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  1. I agree. Owning a motorhome is one of the best thing that has ever happened to us. When I was a young man I heard a preacher say that he loves syrup. If it goes to a dollar a sop he would still buy it. I feel the same way about gas. No matter how high it gets I will fuss about it but I will still buy it. Hopefully it will never get so high that we can't keep our motorhomes on the road. ccmsm
  2. This awning is an AE Weather Pro Awning. The information I have doesn't say what fabric it is but I'm reasonably sure its vinyl. While looking up this info I found a good cleaning tip. It says to mix 1/4 cup of dish soap and 1/4 cup of bleach mixed with 5 gallons of warm water. Liberally slosh this mixture on top of the fabric and roll up for 5 minutes. Roll it back out out and was off with fresh water. I guess I read this at the time of purchase but didn't remember it. Thanks, ccmsm
  3. Does anybody out there have an easy way to clean an awning. I've tried several things and it never looks really clean. Thanks, ccmsm
  4. I live in middle Georgia[byron]. We had a very harsh winter last year and it is headed that way this year. It has been in the low 20s the last couple nights and is suppose to be 15 Monday night. I like to use our motorhome during the winter also. I drain all the water out of the pipes I can including draining the water heater. I have a small oscillating electric heater I bought at Camping World. I run it and place the furnace on 50. I also open all cabinet doors that have water pipes in them. I also pour in enough antifreeze to fill the traps. I go in it a couple times a day and never find the furnace running. I also put a 100 watt bulb in the compartment where the water hookups are. As you can tell I'd rather be safe than sorry. ccmsm
  5. I just came from the motorhome. Only found 3 today. I let the slides out yesterday and found bunches of them under the carpet where it overlaps onto the regular floor. I got the big vac out and probably got over a hundred. I will keep these websites hoping that I won't need them. Thanks for all your help. ccmsm
  6. We're having a problems with lady bugs in our motorhome. We haven't used it since the first of October, but I usually go in it 2 or 3 times a week. I take the hand vac and get 30 or 40 lady bugs out each time. I really don't want to spray insect killer in it because of the odor. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of them, other than spraying? I don't think they hurt anything, but we're planning to use it next weekend and I don't want bugs crawling around. Thanks for any suggestions. ccmsm
  7. We are the proud owners of a 2008 [Model 373DS] Georgetown. We are the second owners. It only had 2039 miles when we got it. We've had it just over a year. I've had to replace both house batteries. It was my fault for not having maintained them properly. There have been other problems but nothing that wouldn't have happened on any other brand. This is our first motorhome and I've learned a lot. We will probably buy another Georgetown when the time comes. I think they are a good value. ccmsm
  8. Thanks for the info Tireman9. I'll be anxiously waiting for your findings on the black ones Tom. Our motorhome sits in our backyard and black ones would look better than white ones. While we're on this subject ours is setting on dirt. I've been thinking about pouring concrete pads for it but I don't know if it is worth the effort. We're unable to travel much right now but we do take it out every few weeks for 30 or 40 miles on the interstate. What are your thoughts on dirt versus concrete? Thanks for your thoughts, ccmsm
  9. We have a 2007 Honda CRV also. Since we've only had our motorhome a little over a year we've never towed anything else. I can't imagine anything being easier to tow. The Honda folks tell me they change the body style every five years and I feel sure we'll get a new one. It is our only vehicle [besides the motorhome]. It is very comfortable for our every day travels.
  10. The slideout on our motorhome sounds like the rubber seals are tearing when I let them in after they have been out a few days. I can feel them with my hand and they seem very dry. I can't see them, but I don't think they're torn. My owners manual doesn't say anything about putting anything on them. Is there something I can get to lubricate them, or is this tearing sound normal? Thanks for any suggestions. ccmsm
  11. I have trouble heming mine up in the compartment also. I'm very careful to not pull out anymore than I need at each campsite. The plug is coming off the end of mine. I bought a new one at camping world but haven't put it on yet. I hope the colors match up when i cut the old one off. I'm not much of a do-it-yourselfer but I don't want to pay to have it done. ccmsm
  12. The original owner did purchase it new in Feb of this year. The user's guide has a page in the back concerning the warranty. The first sentence says the warranty is made only to the first purchaser who aquires this product. I knew this before we purchased it and that's why we bought an extended warranty. The refrigerator works fine except for that annoying E 1 flashing light. I thought about putting a peice of black tape over it but my wife wouldn't let me. ccmsm
  13. The Dometic refrigerator in our motorhome is flashing between the temperature and E 1. I can turn it off for a few seconds and it goes back to normal. Sometime within a few hours it will start flashing E 1 again. The user manual says this code means there is a hardware fault in the gas operation system. It only does this when it is in the ac mode. I recently had the ac disconnected for a few days and it ran on propane without flashing the error code. It is cooling fine in both modes. The motorhome was purchased by the original owner in Feb of this year. We purchased it in July so the factory warranty doesn't apply. I knew this but I called dometic to see if this was a common problem. All she could tell me was what the user's guide told me. I have an extended warranty and we have a campimg world nearby. I will take it to them when I get a chance but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks for any info. ccmsm
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