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  1. Within two years replaced one windshield and repaired 3 chips. We have progressive insurance with zero deductible and no charge on repairs. Class A motor home.
  2. db7512

    Camp Freightliner

    I attended Camp Freightliner 1 at the Newmar International rally at Sadelia MO. I recommend this class to any one with a Freightliner chassis. We covered so much I thought my head would explode. 16 hours well spent.
  3. If this is a F53 Ford chassis chances are you are in need of a front end alignment.
  4. On my last motorhome I changed the braided extensionso to rigid truck valve stems. Also go to a truck dealer they usally know how to mount and balance motorhome tires.
  5. If you can find a dealer that can do "Forced Balancing" they can also check run out at the same time. The Wing Foot tire shop at a truck stop did not find my problem they just did the standard balance and said everything was fine. I had to drive another 90 miles to a Ford dealer that took care of large trucks. They are the ones that used the forced balance and found the out of round and run out problems with the rims and tires. If needed I can call and find out more about the machine manufacturer who could tell you who in your area that has the proper equipment. My tires/rims looked like eggs being balanced.
  6. May not be your problem but I had a vibration problem that was due to four rims out of round which caused the tires to be damaged. Replaced rims and tires under new vehicle warranty. The Ford dealer (large truck dealer) that found this problem by force balancing tires and rims. Went to two other repair facilities before the Ford dealer who could not find the problem. Good luck.
  7. I am looking at 4 wheel down towing a F-150 and need a auxiliary brake. Interested in one that is easy to set up and use. Will be using a Newmar 40ft DP with tag.
  8. Have you had your front end aligned? My 2016 Georgetown was way out. This helped a lot but I still was not happy and installed a Roadmaster steering stabilizer which helped so more. I have not had a lot of miles on the stabilizer but so far I think it was worth it. Does your MH drift or pull a little to one side and then you are correcting continuously? If so do a alignment before adding anything.
  9. I use progressive and the only claim I have made was for a windshield and they were outstanding. I opted for the 0 deductible and am happy I did.
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