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  1. Thanks Jim... It sounds like our experiences with the C-Max are very similar... Scary, but we still love our C-Max. We will try your suggested fix on our Blue Ox tow bar. We also installed a trickle charger because of the battery drain problem. Thanks so much for your suggestion.
  2. We have a Ford C-max as our TOAD which when we turn can suddenly start to wobble until we stop. The car has been re aligned twice in the last year by the dealer and I don't know if the wobble caused the misalignment or misalignment cause the wobble. We did notice the temperature of one of our tires was slightly elevated over the others right after we had a realignment. We are suspicious that this tire was still out of alignment for wear on the tire looked like it. We have been towing for 5 years and it is only in the last year we have started having problems. Can it be a problem with the tow bar? The wobble can be pretty violent and I worry about our hitch breaking .
  3. Can we travel Rt. 93 from Craters of the Moon, Arco, ID to Missoula, MT in a 40' diesel pusher??? Looks a little scary...
  4. We too are going to Glacier and Yellowstone this summer in our 2013 Tiffin Allegro RED... We have reservations in Yellowstone (9/6-9/9) but want to stay longer and to go to Glacier either before or after... We were looking at the west side of the park, Big Creek Campground, but really don't know the area. Why did you choose St. Mary? Would like to tap in to what you have learned so far... Thanks! Lseleen
  5. We too are planning a similar trip... We live in WNY, but will be spending a few days at Nordhouse Dunes (Lake Michigan @ Manistee Cmpgd) to pick up our grandkids the first week in August... then heading up to Pictured Rocks (staying at Bay Furnace Cmpgd) for a couple of days then west to Mt. Rushmore (Rafter J Bar Ranch Cmpgd) and the Badlands (Sleepy Hollow Cmpgd)... have reservations for that part of the trip then on to Estes Park to drop off the kids so they can fly home for school and we are heading up to Glacier and Yellowstone... The only reservations we have for that part of the trip are 3 nights in Yellowstone Labor Day Weekend... very curious to hear what you have decided on... Also looking for advice about Glacier & Yellowstone. Hope to fit in Teddy Roosevelt NP and International Peace Garden, too.
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