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  1. In terms of diagnosis fees, we were surprised, when our local Freightliner, charged us a diagnosis fee of $280, just to tell us that our issue was not covered under Freightliner warranty! The issue is that the dash clock loses time & settings everytime we hit the battery disconnect. Oh well. We paid the $280.
  2. Based on past experience, getting full-hookups is not first come first served. It is based purely on chance, which section FMCA is filling when you arrive. Based on this thread, it seems that the advantage to volunteering is that you will have to stay longer, so the cost per day goes down, not the total cost. The advantage to booking earlier is that you have the rights to pay $380 for a 50 amp site before they run out. Yes there will be honey wagons and water fill services for a charge. Have fun!
  3. 7710 prototype has been replaced by the 7720 already.
  4. Alas I have seen many lot signs saying stores are not responsible for damage caused by shopping carts....
  5. We are also grandfathered in an unlimited data plan. This new Verizon shared data plan is a Verizon plan to lure us to leave our unlimited data plan, and to lure us to add more data devices. Plan accordingly.
  6. I disagree. I bet most of the brand new motorhomes in the 2012 FMCA International Motorhome Showcase in August will be huge Class A motorhomes as always.
  7. Thank you for the update but yikes! What prevents GM from changing their minds again, after #PIP4973A, and saying that all 2012 LaCrosses are not towable? We decided to stay safe and go with a brand new 2011 Honda CR-V.
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