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LP Gas Refrigerator purchase

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I would go back with a  residential type. What RV?

If you put your RV and outher basic information your signature it saves time and get a better answers quicker.


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I prefer the choice of power consumption.  I would NOT put a home refrigerator in MY camper.  

National RV refrigeration Repair in Shepshewanna, Indiana is where I purchased a newly rebuilt refrigerator for my camper.  If you take a road trip like I did with a Canyon cooler, Glen will repair or replace your refirgerator.   The number for National is: 260-768-7059 to make an appointment. 

Try searching Craigslist for RV refirigerators. 

Here are some pictures of the install that was less than one coach buck ($1000)






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If the rest of the fridge is in good condition, get a new cooling unit and install it yourself. Even if you have to replace your control board and a few other parts (like the ignitor, gas valve, etc.) you're still going to be into far less expense than a new fridge, if you can even get one.

I got my new cooling unit from here: https://rvcoolingunit.com

It arrived in great condition, and cools better than the original ever did. They ship fast and I'd recommend them.

The actual replacement didn't take more than a few hours. I did everything myself except for pulling the fridge and maneuvering it into place inside the trailer to work on it. I only have a 25-ft trailer, and there was still plenty of room inside to do the work. I laid a moving blanket on the floor to protect it, then laid the fridge face down on that.

Watch all the install videos carefully, and follow the procedure. It's not that difficult.

While you're in there, install some fans to get air moving across the coils to help it cool better. If you question the control board at all, get a replacement from Dinosaur boards and be done with the worry.

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