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  1. Yeah it's directly across from the filler hole on the right side that can't be used so you have to use the one on the left. The problem is that the holes are smack on top of the tank and the rubber O rings get hard and if your not careful when you push the dipstick back through the hole, the O Ring falls in the tank and it's a world class bummer to get it out.. It's always a crap shoot and needs to be done very slowly and carefully. Just a word to the wise for anyone that has the same tank. Trying to save folks a LOT of heart ache..
  2. When I had to drain the tank to get the broken float ball and O ring out, I filled the tank from one side and both dipsticks had oil in them, also when I had the camera down in the tank looking for the fallen parts, I could see all the way around the bottom of the tank and there is only one drain plug for the entire tank so I think I'm good there. It's also nearly impossible to put oil in the right side dipstick hole because there's just no room or access, has to be done from the left side.. Seems like it's just another engineering marvel. Also Lippert says the tank is obsolete now. 😡
  3. Mine has two dipsticks for some reason and they're both on top of the tank. Terrible design.
  4. Rooms in, levelers up. Lippert says the capacity is 1.4 gallons of Dextron 3 trans fluid. It may be a little bit low from spillage when I filled it up. It's such a hokey design with the dipsticks going through rubber Orings on the top of the tank. You really have to be careful when you pull the dipsticks in or out because if the O ring falls in the tank, it's a world class bummer to get it out. Thanks for all of the suggestions and help. 2005 Fleetwood Discovery 39S 3 slides.
  5. The set up on this tank to check the oil is not very good, . The dipsticks are on top of the tank and go through a rubber O ring and it's very easy to have the O ring fall into the tank. The dip sticks themselves are only a couple of inches long. I'll take one out tomorrow and make a jig to use as a dipstick the same length only less diameter so I don't have to keep pushing the dipstick through the rubber O ring. then carefully put the real one back in. Thanks for your post, I'll keep you updated. Fingers crossed.
  6. The oil is right on the bottom of the dipstick. Thanks
  7. Good morning, the "jacks down" warning buzzer wouldn't go off when I released the parking brake so I replaced the float sensor. The "jacks down " light goes out on the panel but the buzzer still comes on. I had to drain the tank because the float part of the sensor had fallen off and was at the bottom of the tank "what a nightmare that was to get out". Lippert says the refill capacity on the tank is 1.4 gallons so that's what I put in. Also now, the automatic leveling doesn't work. Thanks for your help.
  8. yes, I've tried it with shore power, engine running, generator power. There are four U S battery 2200XC batteries in it now so I'm going to replace them with Super Start (BCI) GC2 deep cycle batteries. This rv has a"smart inverter" which is way smarter than I am. It has a programmer that allows me to enter the type of battery, amp hours etc. It seems that everything goes through the batteries, gen power, shore power and alternator, I'll change em out, program it and cross my fingers I guess.
  9. Thanks Bill, there are three harnesses, two for the living room and one for the bedroom. Since the bedroom works fine, I'll switch it with one of the living room harnesses. In the picture I posted, I'm assuming the top harness is the bedroom and the two lower ones are the living room, It's odd that both living room slides stopped at the same time, sure seems like like a relay or circuit breaker issue.. I checked the house batteries with a hydrometer and cleaned the terminals yesterday. thanks again.
  10. They are Power Gear slides which is now Lippert. Thanks for your help.T
  11. The living room slide outs on our 2005 Fleetwood Discovery don't work properly. The bedroom works fine. In the living room, sometimes the slide outs work and sometimes it's like I can hear them clicking but they won't move. Now, they each went outran couple of inches but won't move at all, not even a clicking sound. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  12. Is the coach furnace in a 2005 Fleetwood Discovery 39S all 12 vdc or propane as well?
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