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  1. I am posting this here as using the contact us falls off the end of the earth. Where on this forum can I determine when my membership will expire and how to renew.
  2. I live in Hiawassee, formerly Tampa. I avoid Atlanta. Sherman burned it to the ground and some fools rebuilt it. That said, take I-75 to Perry. There is a good half way campground in Elko Exit 127, easy on easy off , Twin Oaks Campground. Large pull thru sites for travelers. They are very accommodating and the only campground that I know of that will book you a site without a deposit. Continue on I-75 to Macon, pick up RT. 129n to Athens. Pick up RT.441n to Clarksville. Pick up RT.17 to Helen and RT.17/75 Unicoi Turnpike to Hiawassee. If you haven't been to Hiawassee before, you'll love the ride from Helen to Hiawassee. Buckle up and pucker up.
  3. This is what remains of my ATS. Not the manufacturers fault. It was the build process that made connections inside the ATS with wire nuts attached to short pre-stripped pig tails. Wire nuts is nuts on a shaking vibrating earth quake on wheels. This was my middle of the night end to my 600 mile Christmas vacation after two days into a ten day trip. It was especially alarming as the ATS is located under the bed. Smoke alarms worked fine but choking on burned plastic and wires will wake you faster. My point is check those connections. My coach was new and on it's first long distance trip.
  4. That's the problem. I have Dish on the MH, but to get the news feeds, you are charged an additional fee for about 10 stations. Crap like CNN and others similar when all I want is Fox and Fox Business News. Clever packaging. Upside is you can suspend service and are charged $5 a month. It might work for you if you only rv part time of the year. Oh and if you go with them, tell them you do not want their Silver Protection Package which they try to automatically add on. I mean, you're mobile and they are not coming out to your house to solve a problem.
  5. I don't post here much and in particular not a me too poster. This is an exception for me. I have the FMCA Atlas. I had my eyes done three years ago and have very good vision. I must say that the Atlas is just too small to read comfortably. It is useful for a broad reference, but that's about it. My solution is to stop at state welcome centers and collect one of their maps if available. I have also written state tourism bureaus and some offer free maps along with their what to do and see booklets. I use an updated Garmin GPS and that has put me in some situations that make you pucker up, that's why I like the full maps to verify the route the GPS choose.
  6. NSA site has plenty of information in the tow bar as well as the Ready Brake which is incorporated into the tow bar system. I am in the process of gathering components to tow my Jeep Wrangler. I met a guy yesterday that had the Ready Brake installed on his Jeep. He took the time to show me the install. Nice, clean, and simple. He had a Brake Buddy for a few years but replaced it with the Ready Brake and several thousand miles later still prefers the Ready Brake. I'm sold. As to the tow bar itself and the base plate, still undecided.
  7. They wanted $19 shipping, ground for the Atlas. I sent them a note saying I wasn't paying $19 shipping on an $11 book. I received no response. A week or so later I checked again and shipping was $7.50 flat rate. Somebody woke up.
  8. Shoot every Friday, weather permitting. Shoot trap every Wednesday.
  9. I installed a wireless system and it has worked flawlessly, no interference. I didn't want to mess with wires and cables.
  10. You will never get the service life from the 12v "marine" batteries you enjoyed from the 6v's. They are not made to discharge deeply and recover as the 6v's.
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