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  1. If it s with Automatic Transmission it can’t be. Flat Towed,..
  2. I put my Spare in the Toad, which is a 2015 Chevy Spark.
  3. We have an Acme Tow Dolly and there is minimal maintenance required. It has Disk Braking System. Yes a lot of States require some sort of Braking, Electric or Hydraulic. To me Hydraulic is much simpler system and requires no input from you except step on the Moorhome Brakes to make it work.
  4. Most Automatics required Tow Dolly for FWD. You shouldn't ever tow a RWD on a Tow Dolly.
  5. I will give my 2 cents worth. If you have 4 Wheel Drive Transfer case put in in Neutral, then you want to leave the Steering Wheel UNLOCKED so the Front Wheels can turn with the Motorhome when you turn. I just leave the Key in the Ignition, but make sure you can turn the Steering Wheel. Best to start your Vehicle then turn Ignition to OFF but don't remove the Key, that way it is unlocked. You know every time you remove the Key form the Ignition it Locks the Steering Wheel. I don't think it makes any difference where the Transmission Shift is left at but Park should work fine.
  6. Thanks for the info. I think I can just leave it set to accessory and all should be fine. Will have to start it every so often though. Will check with the Nissan Dealer and see what he says
  7. Hi Kay, Thanks. I know U-Haul has s Tow Dolly for 260 plus Tax and etc.
  8. I need to tow a 2007 Nisan Altima to My Daughter who live in Las Vegas on a Acme Easy Tow Dolly. The Altima has a Keyless Key Fob to start the Engine. Does anyone know how to make sure the Steering Wheel stays unlocked so the car can be towed since there isn't really an OFF position? Thank you in advance for answering.
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