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  1. Going full time, if I don't carry it with me I don't have it. I do have a lot of tools locked up in security cabinets. which I will probably never use again. After spending your whole life buying tools, I had a problem getting rid of them. We do have some stuff stored in a storage building that I built at my son-in-laws house. If we ever decide to shift gears and stop being on the road all the time, we have it. You never know what is around the next curve or over the next hill. Our goal is to find out though
  2. We do move around a lot. We just locate a site and use our personal vechicle to explore the surronding areas. A lot easier to get around in it than dragging 66 Ft of rig everywhere
  3. I can not disagree with any of the cons about trailer towing. It does take some advance planning for sites. I have towed open trailers for years. It is amazing how many bikes and such I have hauled over the years along with my personal vechicle. With seven kids and 17 grand kids you just make it work. I am certain many times people have said there goes the Beverly Hillbillies. The memories we made are worth every penny spent doing it though. My older kids were teenagers before they spent theirr first night in a hotel. We took a few trips so our kids found out how the deprived kids traveled and were cooped up in hotels. Now it is Mimi and my time, so our policy is our tiny home on big wheels only sleep 2 people. No they do not borrow it. I still have my old gas coach which they use. The enclosed trailer will allow me to carry a lot of stuff inside it, to free up bay space in the bays so Mimi can move some of the stuff from the coach down there Homeless & happy with 2 tiny homes on big wheels. I told the kids if Mimi kicks me out I will take the old coach back so I don't have to sleep under a bridge Just do whatever fits your live style and enjoy the ride. We are only passing thru life once so don't have regrets when it is your time to stand before The Good Lord
  4. I have always trailered since my first motor home back in 1979. There are some hassles to trailering , but in my case the pros far out weigh the cons. We have a nice vechicle which I would hate to put on the open road behind a coach. Being a disabled veteran we take a golf cart for those times this old body says it is time to ride instead of walk. By watching where you go the length has never been an issue. One time years ago I did have to back out a residental street for five blocks. It was a narrow street with cars parked on each side. I am waiting to pick up my new enclosed 8.5 X 20 with 5 ft V nose. Being full timers it gives me a lot more options. Having it built with 5200 Lb. drop axles which gives me a lot more room and GVW than I need. The best thing about hauling enclosed is your car can be spotless after driving thru any weather or road conditions. In my neck of the woods we said different strokes for different folks & whatever blows your dress up Who says you can't take it all with you - at least to the grave
  5. There is a reason truckers call them Freight Shakers
  6. Good agents will explain that carrying 0 deductible on comprehensive is very inexpensive. That covers windshields, theft, vandilism, and . In some states it covers hitting a deer, anything not collision related. My comprehensive even replaced a driveshaft, transmission, and computor in a truck for me a few years back. The only part they did not cover was an universal joint which was the first piece that broke. Insurance laws vary from state to state. A good agent will go over all this and be sure you are fully covered with no suprises when you need it. I highly recommend shopping agents instead of rates. All agents are not the same, even though they are representing the same company. Carry all your insurance needs with the same agent. Great service lingers sweetly a lot longer than a cheap price. Over the years my agent has saved me thousands & thousands of dollars not to mention my sanity.
  7. I know everyone wants good rates. No matter what company you go with your insurance is only as good as your agent. I have been with the same agent with the exception of a few months for 50 years. I would never consider anyone else. I have found over the years a lot of time you get what you pay for. My agent goes over my needs every few months to be sure I am updated and fully covered. My rates are as good as anybody I have talked to, plus I know I have service with just one phone call. As a matter of fact my agent { now passed away, but son has agency} was a past FMCA president
  8. Herman, I would not take a million dollars for that experience, but you could not get me to do it again for a million dollars at my age. I had the honor of serving with a group of guys who would have died for me & I would have died for them. To many of them died for us all. I am closer to many of them than I am my blood family. Some men go thru life looking for a good woman. The good Lord gave me a super woman and then decided he wanted her in heavens choir. Then he gave me another one who is amazing. I have been blessed to have had two wives who have to be counted among the greatest women God ever put on this earth.
  9. Joe Luster Army April 69 til Nov 70 Just over 19 months E 4 11 Bravo Infantry Grunt M60 gunner If you were not infantry you were support Only permanant station was Viet Nam Was hit 5 times & rode 3 choppers down They shot my hide so full of holes it would not hold shucks, still made it home with a little sanity, depends on who you talk to as how much I have 100% disabled service connected Vet I have a ground burial plot in Arlington with my name on the stone. I buried my late wife there in 1999 which locked my site in To all who played in the big playground in South East Asia WELCOME HOME BROTHERS
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