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Brake Buddy Locks Toad Wheels

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I tow a 2013 Ford Explorer behind my 34' Class A and use a Brake Buddy Classic supplemental braking system.  When the system activates, the piston pushes the brake pedal all the way to the floor resulting in the brakes locking the wheels for a few seconds until the air pressure releases and the piston retracts.  I tried reducing the air pressure and the sensitivity in the Brake Buddy with no change.  Has anyone else had this  problem?  While the system doesn't activate often, when I does I don'gt what to lock the toad brakes and drag the car for a few seconds.  I've discussed this with Brake Buddy  tech support and they only suggested lowering the sensitivity further.  I don't want the system so "loose" it won't stop a 4,500+ pound vehicle, but I don't like locking the wheels. Any suggestions or thoughts?  Thanks. 

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As per Bill, I have only had this happen once over the past 15 years of Brake Buddy Classic use when I forgot to purge the hydraulic pressure before towing. 

Use the test button on the Brake Buddy to pump the brakes to do.  5 times should do it.

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Brake Buddy Has a unit that can do proporttion braking .

I have a Brake /Buddy and I do not run full braking.

I had full braking with other unit but traded for the upgrade unit

So I can switch on the fly from the remote from the drivers seat.

Go to there web site check it out.

Tim the mailman 

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