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  1. I have a 2000 Country Coach Intrigue with an ISC-350 engine. The dipstick was replaced by Country Coach when the dipstick holder “melted,” it was made of a non metal material and CC replaced the sleeve and dipstick. I need a new dipstick and I am having trouble finding the correct part number on Cummins site. Could anyone help me with the correct part number? thanks
  2. Call Freightliner and have them work with your local maintenance people.
  3. Tony, as long as you have oil in the oil pan and your oil pump is moving it then there should be no problem starting and moving it to a suitable location. If you are overly concerned about the condition of the oil then draw a sample and have it analyzed, odds are you will find that it is as good as it was a year ago.
  4. Cummins says the same thing, it is legalese to avoid possible claims.
  5. I believe you will find that all the major brands make an oil that is suitable for Diesel engines, why would you assume that Pennzoil doesn't, without first checking?
  6. Thanks, Bill. And once I have the B-Band converter installed, will I be able to run a single coax from the dish to the B-Band converter which is connected to the HR23-700 DVR and have capability to record just as I do at home? Ray
  7. Bill, I have a question which I cannot find any reliable source for. I have purchased an SK3005 and the center which is installing it tells me that I need a B-Band converter for it. I had read the specs on Winegard site and it states no additional converters are required. I have an directv HR23-700 DVR which I had planned to move from home to the mh. I thought that I could simply hook that up to the SK3005 without adding any additional equipment. Can you tell me if I need additional interface equipment? Thanks Ray
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