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  1. I have a 2006 Beaver Patriot Thunder with the Alladin computer system. While I have not had any series issues with it, I am told that Alladin is no longer around and that if the system has a failure that I am out of luck. A replacement might be the Silverleaf but I have no doubt that significant bucks would be involved to make the change. Since the Alladin is critical to monitor the coach's systems I am concerned about running the coach without some type of monitoring system. Any advise or thoughts on a replacement or availability of Alladin parts and repair?
  2. If you have time, the drive from the South Gate of Yellowstone down to Teton is a few hours of postcard beauty..there are some narrow roads in Yellowstone from the loop to the South Gate but they are manageable. We have a 45 ft Beaver towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee and didn't have a problem.
  3. Tandava

    Tire Replacement

    After researching tire replacements with the majority of the work spent of Goodyear and Michelin, I concluded that the only advantage of an RV tire over any other tire is the rubber compound that is more UV tolerant. This makes a large difference in price over truck / bus tires. I ended up buying 8 General ST3 tires. Half the price of Michelins and for 8 tires that is a lot of bucks! Why Generals….General is owned by Continental…they are widely used by trucks and Buses….Logically they must be safe since they are so widely used even by buses…..I have had a couple trips now and there is no additional road noise above the Goodyear RV670s they replaced, with no perceptible difference in handling. Interesting note that the installer used no balance weights. Rather, they used shot bags that they simply throw in the tire prior to mounting it on the rim. The tire pressure breaks the bag open and the shot constantly balances the tire by centrifugal force. I'm very satisfied with my decision..
  4. The pressure monitors on rubber stems weigh enough to throw the tire out balance to the point where it can't be balanced because they "sling" around and vary greatly with speed. Metal stems avoids the problem.
  5. I just went through the tire selection process. I had Goodyear G670s 295/80/22.5. While researching Michelin I discovered that they have their own size designations that don't match any others. It has something to do with the diameter of the inflated tire at the site of the footprint and their pressures. I bought General S371s 295/75/22.5 and am very happy with them for a LOT less money. Both Goodyear and Michelin do not keep it a secret that the only difference between truck / bus tires and RV tires is the sidewall compound that is more tolerant of UV rays.
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