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  1. Guys, all of these batteries are from the same couple of manufacturers; they just have different labels on them. Shop for your 6 volt flooded lead acid batteries by looking at $$ per pound. Cheapest and most accurate condition of charge is a $12 specific gravity meter. Most batteries do not die a natural death, they are murdered. Proper charging, depth of discharge, and maintaining fluid level all impact the batteries' life span.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Diesel-Equipment-ZD1631-12V-Windshield-Wipers/dp/B00ODIMU30 $189 on Amazon.com .... looks like it is really a Mercedes Benz product
  3. Join the yahoo group "Safari Friends"... learn what chassis you have.... google the casting numbers on your wheel cylinders... radiator will most likely be a custom.... http://www.bepco.biz/sites/default/files/11.8.13 Caliper Cat.pdf http://www.cgj.com/store/category/motorhome-radiators/ in the final analysis, EDUCATION is key in this game.... moderators here have saved me thou$ands.. no exaggeration
  4. I do not fault FMCA leadership ~ VZW is known for reversing itself; look at the dishonest folly in their new "Unlimited" plan~~ it's just not true~~ therefore it is a lie HOWEVER Trial plan?? Pilot plan??? Is it really reasonable for certain members to enjoy such a great benefit as this while it is kept from others? How do you decide which 5000 members gets to be in the inside circle?? put some extra $$ in the plan for indirect costs, verify motorcoach ownership, automate the process, and make it available to ALL members out of the box!
  5. It is the cooler EGT and oil circulation that eventually cools the bearing and the cooler bearing does not coke the residual oil... this results in less bearing spalling and longer turbo life....but this Takes time; in actual practice bearing temps rise after shutdown of a heat soaked turbo. In the aerospace industry, Ray Jay and Garrett turbos are routinely allowed to cool 15 minutes before shutdown. NTSB accident reviews that involve roll offs in manifold pressure almost always recommend proper warm up and cool down of the turbo. (In this business turbo failure = forced landing before the high dollar repair bill)... sometimes this cool down is shorter, but that is after a 20 minute (15,000 foot) descent at reduced manifold pressure and a taxi to the ramp. Let it cool... here is what I see after 10 minutes of idle only on my Beaver's Cat... soon we will run a large Cummings Genset at full power for an hour... hope to get multiple shots then john
  6. Different beast all together.... made of exotic metals like tungsten, molybdenum, niobium ....... modern diesel turbo (Ray Jay or Garrett) nothing like a Pratt or GE turbine. The Pratt engines do have the same compression ratio as a Cat or Cummins tho~ Yea, and also those entities who purchase and operate Bell UH-1s have the ability to actually PRINT money. Let your turbo cool... it will last longer
  7. Read volume one (the section on thermodynamics) "The internal combustion Engine in Theory and Practice" by Charles F Taylor.... Ageed that EGT is a good measuring tool for shutdown
  8. That is total BS... five minutes is NOT long enough for a heat soaked turbo to sufficiently cool and prevent bearings from coking oil. Caterpillar turbo cartridge = $3500.00 plus labor.
  9. Interesting shot after cleaning, upgrading to metal surge tank, and new silicon hoses. Clearly hot water enters the system from the left.
  10. The folks at Power steering associates had my steering box rebuilt in two hours... the paint dried in the back of the pickup on the way home... Adjusting the cut is really important; Sheppard has youtube videos on the whole process... during testing, the plastic radiator tank sprang a massive leak ~ we ordered a metal replacment from Beaver Coach Services in Bend, Or.... Hope to get Coach back with new steer box, radiator tank, and all new silicon water hoses on Wednesday. for future search engines: 1996 Beaver Monterey 36' Power steering gear : Sheppard M 80 PAW1 search youtube for videos on repair Radiator surge tank: Ford part number F6HZ- 8A080 B Beaver coach sales sells a metal replacment
  11. Get the Honda.... Accept no substitutes...
  12. When talking about the cheapest ride improvement, I was referring to proper inflation... I am currently fighting steering problems and coolant tank cracks... truck shop smiles every time I walk in. $$$$$$$$
  13. Some of the cheapest improvements to your ride you will make.
  14. Brett, how many thousandths out of round would be un acceptable? guess I need to drag out my dial guage.... Incidentally, I just came into possession of a FLIR camera, I plan on doing the turbo bearing cooling study we spoke of in Columbus, Ga. john
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