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  1. Down in the lower right corner on that section is a link to the fine print. It's a two year commitment and full price is due if you cancel. The big thing I noticed was the requirement to have a "qualifying voice line" or the price doubles. "Video streaming at up to 1.5Mbps (no streaming for wearables) may affect speed of video downloads" Also read about the upfront costs - paying the sales tax which in my area is about 10% of the $336 cost of the Inseego and a few others might mean around $100 or more to start. Just a couple of stumbling blocks there. If you check it out, let us know what you find out.
  2. I go to that page you provided the link for but can't find any mention of 100Gb for 50/mo plan. The plans on that page are for phones.
  3. Have you tried looking at the "owner's manual" for how it should be towed. That's the best place for factual information.
  4. Then go with them and quit ragging on this forum about the FMCA plan. Are you getting a commission and extra T-shirts for those you move over to Calyx?
  5. If they haven't been shut off already, June 30th will be their last day.
  6. If money is no object, the FMCA TechConnect plan is not for you. I'd recommend you buy service from every carrier so you can cover all the bases. All I need is decent speed wherever I'm parked. I've had many disappointments with speeds that couldn't move the Speedtest needle off "0". I wish I didn't have to cancel my planned trip this week so I haven't been able to try again. I'd be tickled with 12Mb speeds.
  7. This should be a topic by itself. This thread is all about FMCA's Technet - AT&T related issues.
  8. I received my "Moxee" hotspot a couple of days ago. After installing the SIM card and battery and charging it up, I changed the SID and password to make it my own. The next thing I did was a speedtest. I'm setting in my sticks and bricks house doing this. I thought the signal looked pretty fair, about 3 bars but the throughput looks awful. I've attached the results of the first test - a second test looked similar. No one is going to be happy with these speeds and I wouldn't expect them to. I'm going out next week Monday-Friday to a site where my old Spring/T-Mobile worked fine. If I get the same results, I'll be cancelling this plan. No sense in paying for something that's useless.
  9. Herman, I'm not convinced I'm the one that screwed up and even if I did, SafeRide's record keeping system should have caught the duplication. They never sent renewals twice for the different accounts they claim they set up and I always entered my membership number when renewing. Clearly, they don't care as long as they're coming out on the plus side. The end result is that after switching to them from CoachNet several years ago, I'm out a full year's worth of coverage. This should be investigated and corrected so others aren't given the same treatment. I could understand if this had happened on one occasion but it's happening every time I renew.
  10. It will be interesting to find out. I had mine paused 4 months while they only charged me $13.99/month this past winter. During that time, I received the replacement hotspot to replace my Sprint device. It was the Alcatel Linkzone 2. When I went to use it in April, it connected to T-Mobile just fine and put out a WiFi signal but would not it would not let anything through so I had to switch to my phone's hotspot option. When I got ahold of of FMCA's support staff, they said they were in the process of sending replacement Franklin T9 devices. He said he was sending out a fix for the Alcatel unit but I never tried it after that. I had to swap the SIM card to the new Franklin hotspot when it arrived so I'll never know if the fix for the Alcatel worked or not.
  11. I think the product jimgunn is referring to is "Towed Battery Charger Plus for flat towing" https://rvibrake.com/products/towed-battery-charger-plus
  12. My records show I've been a member of FMCA's SafeRide RV Motor Club since May 3, 2017 when I paid $109 for a one year membership. (Year 1) I renewed that membership for one year $69 on November 2, 2017 when the special lower price was announced. (Year 2) I again renewed for 3 years this time at the special lower price of $207 (3 x $69) on April 22, 2018. (Years 3-4-5) 3 years later I renewed for 1 year on February 26, 2021 for $159. (Year 6) I recently renewed for another year on April 30, 2022 for $159. This membership was to expire one year from the date I renewed (April 30, 2023). (Year 7) 7 years from May 3, 2017 would be May 3, 2024. My current coverage ends May 3, 2023. I've paid for a total of 7 years service. Because of SafeRide's terrible record keeping, they kept terminating my previous membership every time I renewed and treating my renewal as a new membership. Over the past 6 years, I've lost a full year's coverage. I know all the dates and costs are correct because I've still got my credit card statements. The SafeRide website is terrible and offers no way of contacting them. When you renew, you select either a new membership or a returning membership renewal. Even though I tried to renew, they treat my payment as if I'm a new member and once again show the date of renewal as the date the membership will expire one year from that date. I used the contact page on the FMCA website over the weekend and received a call from a SafeRide representative this afternoon. She claimed the problem was all my fault because I keep signing up as a new member instead of renewing and wouldn't listen to me when I said I never did that. I told her the SafeRide website (which is dated 2014) was a piece of trash and should be updated. She went way out of her way to credit me with 4 days to restore my previous expiration date. Wow! How nice was that. When I pressed her about the lost year of membership, she said that it would be FMCA's responsibility after I told her I'd renewed a couple of times at the SafeRide booth at rallies. She said I was at an FMCA booth and told her no I wasn't. She steadfastly refused to make it right for me. They're records don't go back that far I suppose. So I"m out a full year's membership because of the way they handled my renewals. As my "expiring" memberships ran out, they never once contacted me. Each time I paid, I gave them my account number. They never once matched it up with my account to extend my membership. I've only had occasion to call them twice in all these years. Once for jump when my battery connection acted up and once to air up my inner dual after the valve stem extender failed and the tire came off the rim. In that instance, they took 1-1/2 hours to respond and by then, I'd manage to take the tire off, got it to take air again and put it back on before they showed up. (I had nothing else to do while I was waiting anyway.) No sooner than I cancelled the call, than the truck showed up at the campground I was stuck in but they never contracted me. I'm happy enough with their coverage but SafeRide's record keeping leaves a lot to be desired. My advice to everyone is to be sure to watch those dates when you "renew" coverage and make sure you get a full year's coverage for your money.
