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  1. No problems since May 2020, usually faster than my att home internet and no limits. Check out people responses on you tube
  2. I use Visible, $25-$40 for unlimited data using my phone as a hot spot
  3. A gs membership card will give you a nickle off per gal at pilot and flying, simply insert it as a reward card
  4. 2016 Winebago 36Z large slide on passenger side front motor needs to be replaced, I am located in the Toledo, Ohio area. Any one recommend who could this work, willing to travel a short distance for quailty work and timing matter.
  5. RVPARKY app has a road hazzard option in the setting
  6. Try TruckMaster at www.findfuelstops.com, will allow you to put in origin,destination and via route. You can select your amenities and witch fuel stops.
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