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  1. We traveled that exact route about 4 years ago. Entered at Niagara and exited at PH. Didn't concern ourselves with staying overnight as we made the trip thru Canada in less than a day. The roads conditions were excellent and smooth. Wide open and flat terrain. No problem if you need fuel either. Border patrol did enter my MH in Niagara for inspection but that is expected due to my previous employment and places (with lots of sand) that I have traveled. I also returned the same way after a beautiful stay in the Upper Peninsula and the border entry and exit was seamless. Do not try to hide anything from Border Patrol and definitely no weapons of any kind. Cost me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
  2. Check out RV campsite in Newburgh and Saugerties area. Newburgh a bit closer to the Point. Several KOA's but many others as well. There is much to see in this area - Bear Mtn., Catskills, Red Hook and don't miss the "walk across the Hudson" - its an unused vehicle bridge converted to a walking / bicycling bridge across the Hudson - very beautiful.
  3. As a lifelong residence and 30 year law enforcement of NYS - DO NOT bring your gun here. This state has zero tolerance for non-NY permitted carry. It is mandatory 1 year sentence for illegal carry in this state. Well now, with our ridiculous bail reform laws, you will be arrested and then immediately released to hopefully and maybe show up at a later date. Heed the other posters advice - leave it home or lock it up outside of here.
  4. I had overbilt lifts put one on my Am Eagle. They are absolutely over built. They are in Saugerties NY and are a family run op. I could not find their website for you so that could be a flag. They have been in business at least 25 years. They use the 3 point hitch so the actual lift itself would be pretty inexpensive if you already have the hitch. They ship anywhere. Website is (or used to be) www.overbiltlifts.net. They are worth a look if they are still in business. Good luck.
  5. Just to add to u8at711 directions is take Rt 84 thru NY and CT to Mass Pike (90). This will put about 1 hour from Boston but it is a toll road. This also avoids GW Bridge which is about $75 to cross and the Tappan Zee which is a $4 billion new bridge.
  6. Not sure if this works for the pets but a KOA in Newburgh is about 40 miles north of the city. They offer bus service and / or tourist packages from the CG. It also alleviates the need to drive through NYC.
  7. We stayed at KOA on eastside - difficult to find a level site to handle a 40'. One place not to miss is Many Glaciers. It is north of the east entrance and great hiking / walking trails. We watched a bull moose eat and play in the water while we had a backpack lunch. Also like previously mentioned - take the Red Bus tour. We went by motorcycle on Going to the Sun road but it didn't compare to the tour. Have fun - its one of best National Parks in the country.
  8. Yes - Welcome back Brett - its a pleasure to have a regular poster who actually has something of value to say!
  9. You might also want to check the electronics board. On my dometic there are 2. The upper (behind the settings control - inside the mh) and the lower - outside accessible. Dometic website will walk you through the process of elimination on how to determine if it is the board. I replaced my cooling unit 2 years ago and this year fridge cooled on AC but not LP. Through the website I determined the board was bad and replaced it. All is fine again.
  10. RHSJWJR - we traveled thru that area last year- Mackinaw / Newberry / Saute St Marie etc. and no problem finding diesel. Numerous places and like the other folks have stated - gas buddy or the like is your friend.
  11. JohnArch

    Atwood Levelegs

    Larry A - MarkStella is in W. Springfield for the FMCA rally. Send him a PM and when I see him later today, I will let him know of your inquiry.
  12. You might want to consider that once on Rt. 81 in PA. turn east on 78 to 287 north in NJ. This is about 10 miles from NY border. Stay heading to 87 north (toll) to Rt. 84 east to Hartford and Rt. 91 north. Your about 20 miles south of Springfield at this point. NY toll roads are some of the most expensive in the nation, but your only on Rt. 87 for about 25 miles.
  13. Bill - tandem towing is allowed in many states. Just don't try to back up! You can find the allowable towing under the "dot" website for the states you want to. Also you would need to consider the tow capacity for your rig.
  14. Rich, The Power Source converter/charger in my mh has not been made since 2001. The updated version is not compatible to mine so if this fix didn't work it would have a been a 5k replacement cost! The converter/charger is located under the bed and weighs 90lb. First I needed to unplug from any power and then remove the 6 screws holding the top of the unit on. This revealed 8 transfer switches (not sure if that is what they are actually called). On the right side of this configuration were 2 screws that once removed allowed the entire switch platform to be lifted up. It is mounted on two hinges and actually had a handle to assist in this. With the platform raised, on the bottom of the unit in the rear right corner stuck under a control board is a square red button. It was more difficult to get my finger on it to reset it than to locate it. The tech from Allied was very thorough and walked me from start to finish.
  15. I checked all the terminals and connections I could find related to the inverter/charger. Some needed to be tightened just a bit but nothing considered loose. I spoke with Allied Tech Support and they got me up and running. The tech had me do a few checks on the relay switches etc, but then had me find a reset button buried under the relay switches amongst the control panel. One push and all was back to normal. The reasons for this occurring seem endless, so can't say why this occurred. Again thank you Rich and Brett for your advice.
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