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Fishing (Not Necessarily ''Catching Fish'')

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Sad to say Carl., I do not digitally, plenty of hard copies from those days gone buy before digital cameras. I bought the canoe and put it in the shop on top of the 914 a couple years ago. I will get it down in January to do its gunnel refinish this winter when we go to Snowbird in Arizona. The Poor old Porsche has been sitting on pallet racking for years waiting for me to now to finish the log cabin. I am the perfect example of the shoe maker being the last to have his worn soles replaced. Time is not in my favor. As John Lennon once said" life is what happens when you are planning other things"  so true. It is a long convoluted story, one many of us can tell. We do play Porsche. On our way East first real stop is the annual 356 Porsche convention in Akron, Ohio I will again get a bunch of "Super High Intensity Training" for not having it AGAIN on the road. This explanation could go on for pages but it is what it is. What about you any pictures of the "boats"?

Thanks for asking



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Yes, on my other computer at home, I do have a few.  I left most off my "Wall of Shame" behind, when I moved into the current house...come to think of it, I still have 2, 200qt. ice chests packed full of "Stuff" in the garage...they are so big, they have wheels built in so you can move them!:D

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