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FMCA Battery Discount

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I see FMCA has a discount on Briter batteries but wow are they expensive.  I'm not sure how many on this site can afford to upgrade 4, 6 or 8 batteries. I for one can't.  

I would like to see a discounts for other batteries like Trojan etc.  These are more affordable to the average person and would give members a reasonable option to upgrade their battery bank.   

Hopefully a deal can be reach with some battery companies to sell to members through battery suppliers like the tire discount program.  

Maybe a consensus from the membership could give a little push to negotiate a deal for us.  


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$1,400 each & I have 2 start & 8 house...don't think so!  Yes they charge faster and last 3 to 5 years longer than my AGM's, I can replace mine 4x for the price of Briter.  That would make me 104 years old & I don't think I'll be driving anything! 🤣

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I understand and appreciate all the benefits of the Li batteries but I can't justify the cost. I have dry camped 2 nights in the last 7 years.:P I can get buy just fine on lead acid. But wait there is a new battery on the horizon that is promising to be better and cheaper than Li it uses a aluminum technology.

There are 2 different yet similar roads. Aluminum /organic.


Then the aluminum ion battery.




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