  13. My replacement Franklin T9 arrived today in my mailbox. The first thing I'd recommend everyone doing is download the User Manual here: Franklin T9 User Manual from the T-Mobile Support website Open the case and insert the SIM card (from your old device) and the battery (package separately). It's not real clear in the user manual on page 8, where it shows inserting the SIM card you'll need to pull up one side of the rubber flap (the other side seems permanently attached) to slide the SIM card into place. Putting the battery in and snapping the cover in place is no problem at all. I was told I could keep the old Alcatel hotspot for a spare. Use this URL to connect to your Franklin T9 WiFi HotSpot: http://mobile.hotspot/ Connecting to your Franklin T9: Wi-Fi Name (SSID) and Password You can find your Wi-Fi Name and Password any time you need. Just press the power/menu button ( ) shortly when the display is on. The display cycles through first the signal strength, # of WiFi devices connected, battery remaining, followed by a screen that shows when your billing cycle ends then the default WiFi SID. The next screen displays your default WiFi password followed by a screen showing the URL you can use to connect to the Franklin T9 to make changes to the SID and PW if you want to customize it like I always do. From that last screen, it cycles back to the "Home" screen display. When I tried using the default password (admin) to change the settings, it wouldn't let me in. In that case, there's a factory reset button next to the top of battery. Hold it down a few seconds to initiate a reset. After the reset, the default password worked. You'll be prompted to change the default password after you use it the first time (it's recommended you change it so no one else can tamper with your HotSpot). I like my HotSpot on all the time. The default is to shutdown after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can change that to always on through settings, WiFi advanced settings. Another setting you may want to change is under settings, device, data usage. This defaults to 20GB. I set mine to 1000GB so it will never popup any reminders of my data usage. My throughput isn't as good as I figured it would be according to Speedtest.net but I'll be able to get by with 5Mbps down and 3Mbps up at my sticks and bricks location. I'll be happy as long as I can get a decent signal.
  14. FMCA is replacing the Alcatel hotspots. Keep you SIM card for the new Franklin T9 when it arrives. No need to ship the old unit back. I called TechConnect last week and Josh Dieckmann did call me back in response to my voice mail a couple of days ago. After I left the voice mail, I filled out the form on the FMCA website. Josh verified the completeness of the information I left on the form and emailed me a tracking number. The post office is waiting to receive the item right now according to the tracking number. In the meantime, he was able to reset my account on the Alcatel so I could use it while I was waiting. I haven't tried it as I only use the hotspot on camping weekends through the summer. It had been on standby since I received it last fall but when I tried to use it last weekend, it would connect to the network and put out a Wi-Fi signal but not pass any data. I for one am very pleased with the response and support and glad to hear I'll be getting a new evidently more reliable device soon.
  15. I got my Alcatel Linkzone 2 out for the first time a couple of days ago after it's winter hiatus. I found that while it had a good signal showing and I could connect to it, I had absolutely no throughput. I tried calling FMCA's support number but got a recording saying they were snowed under trying to give assistance to everyone so I left a voice mail explaining my trouble and a call back number. I used the hotspot feature on my phone to access the support page on the FMCA website and found a page telling about all the problems the Alcatel Linkzone 2 was experiencing. I filled in the form with all my information and expect to soon receive a replacement Franklin T9. I understand there's lots of changes going on at T-Mobile right now which makes for "interesting times" with the FMCA TechConnect program. I'll report back after I receive my new hotspot. Ancient Chinese Curse: "May you live in interesting times" 😁
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