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Wife and Dog made me do it

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I've been lurking around here for awhile but never got  around to posting anything until today.  I spent much of my late teens through mid  20's criss-crossing the country on either a bicycle or driving an old Volvo station wagon. At about 27 I cut my hair, hid my bong and got mainstreamed until 3 years ago. Wife wanted us to travel like I did back in my youth but skipping the part about peddling a bicycle 80 miles a day, peeing behind bushes and sleeping on the ground. We also needed accommodations for the dog so we could step out to eat or visit a museum along the way.  I was thinking a van conversion or VW Westfalia, she was thinking a class A.  We both agreed we didn't want to go into debt buying either so we rented a friend's Class A for a couple of years while waiting for something to come along we both liked and in our price range. We came across a 1995 Winnebago Warrior(A) 23' with low mileage and no rust or delamination. Older than we were considering but the lower price and condition sucked us in . Perfect size for us two and it's 23' length x 8' width fits easily on most any backroad. For my wife it needed up dating inside and I needed to completely go through the mechanicals to avoid any roadside surprises. All of that now done we have been getting a few weekender trips in while planning time for longer excursions
Still trying to remember where I hid the bong.


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Welcome to the RV world, hope the dog and DW don't regret it!:rolleyes: Welcome also to the forum, hope all of you have many happy tales, (not tails) and trails. :P

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