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  1. Another vote for FMCA's TechConnect here. $49.99/month with truly unlimited/un-throttled service.
  2. I used a bra for awhile on one car. They're not practical at all. You really need to have the car clean before putting them on. If the car isn't clean, the felt lining will rub the grime off and grind it into your paint. Ditto on making sure the full width flap is 4-5 inches high on level ground or it will kick up rocks from the payment as you drive making things worse. I've been using a Protect-a-Tow for many years now. At first, I was putting it under the towbar but my towbar tabs are so low and my overhang so long, I scraped holes in my first one. I replaced it and now stretch it over the towbar these days. It works great that way. I like the Protect-a-Tow because it's easy and quick to put on or take off plus it stores away in a small bag when not in use. Regardless of you're using, when driving in the rain, your towed is going to be covered in grime. It never seems to rain hard enough to wash that stuff off.
  3. I'd say start with EasyTouch. The WiFi signal being broadcast by the MiFi has nothing to do with 5G. If your MiFi is set for only the 5Ghz band instead of 2.4Ghz band, that could be a problem but EasyTouch would be the best place to ask what type of WiFi frequency their device can connect to. Each network can be accessed over two bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz: • The 2.4 GHz band is supported by all devices with Wi-Fi and should be used by devices that are a few years old or older. This band passes through walls better and propagates over longer distances, so it may have a longer range. • The 5 GHz band is best for newer devices. It offers better throughput, reduced interference and faster data speeds, but does not pass through walls as well as the 2.4 GHz band. EasyTouch RV Thermostat Installation, Quick Start Guide and Operation Manual http://www.micro-air.com/support-documents/EasyTouchRV/EasyTouchRV.pdf See page 8: Connect the device to the internet Select Bluetooth and select your thermostat. When the thermostat connects, select settings from the top of the screen. Select Connect to WIFI (Android) or Edit WIFI settings (Apple). Enter your network name (SSID) and password. The device will reset and connect to the internet on reset. The smart device will return to the selection screen when the signal is lost. Connecting with WIFI Use WIFI whenever you are not within Bluetooth range of your thermostat. A connection requires only that the thermostat and the smart device have internet connections and are connected to the account. http://www.micro-air.com/products_easytouch_rv_thermostat_touchscreen.cfm Contact EasyTouch here: Allentown, NJ 08501 Mon-Thur 8am - 4:30pm ET Fri 8am - 4pm ET 609-259-2636 5G MiFi M2000 User Guide - (see page 23) https://www.sprint.com/content/dam/sprint/us/en/device-assets/inseego/inseego-5g/documents/Inseego-5G-MiFi-M2000-User-Guide.pdf
  4. Whatever brake solution you use, you'll want it to be fully proportional. Meaning you don't want the brakes on your towed applied any stronger than necessary. I favorite solution is the ReadyBrake from NSA. You can buy one of their towbars with the ReadyBrake built into it or buy the ReadyBrake by itself and use it with any towbar. It doesn't require any electric. It used the weight of the towed to pull on the brake pedal. The harder the towed pushes on the MH, the harder it pulls on the brake pedal. Yes, you'll still need a wiring harness to have the tail lights work after dark. Your stop lights will work off your brake pedal but I always use a set of diodes in the wiring to the stop/tail lights to wire in the MH stop/tail lights to towed. I think I've seen some wireless systems advertised but not sure if they're fully self contained with their own battery or rely on the towed's battery. (disclaimer: I am in no way connected to NSA - just a very satisfied user) Here's a link to one of their towbars with an antimated gif showing how it works: https://www.readybrake.com/store/p284/Ready_Brute_Elite_II.html
  5. All I had to do with my F53 20,500 lb chassis was the CHF (cheap handling fix). Before I did that, it felt top heavy. Since doing it, it's rock solid. I did have to replace the swaybar bushings with polyurethane type because of the additional forces placed on the OEM swaybars after the change. I also replaced the stiff Bilstein shocks with the KONI FSD shocks all the way around. They helped smooth out the ride quite a bit. Unfortunately, they can't make up for the horrible shape of many of the roads I've traveled where the concrete slabs no longer match (I-65 in Birmingham, AL & I-55 north of West Memphis, AR & I-40 west of Flagstaff, AZ).
  6. That is just a local reminder that can be set to any number you want it to be. I think I set mine to 10,000Gb so it won't bark at me again - problem solved.
  7. You're saying you've got good flow after a minute but the water get cold. That would indicate it's not coming from the water heater. If it were the check valve, the flow would slow down or stop if it were malfunctioning. I'd guess the winter bypass valves aren't completely set for summer and preventing full flow through the water heater. What happens when only the hot water faucet is opened? Some bypass setups have a check valve on the back of the water heater at the bypass valve. Is that the check valve you looked at? Others have 3 valves that must be turned for winter bypass.
  8. I received my Sprint hotspot late last summer. So far, it's outperformed my previous Verizon hotspot and there is no throttling at all. I'm very happy I made the switch. Over the winter, I put it on hold and the bill dropped to $14/month. When I was ready to begin using it again, it was ready to go too. It has two small ports on the bottom that I plug a passive antenna in. The ports aren't called antenna ports but my reception has been better with this device than I'd experienced with the Verizon device. There is no carrier that has universal coverage. No matter which one you have, there are going to be some dead spots. For those places the Sprint device doesn't work, I can turn on the "hotspot" option on my phone to get by. I may switch one of our phones to AT&T but I've had terrible experiences with their Asian customer service in the past and am very reluctant to put myself in the position of needed to deal with them again. Your mileage may differ.
  9. Not knowing which model/size generator you have, you might need to open the cover on the generator to access the breakers.
  10. I haven't tried using sound deadening myself but many others have and a few have documented their efforts on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=class+A+rv+sound+deadening Have a look at how they did it and be sure to get back here and post your results.
  11. There's no cap but as delivered, mine was set to locally notify when I reached the limit it was set at. Like so many others, I changed that setting to a number large enough I'd never reach it. I don't have the instructions handy but it's been discussed several times on this forum. I've been very happy with mine since I started using it about a year ago.
  12. The end of the gear shift on my Aerostar fell off several years ago. I used the standard J-B Weld epoxy to put it back and haven't had any issues since. It sets in the sun everyday and is still solid as a rock. Couldn't hurt giving it a try. The important thing is to keep it immobile overnight while it hardens.
  13. If you've got a ladder on the back, here's a solution that works well: FMCA Coach Plate Ladder Brackets I've got a gas powered MH and the grill was recessed behind the level of the fiberglass cap. I used a couple of pieces of PVC pipe as spacers with long screws to fasten the ovals securely to the grill.
  14. I've used the NSA ReadyBrake for fully proportional brake control of my toweds for about 20 years. It's worked great! It's easy and quick to hook up and disconnect. I couldn't be happier. I used it with Blue Ox towbar but I'm seriously thinking about swapping things around and buying the combined towbar/ReadyBrake you're looking at. Either way, you can't go wrong. You won't find a less expensive fully proportional braking system anywhere. I ran a two lead wire from the brakeswitch on my towed to an LED light on the dash so I know when the brakes are being applied. I see the latest design uses a switch in the ReadyBrake to simplify knowing when brakes are being applied. I still like getting that information from the towed vehicle though. Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in NSA - just like their product.
  15. The first thing I always do is make sure the cheapo vent covers have a good cover over them like the MaxxAire covers. All of the original covers I've seen are brittle from being in the sun. The last thing you want to do is step inside your MH after it's been in storage awhile to find the vent cover is gone and let the rain come in to destroy the bed or floor under. The covers are cheap insurance against disaster.
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