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  1. Moonwink

    Vacuum pumps for HAVC

    My specialty is residential and commercial HVAC/R. What is the purpose of this vacuum pump talked about here? Is it used to provide vacuum for the dampers on the dash heating and air conditioning dampers on a diesel MH? Just curious. If that's its purpose, then there should be reservoir that once the pump took it down to 25 inches or so of mercury, would cycle off until it the vacuum rose to 15 inches. That should be plenty to make the dampers operate. If that's not the purpose, enlighten me please.
  2. As I recall, I had to send a copy of my DD-214 for verification. Try this link: https://www.verizonwireless.com/discounts/military https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/employee-discount-validation-faqs/ Start here: https://www.verizonwireless.com/discount-program/?type=military# Active military service members, veterans or first responders, here’s what you need to know. For those who serve, we offer: Discounts on Go, Beyond or Above Unlimited plans. One line on your account? Save $15. Two lines? Save $35. Three or more lines? Your best savings are $40 on your account access fee.* or, a 15% discount off other eligible plan's monthly account service fee as well as up to a 25% discount off select accessories when purchased online through My Verizon. But first, you'll need to verify your service. As an active military, you can provide one of the following documents: Military-issued email, Military paystub, Military enlistment DD Form 4 or SCRA Status Report. Military veterans can provide one of the following documents: Your DD Form 214, Veteran's ID Card, Military Retiree Account Statement or VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage. First responders can provide one of the following documents: Paystub, pension stub, volunteer ID or Statement of volunteer service. To register your existing account, click Existing Customers in the menu directly above and enter your Verizon mobile number in the My Verizon User ID or mobile number field to start. *The line-based tiered discount for the Go, Beyond or Above Unlimited plans applies if the account was activated with, or plan changed to, one of these plans 6/28/18 or later. For military, Any Go or Beyond Unlimited plans activated prior to 6/28/18 will receive a flat $15 account level access fee discount or for first responders, the plan will not qualify for a discount. At any time the plan can be changed to the new Go, Beyond or Above Unlimited plan to receive the line-based tiered discount.
  3. I've been using an antenna like that one for a couple of years now and it's worked great! I found it in a thrift store and bought it on a whim. It has increased the signal strength enough so it's never been a problem. I'm not on the FMCA plan but I've got one of the Verizon so called BS "unlimited" plans that throttle you down to 600kbps at 15Gb. I've already blown through this month's allotment. When I bought into Verizon, I was told unlimited meant 20Gb that I could bank up to 20Gb if I didn't use all of it in any month. I only use the JetPack intermittently 9 months a year and depend on it over the 3 months we play snowbirds. I've never had a plan change after agreeing to it before Verizon. It seems they'll change terms whenever they feel like it without any notification or admitting to it. I do take advantage of a 15% discount for veterans and $10 discount for direct autopay to keep costs down as much as possible. Between satellite TV, Internet connectivity for the house and cell phones, being connected sure takes a toll on our retirement income each month.
  4. Moonwink

    Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

    Boatman1955, To measure the height, lay a board on top of the air conditioner and make sure it's level - then measure the distance to ground from underneath it. Use a vent cover meant for the Fantastic fan or you'll lose a lot of its ability to move air. The smaller covers are great for the small fan in most bathrooms and non-powered vents.
  5. Moonwink

    Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

    Sadly, delamination was an industry wide problem until 2008 when the manufactures finally switched away from the plywood underlayment. Many, many brands were affected including Country Coach, Monaco who built Safaris and Treks like I own. Mine didn't delaminate, the gelcoat checked and cracked all over the place but especially under the darker colors. The only sure cure is replacement which to have done is well over $20k.
  6. Moonwink

    Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

    No, "Ventline" makes a lot of the covers that sunlight quickly ages and causes them to get brittle and crack. They should know better. "Maxxair" makes a nice cover that isn't affected by the sun. Check this source https://www.rvupgradestore.com/RV-Vent-Covers-s/189.htm for some but you can find them at any RV parts store.
  7. Moonwink

    Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

    Your bubbles on the outside walls are call de-lamination - usually a sign water is getting behind the fiberglass someway. Start fixing the leaks first to stop damage from progressing. I put covers over all my roof and fan vents to prevent the sun from cracking the plastic OEM covers. After all the leaks are fixed, then you can address any other pressing matters. The See Ya's were great MHs in their day and with a little TLC should give you great service. It pays to be handy owning one of these things.
  8. Moonwink

    RV heat

    I've been in the heating and air conditioning business for over 50 years. Nothing was wrong with the furnace. Moisture is a by-product of combustion - like I mentioned about a gallon of water is produced for every gallon of propane burned or every hour the furnace in your house operates. The reason new 90%+ furnaces are vented in plastic is because of the condensation produced by the cooler by--products of the flame. In older less efficient furnaces, the flue gasses can't be allowed to condense before their vented through the roof - if they condense in the pipe, they will corrode the pipe and if the pipe isn't insulated good enough, they could freeze and block the flue. Every winter I hear about houses where that happens and the fumes end up in the house asphyxiating the people in the house. Proper venting is essential.
  9. Moonwink

