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  1. You're already a member of FMCA, why not shop your policy through their program? https://fmcarvinsurance.com/ It won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time and probably will save you hundreds. It's a good practice to shop your policy every 5 years or so just to make sure what you're paying is reasonable. Your garaging address has more to do with your premium than just about anything else but your driving/accident record.
  2. I've been using a ReadyBrake with a BlueOx towbar longer than I can remember. Completely satisfied! I can't count the number of towed I've used it on and all worked great. I love the ease and simplicity with which it connects and disconnects. The proportionality of the system is wonderful. The harder I brake, the harder the pull on the towed's brake pedal. I highly recommend it to others but many choose to pay big dollars for the active systems and fool around with gadgets of all types. I see a NSA booth now and then at the shows and always stop in to say hi and ask if I ought to be doing any maintenance on my old unit. There is none. As you can see by my signature, I'm dragging an Aerostar with a driveshaft disconnect which is also super easy to prepare for towing. Pull the knob to disconnect the driveshaft, leave the shifter in Park and turn the key to ACC so the steering wheel can turn - done.
  3. Sorry to hear GM has once again pulled that trick with the Malibu. They did the same thing in 2011 and had to make sweet deals on the next year's models to avoid several law suits by people that bought the 2011 with an owner's manual that said it was towable but wasn't. The mailed out a page to all the owners in mid-summer to paste over the incorrect information in the manual. Since then you needed to make sure of the engine/transmission and body configuration to get one that's towable. It's a shame because the Malibu size, weight and seating capacity make it idea for use as a towed.
  4. My favorite is the inertial system by Ready Brake by NSA: ReadyBrake™ Towed Vehicle Supplemental Brake System (2" Receiver Style) That's the system I've used for well over 30 years. It's proportional and connects quickly and simply. The more your towed pushes on the motorhome, the more braking force it exerts. As soon as you're pulling on the towed again, the brakes are released. I've got an LED on the dash connected to the brake light switch in the towed to let me know when the brakes are being applied. If my became serviceable tomorrow I'd buy another one to replace it without a second thought.
  5. See what the Owner's Manual for your vehicle says about flat towing it. It should have a page or two about flat towing behind an RV.
  6. GM pulled that same crap on the 2011 Malibu. Mid-year after several transmission failures, they sent out updated pages for the owner's manual to paste over the section on RV towing saying it was not towable. They bought several back when the owners who had purchased them for use as toweds got lawyers. In my book the Malibu is the perfect size (holds 5 people) and weight (about 3500#) for towing. If only GM would get their act together before they started printing owner's manuals and selling cars as towable when they're in fact not. If I were an engineer and knew the design of the transmission, it seems like I'd know if towing it 4 down would cause damage or not.
  7. Tell us where to find information on "OTA"
  8. Simply because to most people UNLIMITED means just that UNLIMITED. If there was any truth in advertising, cell phone providers wouldn't be able to get away with lying in their offering like they do. I'll admit throttling is better than abruptly turning off all data when their arbitrary limits are reached but it's still a slap in the face to find out you've been reduced to dail-up speeds and it's still early in the month.
  9. I'd bet the microwave is on a dedicated circuit all by itself. Check for power at the breaker and make sure the screw on the breaker and the neutral wires are tight.
  10. I guess "williames" isn't going to come back and help us figure out what it is they're asking about. Like Brett, I searched and searched without finding any results for a product called "Forever Tape" or anything close. Moving on...
  11. One of the least expensive brake systems is my favorite - ReadyBrake by NSA. It's truly proportional meaning, it applies the brakes according to how much braking is needed. It's quick and easy to connect/disconnect and there's no box to install/remove on the floor of the towed. BlueOx is my preferred towbar/brackets. I run a hidden wire to the back of my towed and use diodes to light the tail/stop/turn signal lights. I've been towing vehicles behind motorhomes for over 40 years and I've found that 4-down towing with the items I've listed here are the easiest and quickest way to get on the road. There's plenty of towbars on Craig's List in our area and once in awhile, the towed with all the accessories comes along.
  12. I hope Lynda comes back to see the answers given and answers the questions asked so that the answers can be more specific to her MH. If she's got a Ford F-53 chassis, moving the links on the sway bar closer to the axle is the cheapest and quickest way to improve the stability of that chassis - replacing the bushings with the polyurethane type is a must afterwards because of the increased pressures on them. It made a world of difference on my MH and I highly recommend it. Before the change, I felt top heavy going around the slightest curves and afterwards, it rock solid.
  13. I saw a discussion of this product recently on Trek Tracks. You might find it what you need to cover the Filon. https://www.epdmcoatings.com/
  14. I've heard from others the prices and quality of the work done here are very good but this information is 9 years old. Navarro's in Los Algodones Mexico. Contact Navarro at 928-343-2750, or enrique@navarrosshop.com
  15. I had the same problem with Sprint's hotspot in Florida City. I worked with the CEO's office for several weeks and got absolutely no where. My old 300 baud modem was faster than the throughput I was getting there. I was within a mile of 3 towers. I drove to the base of all three but service never improved. On the other hand, while parked a mile off AZ 95 two miles south of Quartzsite during RV Week when estimates of 100,000 or more RVs are spread out in the desert, I had adequate (not great) service with both Sprint and Verizon. I would connect to the PC in my church's office over TeamViewer and while slow, it worked. With the crowd around me, I felt fortunate. I can't say I thrilled with the service I receive from Verizon either though. I've got what was supposed to unlimited data that's throttled after about 10 days use each month. The original plan I signed up for allowed me to bank 20Gb of high speed data but Verizon changed those terms without so much as a hint they did so. In between Sprint and Verizon, I tried T-Mobile for a little over 6 months but I couldn't deal with the dead spots I kept running into. I really expected much better service from Verizon after listening to all the talk around the campfire but that hasn't been my experience. I haven't tried AT&T in the last 19 years but back then, CDMA was the standard for cell phones. Soon, they'll all be bragging about their 5G service. Don't believe a word they say and avoid their early implementations for a couple of years at least. Is there anyone out there that's completely happy with their cell phone and data service and the price they're paying? I'd like to hear from them.
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