afford it, do not get into this hobby. I did check my cost per mile this year with my 45 foot class A coach and it came out to $1.35 per mile. Fuel and campgrounds were up in cost this past summer. The cost of service can vary depending where you have it done. I did not consider the cost of the coach because that is our hobby. I do not like to fly and I do not sleep in hotel beds. Be Safe Lex Cauffield
  15. We traveled 7000 miles last year, from Florida to San Francisco and back in our 38 ft Monaco Diplomat. I kept track of our expenses and it came out to about $ 1.00 per mile including everything. I traded last year at the end of the trip at Buddy Greggs in Knoxville, Tn. We up graded to a 2009 Gulfstream Tourmaster 45g. This year we are heading out for another trip, don't know how far but I will keep track and post it later on this year. The major factors are fuel and campground prices. Fuel prices are down and campground prices are a bit more. We enjoy cooking so we donot spent very much dining out. Safe travels Lex and Karen Cauffield
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