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  1. FIXED! FMCA emailed me directions to access the hotspot directly to make the changes. Easily done. And yes, it's a "rental" hotspot apparently which is owned by FMCA. Not exactly clear on the website regarding any of the process (if indeed this is the process and not a mistake). But all is well now. We'll see if Sprint is a good choice for our travels.
  2. Okay... up and running - under the prior owner's information. No way to change that or the password... Left a message with Brett.. hmm might be a good thing. Maybe they will be billed... Can't log into Sprint to change it's not in my name... Boy this is fun...
  3. So... got my "new" sprint hotspot. Shows someone's name and is disconnected. Doesn't work. Sprint can't help me... and FMCA's too busy to answer the phone. Not exactly happy...
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