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To create or modify the signature that will automatically appear beneath your forum posts, click on your username in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click on "Account Settings".

Click on the "Signature" option and you will be presented with a text editor that will allow you to write and format your signature.

When you are finished, be sure to click the "Save" button to apply your changes.


Some restrictions apply: your signature may contain no more than 3 links to other web sites, and must be no more than 10 lines long.


If you do not wish to have a signature, leave this text editor blank.

If you wish to remove your signature, simply delete your signature from the editor and then click "Save".




UPDATE 07/10/2017: If you are viewing the forums as a guest, signatures will not appear by default. Signatures will only appear if you are signed into the forums and your signature settings indicate that you wish to view signatures.


==========Adding Images to Your Signature===============================

To add an image to your signature, use the attachment tool at the bottom of the signature editor. You can drag files there or click "choose files" to select them with a file browsing program.



Once you have uploaded your image, click the button with the plus sign to insert the image into your actual signature. The Image will be placed at the last location of your text cursor in the editor, but can be clicked and dragged to be moved elsewhere in your signature.




Lastly, you may wish to resize your image. To do so, you may click and drag any of the corner boxes in the image's bounding box to adjust the dimensions of the image by hand.

For a more precise resizing tool, double click the image in the editor to bring up the Image Properties. Here, you can enter exact values for height and width. Leave the "keep original aspect ratio" option checked to ensure that the image is not stretched during resizing. (Note that in my example, I enter a new width of 140 pixels and the height of my image is automatically adjusted to match thanks to this option.)



Now the image that appears in my signature has been resized.



Be sure to click "Save" after you are finished editing to apply your changes!

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Ok who keeps tweaking the signature display in forum post? I couldn't see signatures then I could now I can't again???? Nothing in my settings has been changed by me.  


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Every post that I look at that I know have signatures are still visable.

However they do not appear when I am looking at the Forum on my phone, only on my pc or laptop. 


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Brett & Herman I can't see your signatures on the same computer where I could see them before. This is when using Chrome. I had to start using Chrome again because spell check quit in IE:(

When using Internet Explorer I can see them now but couldn't a while ago. This is the only forum where I see  this problem. 



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Yes and they can add a picture for their account.

Carl, please no pictures of yourself, Coach or Linda would be okay.

Darn, on a roll today.:lol:

There are just to many circled "M's" but the color is different so now in scanning to see who posted I have to remember a color. Sheesh!

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