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  1. I put tile over the mirrors and grouted over four years ago and it is just like new, even driving on Michigan roads. If anything would shake it loose they will.
  2. I ran a load and the dryer ran great for 17 min then the dial started it turning and clicking. The light for the door lock flashed just once ever 8 sec. Call tech back and they said it is a bad module board. The board is only 1 1/2 years old. I will pull it out and see if it is just a burnt contact like last time. If so I have repaired the last one and will reinstall it. Time will tell. Rod
  3. Just called tech center and they said that the sound of adding water is to fill the "p" trap in the dry cycle so no smell from the holding tank and will not add water to the cloths. Also sometimes about 5 min into the dry cycle my control knob will just start turning around and around and clicking. They said that when it does that the door lock light will flash and to count the number of flashes and that is a trouble code for them to see what is wrong. They were VERY helpful. Will let you guys know how this turns out. Rod
  4. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Pace Arrow that we love but the washer/dryer doesn't work correctly. Or is it just me. I know you have to make small loads and that is just fine. My problem is the dryer program. When you set it to dry and start it, it will add water for about 2 seconds. Is this how they should work or is mine "sick". I had a master board go bad (burnt contact) and replaced it. It did the same thing before and after. Thanks for any advice. Rod
  5. I agree with Wildebill on the tires. It being a 2003 with 8000 mile they need to be replaced. I changed mine over to michelins and had a great improvement in ride and handling. At that miles I don't see any tuneup needed, but injector cleaner would be a good idea. have fun and safe travels.
  6. What part of Michigan, I know of shops here in Sturgis that would do that kind of work if it is a gas unit.
  7. I am on my third MH with a 5th wheel in between over the last 25 years. Although the 5th wheel had more space on the inside there is nothing better than have the wife be able to use the rest room at 65 mph down the rode. Also the view from the drivers seat is a lot better from the MH being up higher.
  8. DickandLois I just changed out my front tires do to age from Bridgestone to Michelin that were on the rear. They are the XRV 235/80/r22.5. My unit has 97000 miles on it so there is some play in the steering and I did notice that it tracks straighter but the BIG difference is both were run at 100psi but the ride is lot softer with the Michelins. I was able to get mine in two days from my local Firestone dealer and were with in $20 of the FMCA price with build dates of march this year. Rod
  9. So sorry for your loss. We have 3 dogs with us all the time. The oldest is 14 and that time will come. They are our kids now that the two legged ones moved on. They are never unhappy and are always so excited to see us when we come home.
  10. ObeB Does that mean that it is about time... PS we use our washer about every three to four day when in Florida.
  11. Pulled the unit out today to get to the back and start checking for voltage. The surge protector was OK but the pigtail from there to the board was burnt. Will order a new board from Westland on Monday.
  12. Thanks Wolfe 10 The power to the plug for the unit is from a different source now and never have to reset anything. It is just when you push the start button that the lights would come on and work for a little then they go out and nothing. I just waited a day with it unplugged and it started once.
  13. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow have had it for three years. The washer/dryer have worked just fine until 4 days ago. About 5 min into the wash it just turned off. No lights on panel. I called service and they said to check that it has power. Next day I pulled the unit out far enough to unplug and ran a extension cord to it. The lights came on and I ran part of a wash cycle with on cloths and though everything was OK. Put cloths in and after about 3 min it stopped again--no lights. Unplugged it and today I tried it again-- plugged it in and lights came on, turned it off and when tried to restart no lights on panel. It is a WD2000S model. Any Ideas?
  14. I have the Verizon Mifi and it works great from Michigan to Florida. We use the monthly plan when not at home. 10GB for $90. or 3GB for $60, all at 4g speed.
  15. I'll drink to that, and why do they always say a little wine, what is wrong with a lot of wine.
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