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  1. https://fmca.vehicleadminservices.com/ https://www.saferiderv.com/ I don't see any phone numbers for questions. The number on my roadside assistance card is: 855-737-0737. They should be able to put you in touch with someone who can answer your questions.
  2. I sounds like you've got dual pane windows. The weather stripping you're talking about is the seal between the two panes. I had my foggy windows repaired by The RVFogDr in Searcy, AR. https://www.rvfogdr.com/ There are a few others around the country that do that work also. I've seen a few posts by people that said they fixed their windows themselves but I wouldn't try it. It involves removing the window, separating the panes, cleaning the old seal complete off, cleaning the inside of the glass, applying the new seals and mating the windows back together before putting them back in the frame. If you know what you're doing, it should only take an hour or two.
  3. You should buy a reasonably priced small air compressor and carry it on board. Have a look at this deal right now at Home Depot for $99 (rated at 150 psi) https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-6-Gal-Portable-Electric-Pancake-Air-Compressor-OF60150HB/303379052
  4. I would venture to say your motorhome sits on a Ford F-53 chassis. You should be able to verify that by looking at the tag glued to the wall somewhere inside. Your VIN will be on that same tag. Mine is under the window next to the driver's seat. Once you know the manufacturer of the chassis and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), you can then start looking for shocks to fit it. I recommend the Koni FSD series of shocks for the best ride possible.
  5. I'm with elkhartjim on this. You can do just about anything but good sense should tell you that if the manufacturer has rated the vehicle as being capable of towing only 5000 lbs, it would be safest if you towed less than that amount. I don't like taking chances like that.
  6. I'm not sure if will help anything but if you complain about the Moxie to the TechConnect staff, you'll receive a Franklin as a replacement. Is the Franklin any better? I have no idea because my account was on vacation pricing ($13.99/month) when I received mine and it won't end till the end of the month. I'll try it out after that.
  7. I received the message below on April 5th. I let them know I was having problems with my Moxee and immediately received a Franklin A10 to replace it. They don't want the Moxee back. Be sure to include your shipping address when using the troubleshooting link below. FedEx delivered the Franklin on a Sunday just a couple of days later. I emailed a picture of the label on box the Franklin came in to Tech Connect and they "activated" it later that day. I haven't tried it out yet as I have it on "vacation" status right now because I haven't gone out since getting back from our snowbird winter trip.
  8. The compressors have to have the proper amount of the correct type of oil for the refrigerant used. They cannot compress a liquid. All the refrigerant should boil off into a gas in the evaporator. If it doesn't all boil off and some liquid get back to the compressor, it will destroy the compressor or at least wash the oil off the moving parts. Either case will ruin the compressor but trying to compressor a liquid is the fastest way to do it. The metering device may be overfeeding the evaporator.
  9. You can email them also. FMCA | Tech Connect+ <techconnect@fmca.com> After I let them know recently, I received this email: "We can place the device on a maximum 90 day seasonal suspend. Your resume date is scheduled for Monday June 26, 2023. Taking the price down to $13.99/mo. "
  10. I follow forums for Chevy's Malibu and have seen several posts similar to what wandods22 posted. This is a problem with the Auto Stop/Start feature. Unfortunately, many people don't come back to post what the fix is after asking others to help them so I can't offer one here. If the battery is several years old, replacing it would be a good place to start. The Auto Stop feature seems to be very sensitive to battery condition. Good luck with finding a fix and please let us know what it is.
  11. I don't believe any of the service providers live up to their hype. I never recommend putting all your eggs in one basket and rely on just one service provider. Even with multiple you could end up with no service. I'm not at all enamored with my Moxie and figure on replacing it soon with one from another vendor. I think FMCA took a step backward by replacing T-Mobile with AT&T. I've got Verizon cell service with hotspot capability as a back up while traveling and it's come in very handy to have when my Moxie let me down.
  12. I recently sold my 2009 Chevy HHR. It towed beautifully. Following the instructions in the owner's manual, I pulled fuse #8, put it in neutral and kept the steering wheel unlocked. The manual said I could tow it any distance as long as I stayed below 65 mph. Never had any problems with it. That being said, they change transmissions all the time so you have to make sure the owner's manual says it's okay to tow 4 down. Check the January issue of FMCA magazine to see what it says also. Motorhome Magazine also published Towing Guides towing four wheels down - FMCA Below is the section for the 2016 line of Chevys. It says your Sonic can be towed 4 down after removing the fuse for the "Discrete Logic Ignition Switch" the instrument panel fuse block to prevent a battery drain. Also, the vehicle should be run at the beginning of each day and for 5 minutes at each RV fuel stop during the day. Don't take these instructions as gospel though - the owner's manual is the final word on what needs to be done to tow your car.
  13. I've been towing for well over 30 years (I can't remember anymore when I started). I've always wired in a diode kit behind the taillights of the towed. Never had any problems. I run a four wire cable from the front bumper to the taillights and do my splicing there. The diodes have worked perfectly and never caused any problems. Sure, it's a hassle to get the wire from the front to the back under the carpeting but you'll have that problem no matter which solution you use. On toweds with separate brake and turn signal lights, I just tie the stop/turn wire from the MH to the stop lights. The taillight wire can use the same bulb also. Up to now, all the bulbs on my toweds have been standard incandescent type but I doubt if LED bulbs would cause any problems.
  14. I've been using the same ReadyBrake for over 20 years with several different toweds and love it. It's simple, easy to connect/disconnect and fully proportional. It's met all my needs and expectations. I use it with a Blu-Ox towbar though. I ran a wire from the brake lights on the towed to an LED light on the dash so I know when the brakes are being applied and when they're released. It might take a couple of tries to get the cable length correct but after that, you're good to go. I also added the break-away cable for safety sake.
  15. What I'd do is cut out the damaged material as best you can and seal it with a can or two of "Flex Seal". Then cover it with some aluminum flashing (it comes in a roll about 10 inches wide - available a Lowes and probably HD) secured in place real well. Finish up with another coating of Flex Seal. For some reason, it always seems to be the inner dual that blows. Be sure not to run your tires more than 7 years - that's when blows are much more common. Been there, done that.
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