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  1. Tom & Louise: Hi from Duluth, Minn. Wife, Lynette, and I retired from here in Duluth back in 05, sold the house and ALL the "stuff" and hit the road full time and have been LOVIN IT ever since. We're presently back here (in Duluth) for a visit before heading on. Wife's family is from Mitchell area of S. Dakota so we'll visit there later then.....WHO KNOWS WHERE?? Read your post about choosing travel destinations and you're right, we pretty much follow a similar pattern although we don't "winter" in a single place but alternate along the Southern tier states between Florida, Texas, and Arizona. This past winter we kinda got stuck in Florida (Tampa area) for a whole 6 MONTHS!!!!....and BOY, was I ready to hit the road. NEVER again will we stay put for such a lengthy period. Other than moving South for the winter months, we really don't have any pre-planned routes. Where we go just sorta....happens. We love Canada and ofcourse will absolutely return to ALASKA, and have not yet done so, but WILL take the rig over to Newfoundland some summer. We simply never know where we're going till be get there . BUT IT SURE IS FUN!!! Steve & Lynette
  2. Hi ALL: Joined FMCA in 05 but as there didn't appear to be a good interactive Forum at that time, didn't access the site much. NOW, however, I've found the FMCA Forum and look fwd. to interacting with y'all. BUT....I have a question. When we joined in 05, I entered FMCA as a bookmark on laptop. Since re finding the FMCA site now with an active forum, I've been clicking on this bookmarked site and getting into the main page and forum without difficulty, but on that main (home) page is a statement about something called "Error 404" having to do with this perhaps NOT being the current FMCA Home Page and needing to somehow get to a "new/updated" page and bookmarking it. So....how do I confirm I'm actually on the most current page??? Thanks. Steve & Lynette
  3. Say, Bob: We often winter in the Tampa/St. Pete area and Ft. Myers. You'll really like Fort DeSoto State Park on the South end of St. Petersburg although I think there's a 14 day stay limit and DO call ahead. Otherwise the Punta Gorda area is great and there are some nice parks on the Gulf in Ft. Myers. Steve & Lynette
  4. Hi From Duluth, MN: We retired out of Duluth in 05 and have fulltimed ever since. We currently travel in a 45 ft. MH towing a car. Just returned here from Florida first coming up to Nappanee, Indiana and then N. through lower Mich. past Charlotte then across the Mackinac Bridge and then picked up Hwy. #2 on the N. end of the bridge and headedWest through the Upper Peninsula of Mich, through Northern Wisconsin and back here to Duluth. It's a GREAT drive all the way!! We've also, previously driven Rt. 2 West from Duluth out to Glacier and as others have siad...it's a very good route. By the way, after crossing the Mackinac Bridge and turning West on to Hwy. #2, take your time driving along the North shore of Lake Mich. as it's a particularly BEAUTIFUL drive. Stop at the rest areas, have coffee, eat lunch, etc. since once you hit Escanaba Hwy. 2 departs from the lake shore and although it's a nice drive, it's hard to beat the sand dunes along the North Lake Mich. area. ENJOY. Steve & Lynette
  5. filixp: Oh, well, thanks anyway. Thought it was a simple change. Might try muddling through re-registration process, but as an OLD self-taught computer user it's more than I want to fuss with now. Thanks, again, for your reply. Steve
  6. Hey, FMCA techs: How do I change my "Display Name" for use on the Forum? My "registered name" is, by default I guess, being used now, but I want the same "Display Name" I'm known by. Thanks. Steve sljuntunen@gmail.com
  7. tsolomonn: We LOVE the Keys ... BUT ... unless you're eligible for military FamCamps be prepared for REALLY expensive sites, usually requiring reservations a full year and sometimes two years out. For our budget, a short week or two stay is still worth it as we greatly enjoy the area. Try Bluewater Key RV Resort at mile marker 14 (just 14 miles from Key West). BEAUTIFUL!! Have fun. Steve & Lynette
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