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  1. Some reasons behind this post would be useful to the OP. As it stands it really does him no good. It's like saying Don't Ever Go to Johnny Rockets and just leaving it at that.
  2. JMGOLDEN, Please understand that not everyone has the best of intentions but most of the posters here do. If you get a negative response (especially if it's from someone with only 5 posts!) please do not let that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Some folks simply cannot help themselves. You are going to get a lot of good, usable information which you can choose to use as you please. I just noticed that this same poster just joined us "today" so please don't hold his post against the forum in general.
  3. Excluding fuel but including tires and other wear and tear items plus insurance and registration our 40 coach costs about $2/mile to drive. As a full timer for 17 years we have put 3 sets of tires on and lots of belts and water pumps and A/C units (repaired) and wiper blades and new windshields and, and, and. Add approx. $1/mile for depreciation (much, much more if you bought it new) and you are getting pretty close.
  4. Got screwed by Blue Sky so be very careful of the quote. FMCA was also substantially higher than my existing Progressive insurance when I asked them for a quote. Blue Sky quoted less than $1000 and when I called to sign up for the service they said that "just that day" they had a rate increase. That rate increase was just shy of 100% of the original price quoted.
  5. Please don't take this personally but I always get a kick out of folks who ask for advice, ignore it and then do the opposite. I do have to say that it takes a lot to come back and say you were wrong. Since nothing went wrong there was no harm done but maybe you will pay just a bit more attention to the advice of others in the future (or not)!
  6. If the park policy is $5 for visitors I would immediately assume that to mean $5 per visitor. I can't see how you would interrupt it in some other manner (bring your entire neighborhood in just one car and it's just $5!). Additional visitors creates additional costs for the park even if it's only water and sewer. I am always surprised that a park does not require additional fees for additional visitors. Could the park know that your visitors would only be there for 4 hours? What if you said they will be gone by 7 and they were still there at 10 or the following morning? What is the park to do at that point? I sometimes have my mother visit and the parks usually charge for a 3rd person. That makes sense as well. The other reviews of the park on http://www.rvparkreviews.com are generally good so you should post your opposing view there to give the reviews a bit of balance. Please understand that I am very sorry that you were upset as we are all out here just trying to have a good time. Anyone doing "stuff" that minimizes that experience is doing no one any service. However, if there is a policy, there is a policy and it sounds like they had a policy in effect and asked you to follow it.
  7. You have been around a bit longer than I have (192XXX) but you are seeing the same stuff. FMCA set themselves up to fail when they limited there membership to a small percentage of a small market (small market = RVers. Even smaller market = self powered RVs). If nothing had happened to the economy they would likely be doing great and we would all be multi-millionaires by now. However, it did and we all did not. I used the Escapees mail forwarding service for many years and we were very pleased with their service. If you are looking for a recommendation, I would suggest you use them. You do not need to be a TX resident or use TX for anything other than your mailing address as long as you have some other physical address to use. We were FL residents while we used the TX address but we moved our residence to SD and we now have SD drivers licenses and a SD mailing service. Last week I became suddenly unemployed while in Las Vegas so I don't know what they he11 I am going to do now, but that's something to be dealt with later!
  8. It's a repackaged Ubiquity Bullet (wow, there are a lot of these) put together with the various parts and pieces you could buy separately for much less. There's nothing wrong with the setup, however, so he should get excellent results.
  9. Taking the by-pass adds 6 miles to the drive and avoids downtown. You make the choice.
  10. Maybe it's because it's past cocktail time but I can't get your configuration clear. The basic setup would have the incoming cable connected to the power inserter, out of the power inserter to the video bridge and the video bridge to the genie. You would connect the Genie via HDMI to the splitter and, if you want a 2nd channel in the bedroom a client there connected directly via HDMI to that TV. There are separation issues you will need to deal with (4ft between Genie, video bridge and any other wireless device) but the setup is pretty easy. There are other wiring options and other TV viewing options but that's the basics. You want the Genie connected to whatever HDMI connection that goes to your main TV in case you want to utilize the PIP options.
  11. Take any by-pass option you can find to avoid taking 75 through the middle. Take your time as Atlanta has among the worst drivers and traffic in the Country!
  12. You get what you paid for. You can, if still available, get 30 amp electric and possibly water. I believe there "were" some full hookup connections available. There is a honey wagon service but it might cost a small amount extra, can't remember. You will enjoy the OR area and don't forget that if you are considering any major purchase in the near future, there is NO sales tax in OR.
  13. There is also likely a wall plate with a tiny button or slide switch and a tiny (usually green) light. If this is lit you will be able to use your OTA roof mounted TV antenna. To use cable you must turn this off.
  14. I have had to move the coach under protest several times but the end result was always...."right thing to do" despite initial objections. Even if the results was not exactly what we had hoped, it still made more sense to do it "the right way". If it's financial, I usually yield to her good sense. If it's mechanical she usually yields to mine.
  15. Always listen to your wife! You don't always want to follow through with the same thought your partner had, but you should always listen.
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