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  1. Having my first motorhome last year on a trip from CT to FL, I found that I became very comfortable by the time I arrived in FL. When you get to CT there is major construction on I-84 east of Waterbury. Traffic is tough on any of the major highways in CT during the rush hours. Mainly go slow and don't stress if you have to travel during these times. I have driven I-95 numerous times from Washington, DC up through eastern CT. If you want to go to the shoreline in eastern CT from Hartford follow Route 2 (limited access highway). There is a ton of things to do in the Mystic area. Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport, Misquamicutt Beach (just over state line in RI), Coast Guard Academy, Essex Train & Riverboat and for the adults the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos. We stay at the KOA in Stonington/Mystic area.
  2. I have been using Wash Wax All on my 34' Holiday Rambler Vacationer Diesel Pusher for about 6 months now. I have been extremely happy with the results. I do not wash before & use it according to directions. Spraying extra on bugs and letting it soak in for a minute or so makes it very easy to remove bugs. I have been using it on the windows and have had no issues on build up or "view-ability". I bought a extension pole at Walmart.
  3. As far as tire covers, I just got Snap Ring Tire Covers by Covercraft. Spread the split ring and tuck it behind the wheel. Very easy...
  4. Like most others, I am asking for help with my interpretation of tire inflation guidelines. My 2006 HR Vacationer has these weights at the four positions: Roadside Curbside Front {Single} 3800 3400 { GAWR /FRT 8000 } Rear {Dual} 6500 6340 { GAWR/REAR 14500 } Rated load capacities are listed for individual tires in a Dual or Single position. Am I correct that the proper tire pressure is 80 psi for each of the four tires?
  5. Suggestions for Florida repair shops (awning & fiberglass) Rookie driver here that cut a right turn into the edge of a truck hauling a shipping container in a parking lot. No damage to the container, but I got the trailing leg of the awning ripped out and it caused some minor body damage (wheel fender and a 1" x 50" strip of fiberglass removed and a running light. One lesson learned very quickly! (Don't do that again!!!) Does anyone have recommendations for locations in Florida to do this kind of repair work on my 2006 Holiday Rambler Vacationer?
  6. TCM Located Called Holiday Rambler Tech Support in Oregon and got the answer. The TCM and the ABS control modules are located in the back, passenger-side compartment. About 6-8 screws removed and the cover came off and there it was. I am including pictures
  7. Where do I look to find the TCM 2006 HR Vacationer DP? I have been having Allison MH1000 issues on my HR 2006 Vacationer DP. It gets stuck in either 3rd or 4th gear. I took it to the Allison Transmission shop and they found the wrong filter and low Tran fluid levels. That resolved the issues for a few weeks. (Could have just not happened during that time randomly.) The issue came back today. I checked Tran fluid level and it was full. The Allison shop wants to find the TCM to tap directly into it and better diagnose the issue. They work on lots of trucks and buses, but not near as many RVs. As the Service Manager explained to me that RVs are some times creative where they mount the TCM. His words... "It is somewhere between the front bumper and the rear bumper." He doesn't want to charge me for looking for the unit. Especially since it could potentially take numerous hours just to find it. My request is does anyone have an idea where the TCM on a 2006 HR Vacationer Diesel Pusher is located?
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