    RV heat

    The last time I tried that, I ended up with a LOT of ice hanging on the furnace. Every time you burn a gallon of propane, around a gallon of water is produced. Normally, that moisture dissipates and you won't notice it but when you're driving and running the furnace, it condenses and freezes on the side of the MH. Be sure to watch it and make sure it doesn't buildup too much where it could clog the furnace vent. I've found it's better to rig a curtain just behind the cockpit seats and let the dash heater keep that area warm. When you get to your destination, the furnace won't take long to warm the rest of HM up.
  10. The article indicates AT&T is focusing on its terrestrial customers who are switching to internet TV in droves to get away from cable and satellite service providers. I've been a Dish subscriber for longer than I can remember having switched to them from my old 8 ft dish. Customer service is dead today in almost any company you care to mention. Nothing boils my blood any faster than an "interactive voice response" system when I need to speak to an agent to resolve my issue. Of course more often than not, that agent speaks in dialect that indicates they're from southeast Asia or the Philippines and communicating with them is impossible which only stokes my fire even more! At least Dish now allows me to use my phone to send "re-authorization" to my receiver without speaking to anyone now. If only I could change my service address to update my local channels,, I'd be a happy camper and wouldn't bother them at all. I'm seeing ads for Hughes claiming no throttling. Now if they could market that to RVers, they could pickup a lot of new customers who would like to enjoy connectivity off the grid.
  11. Moonwink

    Truck washes for our coaches

    Like others, when we're out with a messy MH, I fill a bucket with water and use a terry rag to wipe off the heavy accumulations. I rinse the rag several times and wring out the excess water. To start off, I don't intend to do them whole thing at once. Start with the front, then just one panel before deciding if one more would be too much and another if I'm still feeling up to it. If not, I get the rest the next day. With all the grime off, wiping it down with Protect-All (preferred), Wash-Wax-All, Dri-Wash and Guard, Slick Mist or something similar is easy - and you don't need to do it all at once. You don't need a hose sprayer to flood the side of your unit to get it shining like new. At most I'll use two or three buckets of water and no one's every got after me yet for using that method.
  12. Moonwink

    what supplemental brake system

    I've had the NSA Ready Brake system for many years and I've used it on at least a couple different MHs and towed vehicles. It's comparatively low cost, simple and proportional. Right now I have a couple of cars ready to tow. It's a cable system that pulls on the towed vehicle brake pedal. The harder the stop, the harder it pulls on the brake pedal. I've got an LED on the dash that's powered by the towed vehicle brake lights and lets me know when brakes are being applied - new models are a little different and simpler. See http://www.readybrake.com/ for details. Here's the system I use: http://www.readybrake.com/store/p1/ReadyBrake™_Towed_Vehicle_Receiver_Style_Supplemental_Brake_System.htm I pair that with the emergency brake package just in case of a break away: http://www.readybrake.com/store/p5/ReadyStop™_Towed_Vehicle_Emergency_Break_Away_Kit.html In Dash Monitor Lights http://www.readybrake.com/store/p30/In-Dash_Monitor_DL-100.html http://www.readybrake.com/store/p14/In-Dash_Light_Monitor_DL-300.html You can look up a dealer/installer near you on their website or like myself, you can order the parts and install it yourself. Amazon will ship it to you or you can order through the NSA website.
  13. Moonwink

    Mattress Replacement

    Thanks for the feedback and very glad to hear you're happy with the purchase! Our MH came with a 4" thick cardboard box for a mattress that our 3 inch foam topper helped but wouldn't stay centered and created a nuisance. We don't need it anymore since we replaced the old mattress with this 6" foam one.
  14. Moonwink

    Tire inflation

    No. The pressure of the entire axle should be divided by 2 and then compared with the charts. The best way to weigh the axle is to weigh each tire individually and then adjust the pressure in both tires to the highest pressure shown in the charts for the heaviest side. The recommendations I've seen and heard say that side to side, the pressures should be the same.
  15. Moonwink

    Tire inflation

    If the tag axle has just one tire on each side, use the weight shown for single tires. Only when there are two tires on each side would you use the duel chart. Those pressures shown are minimum for the weight on each set (corner) but you'd always use the same pressure on both sides of an axle. Start by having the MH weighed at a location that can give you the weight on each corner or set of tires. The duals should be weighed separately from the tag. I'm not a fan of Michelin tires but they publish a guide for RVers that good to read over. Here's link to that document: https://michelinb2b.com/wps/b2bcontent/PDF/RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf